Our overall well being and health is based completely on realizing the body, mind, spirit, soul are all interconnected. Each component is an integral part of the whole , YOU ! 

As well, each of us have a slightly different set of circumstances to work with physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because we all have different reference points of life experiences and prior soul experiences to draw on, understand  and work with. We also have different physical capacities to some degree. The objective is to find balance in all of these components and that is done through "understanding these components" and some work/effort on each individuals part. I can explain it all in finite detail and if a person does not apply this understanding to their own personal use and situation, it will mean nothing and accomplish nothing. I can say for certainty that the understanding part is far more important than any physical effort required. But realize the physical  health and fitness will only be accomplished in direct relationship to this "understanding" and the effort expended. I cannot affect any of that but YOU certainly can. I can only affect my own personal physical and all the other components for myself. And I can certainly help guide you to the same understanding and outcomes as I have found and enjoy in every aspect of my life daily. We will cover weight loss or gain, fitness, nutrition, herbal remedies for all manner of healing numerous maladies, various types of detoxing for liver, kidneys, gall bladder(stones), heavy metals, intestinal health and gut microbes. Also balancing your metabolism and endocrine system especially thyroid issues. We will also delve into meditation and prayer and starting on your own inner journey and looking at old issues to resolve or face and simply let go of. 

The first step is being honest with yourself and analyzing your own personal circumstances as they exist today and your own perceptions of such events. I give each individual the time to make an analysis of their own reference point as a starting point or base line. I keep it very simple and straight forward with some simple questions to ascertain the individuals current state of body, mind, spirit, soul and their overall well being to begin with. There is no judgment and all conversations and information exchanged is absolutely private and secure and will never be revealed in any way, for any reason. I can help you deal with old baggage you may have been carrying for decades or perhaps your entire life. We have all been damaged or hurt in various ways via numerous matters, as part of living on this planet with other people. Some of that is done by others and some we do to ourselves ! Setting these matters aside and understanding them once and for all is a key element in understanding why we do what we do, or cannot do what we want to do ? Understanding yourself is a key element to overall health and well being as well as healing yourself of many maladies. It is also very important to realize the many illusions we all live under, because they influence us everyday in many ways that are detrimental to us.  My help and guidance is not based simply on the physical. It incorporates all of the forces we are comprised of , body. mind, spirit, soul ! 

I will surely send you down some rabbit holes of your own choosing in this process. Fear is what holds most of us back in any endeavor and I will show you how to overcome that part and get you started to a far better life. Take the leap of courage ! And I can assure you it will likely be the greatest adventure and learning experience of your entire life. Not because I say so, but because it works and is based in truth and your own achievements will be your motivation ! I have helped many people heal themselves of all manner of issues and maladies. This is all accomplished via telephone and email or skype conversations, or in person if you live close by eastern Oregon/Washington, Umatilla county you can simply come by here. I am in Hermiston.

My fees are very reasonable and all donation based .  I do not charge for every question or nuance and do NOT nickel and dime anybody ever !  You will always receive more than you bargained for. I do ask my clients to keep a list of questions that will certainly arise as they proceed. But most of those you will find you can answer for yourself from my site as your own understanding increases rather quickly. I am all about helping people gain overall health, well being and clarity. I provide an in depth reading list and always available for help. Just realize I am busy and cannot always respond immediately. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions I have not covered. I highly recommend all read the pages below for a broader understanding of my practices and results !  I am all about results and little else :)   here are the links below and a few recent photos. The site has many photos and a bit of music as well sprinkled throughout.  Instructions are below to make an appointment or speak to me about it.

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Our Inner Powers

Religions, Prayer and Meditation

I also teach people how to get started in meditation and prayer !

I recommend reading theAbout this Guypage for some background as well as any other pages you see fit ! And of course you do NOT have to do or think exactly as I do in every aspect, but likely can use it all as guidelines or perhaps motivation as the case may be ! Look forward to hearing from all of you and helping you get started on a new inner journey that will benefit you psychically, physically, emotionally and spiritually as well.The simple truth is the physical is really a side benefit of all of the above !


This photo is September 2015. I will be 69 in the spring of 2017. Very healthy, fit and strong with tremendous stamina and clarity. I have healed myself of many injuries and maladies and can help you do the same. I use natural methods and give guidance in herbal and other natural remedies. I also sell many herbs that I recommend to my clients. Some I grow and some I have special sources for, all are completely organic and of the absolute highest quality. I pass on excellent savings to my clients as well on all natural products and you cannot find any of them any where else in the same form. If you live close enough you can make a personal appointment as well and stop by. I will also be doing some group sessions of healing, health, fitness issues as well this winter which are also very cost effective. In a very comfortable and personal environment.  Good on Ya !  

email   stephen@downtoearththinking.com   or  phone  541 656 1091  for a phone appointment or directions to purchase an appointment. All are welcome, age, gender, race, religion is never an issue. Many overcome addictive issues of various kinds simply by getting healthy and healing themselves in various ways . Right now I only have a few openings available.

Recently I have been asked to put up some comments from people I have helped in various ways as a sort of  

inspiration or validation/testimonials. I have previously been very reluctant to do this for my own reasons as I do not want to ever be accused of sharing peoples identity and privacy in any way. This is very important to me. Several folks have insisted that I do some because they feel strongly about sharing their results and experience. and they are adament that they are fine with no full identity at my insistence. I have my reasons and they are important to me. You surely have noticed this site is very different than most and I do NOT market at all like other sites, or sell a lot of worthless junk that many do. I am all about helping people understand the many illusions that hold us back and healing themselves from the inside out ! And all based on what truths I have found to be consistent and simply good results in health and fitness issues. The Inner Journey is my focus.

I am going to post several that have contacted me with their comments and see if others come forward with the same  zeal ?  I have helped many people world wide to include Russia, Ukraine, China and various ME countries. some have traveled thousands of miles to see me, from Europe and other countries as well And never one person dissatisfied.  I do NOT heal them, I simply show them how to learn to heal themselves rather easily.  

Michelle S.  29  Seattle " Steve's overall grasp and knowledge helped me to overcome many poor thinking habits and gain much greater clarity on several major issues in my life concerning my health and well being. It was all about understanding and this man was very easy to work with as he brought me to that simple understanding inside myself. Not only has my overall health and well being improved tremendously, but my spirit and purpose is much greater and much clearer. I highly recommend this mans knowledge and simple wisdom to tap into easily and comfortably. Thanks so much Steve for all your help and guidance and a wonderful reading list for my specific purposes. And your coconut charcoal is magical. "  

Jerry H.  31  Los Angeles  " I have been overweight or obese for all of my adult life to some degree or another. Your simple going "inside methods" allowed me to see why I was living this way so I could begin to change it all. I am completely blown away by my results and you were quite right, it is all inside each of us !  I feel like a new person and have tremendous energy I have never experienced before as well as a great spirit for life now. I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped show me about myself and your simple workouts that changed my life in many ways, inside and out. "   

Nancy K.  45  Dallas, Texas  " Your work is incredible. simple, straight forward and effective. Until I met you I had many misconceptions and wrong thinking going on about many matters in my life. Your help, both physically and emotionally has been life changing. I greatly appreciate you as a man and a human being . Please don't stop doing what you do " 

Mike B.  48   Portland, Oregon. " Thank you so much for all your clarity and good intentions that helped me overcome some old junk in my life. I was fighting myself and now I am free, fit, healthy and full of positive energy You gave me the strength to find my own inner powers with simple and effective thinking that allowed me to take  actions correctly with ease, and I will never lose that now. You changed my life man, thank you so much "

Jennifer D.  39   Ft Lauderdale, Florida "Thank you for helping me find the balance I needed. I highly recommend your work to anybody seeking health and their own "Inner Powers" ! You were spot on with me and your considerate and thoughtful help was invaluable. My health and well being is greatly improved in more ways than I can express in words.  I wish you well my friend in every possible way"

Kevin G.  58   Phoenix " I thought I was old and done until I started reading your stuff. And once I contacted you I realized I still had much more life to live fully and effectively with far greater energy and strength. Your methods for producing testosterone naturally were off the charts and I too had to tone it down a bit after I got into it for just a month or so of your workouts you helped me design for myself and some dietary changes and herbs. I cannot thank you enough. Wow !"

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