So be honest and find where you are and where you want to be and simply do it, easily ! And 30% or more is simply obese and very unhealthy for many valid reasons.  

As I mentioned on the fitness page once you learn how to balance your metabolism and endocrine system it all gets rather easy to maintain and play with. I live on the edge of ketosis and glycemia and well aware of it, so I eat a lot of snacks to keep up blood sugar as needed daily. One new trick I picked up in the last year or so is Ghee and coconut oil in my coffee and 6 herbs I add to it as well. Gives the brain an instant energy boost like magic and tremendous clarity for the day as a starting point !    

Visual body fat percentage char‚Äčt 

Remember, body fat percentage is very different than BMI commonly used by supposed health care professionals. Body mass index is an average of all people and does NOT differentiate from fat or muscle so it is in fact quite useless as any guide at all except overall ratio of body weight to height. Body fat percentage is a far better reference for sure ! And this one I made is very simple and straight forward to use. It only requires you to be personally honest as your own reference point. Your mirror does NOT lie !  I have noted there is a slight difference in male and female body fat and women do require a slightly higher percentage for overall fitness and health. I have found thru experimentation that around 10 to 12 % is perfect for me. I went sub 10% and felt weak and not strong and had less stamina on long hikes and arduous workouts. so just play with it all and find your own niche' , sweet spot. Have patients and dial it all in easily ! 

Realize one simple fact. A 10 to 12% person can easily physically outperform a person of higher body fat. I am not about body building at all and only about performance and results for overall fitness, strength. endurance, stamina and well being ! Looking good and feeling good are simply positive side affects ! All of it is acomplished rather easily with some honesty , patients and a little effort !  No big deal or stress at all, only positives.  And a 10% to 16% person will easily be much healthier overall as well than a person of higher body fat. Too simple, Hey ?  

As noted above women will carry slightly higher body fat percentage as a norm