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The Dystopia and controlled insanity we live in is staggering to observe 

It has become clear the number of extreme control mechanisms present are beyond what we can account for. Many people are often no different than the ADHD drug riddled guy with the eye stretchers on above. Mind fucked morons who have no idea they have been mind fucked by PRAVDA/MSM and the supposed education system here in USA today !  Their brains saturated with multi tasking and other garbage concepts and all by the direct line to their minds, their smart phone. And  with help from the DNC the DEM/DSA and of course PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm !

Lets list some of the evidence of these phenom we see present today in many forms of madness, accepted as intelligence or anything even acceptable as rational thinking. It seems we are living in Clock Work Orange today !

I would start by simply asking how many legal citizens must be murdered, raped or otherwise brutalized by illegal aliens and or die from drug overdoses brought by the cartels ? And how can any of these events be considered in any way acceptable to keep allowing more illegal aliens for DEM votes ? Simple question Hey ?  But there is much more to the madness and insanity we now live in ! 

Here are some straight forward concepts and questions that need to be asked and considered.

Is the release of Smollett extreme and racially motivated by Obama forces in Chicago and Illinois ? 

Have congress and our judges failed us miserably ? 

Here is ll you need to know about Mueller, Comey, and Brennan and who they all really are 

Has USA morphed into a giant criminal enterprise with few ethics and principles ? 

Who Obama actually is in detail, a CIA creation from the get go    see links in the article

Why was Obama allowed executive discretion on immigration but Trump is not ? 

How and why were these crimes allowed to happen in a land of supposed laws ? 

​And this has been happening all along with the Mueller sham on many levels and by many agencies  

More of the Ohr connection ? 

How is it possible to consider numerous genders as real and what are the results ?

Is there no sanctity of life with Democrats any longer on the extreme political jihad of the unborn ? 

How is it possible we allow groups like PP to harvest fetus body parts and sell those parts ? 

The callous and heinous disregard for human life is appalling. I have a hard time watching or even hearing it  

The benefits of socialism are a good thing and acceptable as our future  ? 

Socialist mind fucked children take over the Democrat party in a maniacal experiment of ignorance 

How and why is this known liar allowed to continue his defamation and distortions ? 

The crying gay black man hoaxster is not the only one by far ?

How many hate crimes against whites have been covered up and never prosecuted ? 

Is what we call higher education a valid entity and fair ? 

The great American modern train robbery of taxpayers for all to see  ? 

Is Facebook a propaganda arm of our government ?  

Is social media as we know it really our friend or just another giant control mechanism ?  

Is the current ongoing censorship by FB, Twitter and others a sign that the control freaks are losing control ? 

How many times have police in DEM controlled cities stood down and let Antifa, BLM amd other insane people, attack conservatives or Trump supporters at rallys. And did the attackers have legal permits to be there or did the police let it happen deliberately ?   And why are they still employed by your tax dollars ? 

What was the outcome of the professor who was an Antifa supporter who attacked a legal protester with the bike lock ? 

Did "hands up don't shoot" ever even actually happen or just another PRAVDA/MSM created  ruse ?  

How many PRAVDA/MSM created ruses have we seen and had forced on us ? You cannot keep track of them all !

Exactly what is PRAVDA/MSM  and what is their purpose ?  

Facebook, Twitter, Google and all the other supposed social media outlets and comms tech giants are all part of PRAVDA/MSM. They have a direct line to peoples brain, their smart phone !    they can lie and distort as they please !

Also see this and this as well  all of it is a giant control mechanism created deliberately

As more people wake up it is all collapsing and the real criminals being clearly exposed. ​​The Brennan's and Hillary's of the world must be exposed and held accountable as well as their brethren in the many crimes committed against all of us. The people who are not brain dead or mind fucked must be heard !  The insanity and dystopia must be called out and recognized for what it is, control mechanisms created deliberately. ​ The Brennan's, Hillary's,  Swalwell's, Schiff's and the rest must be exposed for what they really are and what they are doing today ! There is no other option. 

I ask Brennan, Hillary and the other DEM/DSA and RINO criminals, what is the negative that Trump is talking with N Korea ? All missile launches have stopped and they appear to be headed toward broader agreements going forward that none of you even came close to ?  And you all committed far worse crimes than what you accuse Trump of ! 

What you have done is to show us all who the real criminals are and who actually committed crimes with Russia and it was not Trump, it was all of you  !  So accept your recompense , it is coming and well deserved.  In fact it will only be a dose of your own medicine which is the purest form of justice.

Every legal citizen must ask themselves why did these criminals create sanctuary states , counties and municipalities ? And are those same people who created these events responsible for the murders, rapes, and drug related crimes that these supposed sanctuaries enable and foster ? All by allowing many criminals to go free and literally do as they please with little or no recompense at all !  It is past time to call a spade a spade and hold these criminals responsible for creating these illegal and bogus situations and the crimes it creates and perpetuates. Time to hold the DEMs and RINOs accountable for their crimes that have always been about creating votes, by any means possible. As well all the judges actively legislating from the bench.

It should be clear to any reasonable person that all the people mentioned are quite insane and completely consumed in their own ego driven insanity ! If we are too regain any resemblance of sanity they must be held accountable for their many crimes. There is no alternative.

Is Trump the perfect guy ? No he is not, but I am not aware of that perfect guy and realize that person does not exist. So we must be vigilant and demand accountability from him as well ! What I do know is the people mentioned above are far worse than Trump on many levels and their crimes have never had any scrutiny ! Could any of them withstand the scrutiny Trump has endured ?   That answer is now self evident as the entire story is now unfolding for all to see who the real criminals reallly are.

help keep it all going 

Published 10/2015 

Everything I said 5 years ago here has proven to be 100% accurate and even worse !  I have been well ahead of the curve and the American people are very slow thinkers and even far slower to take any actions at all to fight back and stand up for their liberties that are being stolen from you daily. You may notice I only write about matters that are important and long lasting issues. I never roll with the ongoing dogma and daily events most sites are keen on to get clicks. That is why all of my writings are valid and hold water for a very long time like the original two articles on the CV shams over a year ago now. They are still both the best articles ever written on the matter. You be the judge of who is who in this zoo we call USA today and who is speaking many truths to the many lies and distortions ! First CV sham article and the second follow up article   .   Also this one as well, 8 years ago and still spot on accurate. Just examples of what this site is all about and how the many illusions created to control us work very well ! I also explain how easily you can step out of those illusions and set yourself FREE !  Who else does that part and gives simple solutions ?