Here are a few of the false paradigms to ponder although there are many more. Ask yourself is the accepted normal really a good thing and have healthy and beneficial boundaries applied from these fallacies for good out comes ?

Narratives that are not real are considered real and acted on by millions. The narrative of "Hands up don't shoot" was propagated as a real event and it NEVER even happened as it was put forth or for the reasons it was put forth. It was simply a giant lie and distortion that was created and promoted actively to foment an agenda and atmosphere to further racial animus  and division. As well the Obamacare scheme was all a giant lie and nothing else. It was created to be a control mechanism and has nothing at all to do with health care. And the open borders are said by many to help our economy and promote good will for all, hardly true or accurate. Every event mentioned above is a perfect example of how a false normal can be created to control you, even if it is completely bogus or wrong ! And this is just a short list of false paradigms and illusions created for us and forced on us. We have many millions on food stamps and a huge percentage of our population works for the very same government, at some level, that is brow beating you into submission. So the monster is feeding on itself and growing ever larger and more intrusive as it creates a false normal and a false reality that is literally forced on all of us. And of course we now see that justice is NOT what we have been told  via the many crimes now exposed at DOJ/FBI with the Mueller sham and prior events in the BHO regime. 

The war on drugs and other illusions

When you look at the entire picture of our society you will find drug use is completely out of control and the supposed "war on drugs" is a total farce. We have become a chemically dependent nation/society. Many millions are addicted to legal prescription drugs not just illegal substances. Drug use in America is considered the norm and in some insane way acceptable some how. The people who do this harm to themselves and anybody associated with them are supposedly victims. And this false perception has been insisted on for decades as the normal rationale. So of course our supposed "war on drugs" does not work because we enable and create ever more drug use at every level by telling people they are NOT responsible for their own actions  !  Like sticking needles in their arms or ingesting various poisons and toxins deliberately for a high is OK. More like complete and total self destruction than any high or any good outcome or benefit. Yet all of this perverse and damaging thinking is considered normal or the norm for decades now. We also let our leaders or politicians lie to us incessantly. There are far too many examples to list them all, but Hillary's litany of recent lies on many events and matters would be a good starting place for examples. In fact it is now clear the entire Clinton manufactured do good foundation is nothing more than a money laundering scheme and the sale of influence to donors and supporters of their schemes. The Clintons are a perfect example of the false egalitarian liberal/progressive paradigm. It is all a ruse and does not work. In fact it causes much more damage and harm than any good outcomes. But of course this is nothing new at all or is it confined to any political party, it has simply all been put on steroids in the current regime. Many people realize all of it , yet nothing is done and what is taken as the norm is only further adulterated and downgraded ever further in the minds of the public.​​

The Police state and militarization

Also we see an ever growing militarization of what we call police and our legal system in general. Look at the above images of local police agencies and is it impossible to tell the difference between them and our military. This was never the intention of police, to  supposedly serve and protect while acting as military personnel. They should have two entirely different functions and reasons to exist. SWAT teams as they exist, should be abolished.And this is accepted as some kind of perverted norm. The truth is, it is all quite abnormal and should not be happening in a truly free society. As well we see our taxation system and agencies being used as societal enforcement agencies to create certain behavioral changes and determine specific thinking paradigms. The agencies are many times used to harm certain people who do not agree with government dictates, a practice used by all tyrants and illegitimate governments. How many timeswill this happenbefore people wake the hell up, innocent citizens killed by swat teams out of control ? Are they all actually heros, gottta wonder, hey ? The recent arrest of Roger Stone is another good example of extreme heavy handed tactics used by real crimnals. And pointing this out does NOT mean I am at all anti-police, just the insane police state. 

The health care fallacy

Then of course we have our issues of general health. Slightly over 70% of Americans are either over weight to a point that it greatly affects their health or are simply obese ! This is the single largest factor to supposed diseases in our country. Not germs or actual diseases, but simply bad habits and a lack of personal action to solve them ! This obesity causes diabetes, heart and respiratory issues and high blood pressure that further causes the majority of all ailments here in USA today ! Most of the rest are caused by poor nutrition and a sedentary life style. All of which are easily resolved and NOT diseases at all. It also greatly affects various forms of arthritis and joint issues in all age groups. But according to our supposed health professionals, this new pharmaceutical (there are many ) is the solution and an easy fix, no matter all the horrific side affects that are worse than your original malady ! Seems to me that in fact we live in a form of collective insanity currently. Because the majority go along with the insanity and do not question much if any of it,  so it continues for a lack of simple questioning what ever authority is supposedly behind these false paradigms. It grows worse in every matter and event daily.  And we are all continuously being mind effed and propagandized by PRAVDA/MSM on a myriad of issues and matters 24/7/365 !  The illusions are many. The bombardment never ends in an attempt to get you to respond exactly like Pavlov's dog to your conditioning by these  control freaks we call our government .

​​This picture on the left above is Alan Watts in 1946. In this photo he was the chaplain at Northwest University. On the right is a later photo just prior to his death at age 58 in 1973. He died far too early and he drank alcohol a bit too much, he also had numerous affairs during his marriage and not a model father. I put these up to show how people can change dramatically in their thinking and that their importance is what they leave for us, not their faults or imperfections. I personally think Watts greatly short changed his own genius in some ways. I think he had much more to offer us all and he himself got caught up in some of the illusions, but those he created for himself. I often wonder the many different things he and Cayce would have been exposed to in the ensuing years since their presence. Many social and political changes would have surely affected much of their messages to us. As well I think Cayce had a much more profound message for us but both had a time , a place and a reason for all of us. They are not the only messengers for us, but a great pair indeed ! Photo of Cayce on the "Our Inner Powers" page.​

Another very important man was Carl Jung. Just imagine how different our world would be if we had followed Jung instead of Freud ? Quite a thought , Hey ? Freud was an idiot and a drug addict that helped shape modern mans view of himself, just like Kinsey did as well with lies and distortions. There are many such events of fate in our history, like the libraries burning at Alexandria Egypt. All of the ancient wisdom of the ages went down in flames and it was a very deliberate act ! And many other ancient text and what might be called libraries were destroyed as well so that knowledge could not be common place.  Some excellent videos on YT on Jung as well.  




                                                        Dreams are the illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you

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published 5/4/14 and updated 

Recently I have been re-reading many of the works I have read in past years. Mostly related to Edgar Cayce, Nag Hammadhi text and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I just finished re-reading Alan Watts profound work "The Book on the Taboo against knowing who you really are" . All of these works and many others, point us to a new understanding of who we really are and why much of what we consider as reality is simply an illusion created by others to control us. If we all simply knew we could go inside ourselves and find all the answers to every question we would hardly need the elites who form governments and a corporatocracy with unjust laws that are selectively enforced and many other control mechanisms, now would we ? Currently maniacs are allowed to run wild and you must pay for them and all their needs. And you are not supposed to have the right to defend yourself against them since our government does not defend you. These videos are excellent to understand the many illusions we all live under !​

Interestingly Cayce and Watts were both from an earlier era, one in which common sense was largely still intact in our society. Both men had important lessons for all us, although slightly different perspectives. Watts has been credited largely with being a huge influence on explaining eastern thought and philosophy to western minds. Breaking it all down into very simplistic terms and drawing analogies and comparisons that we can all relate to in our daily lives and experiences. He is the main force that actually started me to really THINKING when I read the above book and others of his in the mid 70s ! He started me pondering the many illusions we all live under here in USA. And that it has all been going on for millenia throughout history. But I did not fully grasp it all until many years later. I took a long detour in the business world for about 30 + years and got consumed in money, as we all do making a living and raising a family. It is very easy to get consumed in many bad thinking paradigms. It affects our overall health in many ways and our psyche to a large degree as well as our spirit and soul !  We can get lost and disengaged in our most basic realities of who we  are and any real purpose to our lives once we get consumed in such events without good boundaries to guide us. Most of us get consumed in some form of materialism whether we can admit that or not. Some worse than others and some not so much.

None the less once I had the accident I speak of in the "About this guy" page, I went down some serious rabbit holes that opened up all manner of new thinking processes. This led me to Cayce and his works and many profound new ideas and thought processes. Cayces works are all about going inside yourself and realizing we are a soul entity, not just a physical being. He helped thousands of people over come all manner of ailments and maladies with his ability to tap into the Akasha. I consider the work of both of these men to be extremely important to every human being on the planet. I also highly recommend others on various pages on this site to expand your thinking capacity and give a much broader understanding of reality and your true identity and purpose while on this planet.  This will also open the door to knowing your own "Inner Powers" and your ability to heal yourself and gain incredible good health, overall well being as well as remarkable fitness. In a way hese men ar bith just a strting point amndnther ismuch miore to realize, ponder and lte filter thru your consciosness  from many others as well as I identify on other pages.   

More to come, but realize we all live in a form of what I call "collective insanity" these days. The good news is we can understand it and therefore avoid most of the false paradigms in our lives ! The secret is to fully grasp the many illusions we all live under and the great power of those illusions on our lives ! If we ignore any of it we will be consumed by it and be victims of it all. That was the main message from both of these incredible men, although in slightly different terms. Cayce was much more spiritual based and Watts much more pure philosophical endeavors and explanations of common sense and what he perceived as practicality. Both have seriously important messages for all of us. There are many more as well. 

The zoo we call society and our laws and boundaries to live by. First off stop and ponder what is normal. As I look around the world we live in I see most people are completely consumed in all manner of false paradigms and largely what is considered normal is actually quite the opposite, or at a minimum not a good or beneficial set of thinking skills or actions in their own lives. We are all controlled by many false paradigms to some degree. But the majority of folks seem to accept the false paradigms as the norm for their own reality.  We let our governments dictate every aspect of our lives and establish every paradigm of our lives. So we go along with these illusions rather willingly until it begins to slap us in the face as is happening in many ways today.

What is normal, What is reality and who is fooling who in this zoo we call America ?