Published 2/20/14 

I took this photo in 1969, captured NVA. Makes one wonder the way things are headed if it could be you one day ? I imagine there are a lot of young vets with some serious questions about betrayal. Welcome to the club of having a serious case of chapped ass. Time we all descend on DC and demand accountability for many reasons.

Here is a recent article on a slightly different take on CME/EMP event

We are now seeing the Obamacare debacle fail under it's own weight of lies and distortions ? And this should scare you . Why ? Consider this, if our government cannot control their own creations, what can they control, if anything in a reality based scenario ? So far all we have seen in the last 10 years since the 2007-08 debacle have been ever grander illusions created to fool the people. Those illusions are the massive creation of cyber dollars to prop up the failed system and make everybody think all is well and that the elites actually are capable of FIXING the same system that THEY broke ? This is exactly why we have a 20 trillion plus debt and in fact it is far more than that ? That is just the number they allow to be used as a source of misinformation. So what happens when the food stamp and welfare systems do not function any longer because of electronic glitches ? or even a small EMP or CME or various forms of cyber attacks ? If they can't manage the Obamacare site and overall system, is it feasible to think that the other gov systems can go down or malfunction via cyber attack ? Just what would all those people do on that day ? Would they all play nice, or would they get very angry and violent and demanding ? Would USA be a safe place and are there enough police and enforcement types to maintain law and even a resemblance of order ? Or would many of them stay home to protect their own families as the situation descends into ever more chaos within just a few days ? We already have seen all of this play out in living color at Katrina, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, Berkley, Portland, Boston and other cities to a lesser degree than will be coming our way in the near future. Perfect examples of systems that are far too top heavy and run by idiots. The police were actually roaming the city in full bore militaristic mode in Boston, violating all manner of laws and constitutional rights en masse. All the while blacks in Chicago kill far more people regularly and nothing is done ? In fact it is actually downplayed and blamed on all manner of insane excuses.

Is this system of freebies seriously broken and ready to fail for all manner of issues and potentialities ?  I believe it is already in motion. Consider how complex our entire system of governance and commerce is ? And then realize how miserably it has all failed in current events like Katrina , Boston, Baltimore, Ferguson and many others cities. And even 9/11 where we actually had advanced notice and at Boston as well. So do these complex systems and all of commerce actually work or is it all just teetering on a thread waiting for some outlier event to come forth ?  I think the answers are all quite self evident. Look at all the waste and incompetence and malfeasance/criminality as a driving force as well within our own government.

Each day we get ever closer to the end game of all the lies and malfeasance.  It is quite clear we have already entered the melt down and it is still just in slomo because many of the illusions are still intact to some degree, via the cyber printing(20+trillion). Plus another 200 trillion in off balance sheet unfunded liabilities ? All the parts and pieces are in place physically, economically and socially for a breakdown. Just waiting for a malfunction or outlier event to come along and simply be the force to push it over. Like a Cyber attack or some sort of event in ME, perhaps Syria or N Korea. And any of the above mentioned scenarios would be more than enough to trigger unimaginable chaos to the average American ? Many are still fooled ? But the unravelling is gaining momentum and that too is quite obvious. We see it in many ways and events each and everyday. All one has to do is step back and observe the illusions breaking down ! 

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What if scenarios

I have long realized that economic issues alone will NOT bring down our system by itself. There will be an accumulation of outlier events that will tip it all over as well as the insolvent economic system. I also do not fret or worry about such events at all for good reason. Some things we can do nothing about at all, so it only makes far more sense to focus on the things we can have a positive affect in our own lives. 

It occurs to me that our gov knows something is coming or perhaps they are even planning such, who knows for sure ? Why are they stockpiling supplies of all sorts and ammo and building numerous underground facilities ? Is it possible they know something we don't ? It sure looks that way to me at times, but I have no way of knowing exactly what that may be or how it may unfold ? Could or would they cause a false flag event to institute martial law or some such occurrence ? Well they did commit Fast and Furious and many people died from that fiasco, not just a few Americans but many Mexicans with those thousands of weapons ? We will never know how many thousands died directly from F&F, but Mexico is claiming 50,000 to 70,000 have died in the last 7 years in drug related violence in Mexico and the US. Those are huge numbers of dead ! Ten times all the KIAs in Iraq and Afghan ? So F&F played a big part in some of those deaths, that seems quite obvious. Amazingly it has all been kept from view largely and few even care of those illegal activities that caused many deaths ? And how is that much if any different, than a false flag or some other criminal act ?  it isn't ! The point being, how can anybody have confidence in a government that does such illegal and horrific things and then does everything possible to hide it from scrutiny and daylight for all to see. So who are the real criminals ? And why would anybody think they would not do whatever to maintain the status quo and keep their power intact and in their control ?  I don't trust any of it for good reason and I fail to see how anybody can or would, given all the examples readily present of bad acts and many crimes committed by our own government.   

We have seen first hand that Katrina, Boston, Ferguson, and Hurricane Sandyand numeorus Florida shootings were total fails for the behemoth government monster. As well the complete and total failure and bankruptcy of Detroit and the near collapse of many cities and municipalities in USA  clearly show that government is NOT working nor efficient or even close to actually being functional for the good of the people. Add in the complete failure of this government to maintain our borders and actually regulate illegal entry and it is beyond obvious none of it is functional nor capable. 



                                                        Is our government completely out of control and are they looking out for YOU ?                                                      

Recently it has occurred to me that our leaders may well be pushing us into a situation that may cause martial law to be implemented. As they seemed to be pushing every possible button from behind the scenes to escalate every possible racial divide and and many other insane events in the prior Obama regime. It is possible one day we are going to be at our own devices and I do not pretend to know exactly what may cause this to occur.  Basically take your pick as there are actually many different scenarios and outlier events that are quite possible. All it would take is any one of the many scenarios mentioned to cause a food shortage and it is beyond obvious the gov would NOT be able to control the masses or deal with it in any way. And if electricity and electronics were disabled even in a small way there could be little or no commerce and all transactions could come to a halt or be greatly diminished. All commerce could stop , no banking, no credit cards, no MONEY ! And it would NOT be necessary to be a large event, just a small one could wreak havoc even if the entire system was not destroyed ? They have already proven they would not be able to do much of anything on numerous occasions with the events I mentioned above. In fact , they were all likely just very small events, compared to what may be ahead. And the gov would likely make bad matters worse as they have also done in every event mentioned. That would mean you had better be prepared to take care of yourself. And exactly what do you suppose will happen on that day when all the illegal aliens and others as well as drug addicts and alcoholics on SSI , can't get their welfare and food stamps and other freebies ?  Just a little fuel for thought. The potentialities of these events are actually too numerous to even contemplate them all.

We humans have this compulsive false thinking process going on that we somehow can control everything including what natural events may occur on the earth. All of which have happened on a grand scale in prior times. In fact we are just now beginning to understand how puny we really are in many ways and where we really fit in to this universe and system of things. Have all of our scientific endeavors actually helped us and been beneficial ? I would say go ask the people in Japan about Fukushima or the Russians in Chernobyl ? Einstein understood his equation could and likely would be used for ill purposes and he warned of the by products as well. We now have a huge problem of what to do with the spent fuel from power plants and elsewhere. Also in current times, does the pharma so readily available actually do more harm than good ? And who dispenses these drug concoctions so readily ? Is our food, water and air actually healthful for us to consume ? And just why are cancer, diabetes and obesity so prevalent in our society ?  Has all the "science" related to all these matters actually been of great benefit overall or is much of it simply motivated by money and greed and many unintended consequences that should have been considered and simply were not ? All things to ponder and consider of the illusions present in our lives.