Here are some links of other pertinent information everyone should be aware of as well going forward

PCR has updated take on Russiagate backfiring  with 2 videos that smart 

OIG is coming out with a new report soon that will likely expose much more of the vast corruption an excellent read indeed ! 

I am hopeful Mr Wray is cleaning up FBI, we shall see ?  So far I am not impressed and he may have to go as well.

A good overall view of events here at this link ​ 

An excellent link to the FBI collusion and specifically Comeys many crimes 

Wife of Fusion GPS founder admits he created it all    this guy created Fusion GPS for this very reason to undermine Trump and he is a big time DEM operative !

Yes the RINOs are part of it as well, and must also be exposed for all to see their part in it as well ! Here is a link to McCain dossier involvement

Hillary money laundering scheme exposed 

Finally the Hillary Uranuim One gets a look by DOJ/FBI    One small problem is DOJ and FBI have had all the info the entire time and refused to act ? So who should be held responsible is the question, as well as the Uranium One transactions that were well past illegal. Another big issue that is becoming very clear and apparent is the fact that the real Russian collusion was all done by the Democrats under BHO and Hillary. The facts are clear now and more comes out each day for all to see in abundance ! Becoming much more clear they have a lot to hide and the Trump shams are just diversions from their own crimes. Very few people fully grasp this simple truth ! They dug so deep they found themselves in their insanity and hype,  for all to see ! Everything we see regarding Mueller and the Russia insanity is and always was a completely created fraud !

I urge everyone to pay attention to the seriousness of the current situation. This is well past any normal political infighting. These are serious crimes and events taking place that undermine the rule of law in this country and we are in fact at a critical point and must have some prosecutions to save any integrity of our system of governance ! We are at a crossroads in our history and point of no return. We must demand accountability or we will lose all.  

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And this brings us up to more current and ongoing events at DOJ and FBI. We now know there has been an ongoing coup of sorts since the election and prior at DOJ and FBI. Interestingly all of these people are lawyers and certainly know they are breaking many laws as they all took an oath to the country when they took office as well to their profession when they got their legal license to supposedly practice law. Instead they have become their own law and simply make it up as they go along based on their own political madness and persuasion, simply because they are in the positions of power to do so freely with zero push back or responsibility to anyone ! Then the horror of horrors happened and DJ Trump was elected and Hillary defeated. Now we see panic ensue in a rush to stall any and all investigations or even looking at all the crimes committed and each day more comes out like a water faucet ! The reason it is all unfolding is simple. They just committed far too many crimes and they do NOT own the agencies any longer as they did for nearly a decade. As well realize that many people within the corrupted agencies were coerced not to expose the many crimes taking place and now they are free to come forward and many are doing just that ! Also many of these people within the agencies did not agree at all with the political shams and were by passed for promotions and they now have an ax to grind and a way to do exactly that, LEGALLY. I suspect we are about to see a land slide of crimes and bad acts be exposed even beyond what we have already seen. But there are a few problems and blockades to overcome  and a big one seems to be Jeff Sessions at DOJ !   

James Baker, FBI senior counsel. Accused of leaking secret documents to the media to deliberately undermine president Trump and various associates with classified information. Here is a link below. A very high official and lawyer committing a crime.  Do you suppose he was sent packing out of his position because he did nothing  wrong ? Prosecute him and all the others as well for their own actions, nothing more ! Great smile guy, you look very clean cut and all for a criminal.

Here is the link to this guys junk !

All but two of the people in the images above were appointed, not elected. And Hillary was appointed for her last position as Secretary of State Department. It is clear a valid case can be made that highly politicized bureaucrats in the right offices of power can completely undermine any government entity to any end they deem necessary. Now we are aware of many more serious bad acts and crimes than are represented by these photos of individuals. The list of bad acts and crimes at DOJ and FBI is growing daily as more information comes out that they have all deliberately withheld !  Congress has still not been given all of the production materials they have requested for a year or more and only FOIA law suits have been effective at gathering the majority of information. Why is that happening ? Because all of these people have a lot to hide and it is growing daily. Their crimes, manipulations, coercion and distortions of our laws for ill purposes is well past off the charts and incriminating. They are desperate to save themselves and maintain their power !

We have seen a culture of corruption blossom at many agencies although the worse events have been at DOJ, FBI and IRS. All were used deliberately as tools by these criminals against their political enemies. When you consider that DOJ and FBI are supposedly the highest sources and agencies of law and order and what we used to call justice, the events of recent undermining, schemes and deceit are a serious matter indeed. Many serious crimes have been committed by the highest law enforcement agencies and officials of the land. 

Prior to the 2016 election the Democrats owned every single agency and all of the ongoing corruption. They still do in many cases, via prior regime holdovers. Obama and Holder as well as Lynch had almost a decade to transform the agencies to their liking by hiring people for specific positions or promoting people above others who would play political ball ! The same thing happened in our military as well. So nobody should be surprised or in any way shocked at the outcome of almost a decade. It is clear many laws have been circumvented and many crimes committed. But most of it happened in the last two years prior to the election after all the agencies were perverted and corrupted. The fake Dossier got its start then as the insurance policy, as well as many other events we are now aware of. Evidence is mounting and some already exists, that the Dossier was used as a ruse to get the FISA court to issue a warrant to allow illegal spying on Trump and crew prior to the election.This also created a false paradigm that played into the ruse of the Trump Russia connection and helped create the entire scheme of Russia madness.  It is clear many democrats went off the rails with various crimes and bad acts because they were convinced Hillary would win and they could never be caught or held accountable. So they all went balls to the wall thinking DOJ and FBI would never turn against them nor would they ever face any prosecutions or any threat at all for their actions. One good example of this is Debbie Washerman Schultz and Donna Brazille. DWS commited so many bad acts and crimes it is almost impossible to keep tabs of them all. Her final undoing was the hiring and NOT firing of the Awan family of Pakistani criminals who ran the IP operations for top DEMs in congress including DWS. And they had no security clearances because BHO and crew gave them exemptions for security clearances giving them access to large amounts of secure information for years ! This was all done so this high level democrat congressional group could hide their communications and correspondence just as Hillary did.  Hillary deliberately did not use government communication measures in place, so she could isolate and hide her communications and destroy any she deemed necessary. And she did exactly that in the end as Comey gave her a pass on a serious crime. Brazille finally admitted she lied also, but only because she was caught and had no choice. Also Umah and A. Weiner knew they were committing crimes by harboring many thousands of Hillary's emails on their own laptops at home. Everything about Hillary's emails was completely illegal and should be prosecuted just as others have been prosecuted for much lesser offenses of similar related events. The list of crimes is so vast I doubt we can ever unfold and absorb all of it. And one matter shouts at me and always has thru all of it. We were told many times that the emails were destroyed and there was no way to retrieve them and therefore we should just forget about it ? But the truth of the matter is very different indeed ! As just one more insult to our intelligence and ethics, the simple truth is and always has been,  that NSA has always had all of her communications ! And last I checked they are one of the official US government spook agencies that does nothing but gather and store every communication by every possible means by every person, not only here in USA but in many other countries world wide ! Another serious dark spot on Mr. Clapper and J Brennan. So let there be no doubt Hillary's phony email closet operation was logged in as well as every other. You can add this to the massive list of lies and deceit from your government agencies and the DSA (deep state apparatus) the DEMs seem to be in control of.   

I am not going to rehash every single event , but put together a series of matters and events that will make it all very clear for even the least informed persons here in USA today !  Just remember there were two distinct operations and events to accomplish. One was to get Hillary elected, the other was to undermine Trump by any means necessary even if illegal ! 

How did this happen ? How did we get here ? Lets examine it all and the current state of corrupt government agencies.

The videos below are the most up to date information available about what actually took place and the many crimes committed by the people above and many more in and out of control government run by bureaucrats and criminals. The IG report is coming soon and will blow it all wide open for all to see in spades !​  Let the prosecutions begin and let the real laws prevail over the criminals in these agencies.  

The memos were released finally for all to see and here is a link to it in its entirety !     Just click on the lined link and read it all for yourself. It is not very long and definitely spells it all out and refutes all the DEM distortions and lies completely and clearly !

I find it incredible how much information has come out in the last 2 years since Trump has been on the political scene. And I realize this entire event is not simply about D. Trump,  but the very basis of our country and legal system ! It is also incredible the massive lashing out against releasing these documents in a frenzy to cover up their own crimes and bad acts. As if any of their claims are not valid or real and nothing more than another giant attempt to cover it all up. That seems to be what the criminals do , cover up their crimes in spades and hope it goes away ! The simple fact is that they are caught now and well past desperation mode, so we see all manner of extreme and outlandish vitriol !  It is also incredible how much this man has endured and his family from day one from the many crimes perpetrated by these criminals against him. We must see some prosecutions or it simply means we have no real laws !  Where are you Jeff Sessions, please get youir head out of your ass !

All of the people above and more are the real criminals hiding their many crimes and walking freely everyday as they obfuscate and cover up via distractions and massive lies and deceit on a grand scale  And all are supposedly part of what we call justice and our laws , sickening  ! Sessions is now part of their schemes and frauds by omission and complicit acts. And why does anybody think Mueller has more legitimate power or credibility than our president ?

USA a Corrupted Government Entity

published 6/15/15 and updated  

To be perfectly clear,  Jeff Sessions has proven himself to be completely incapable of cleaning up DOJ and FBI. My problem is his actions so far, or lack of actions ?  He is being bamboozled and manipulated by Rosenstein and others. He believes the bureaucracy is more important than the actual laws it is supposed to enforce and uphold, so he is protecting the agency not the laws  ! He has now become part of the problem and no part of any solution as it is clear he is being willingly manipulated by the many criminals he is in charge of at both agencies ! And this video makes a lot of sense as it seems he has been compromised from the get go !

​​In my view he made a huge mistake by recusing himself and allowing Rosenstein to create the Mueller sham. That too was another manipulation by Rosensteion and others. It is abundantly clear President Trump was not at all pleased with that decision as well, since he has tweeted numerous times , "where is DOJ" on this matter as well as mentioned it on TV several times in the recent past. So it seems clear Trump was clearly and publicly questioning Session's abilities or resolve concerning a bad decision and what to do about it going forward.  I imagine Trump realizes the entire episode was created because of Sessions poor decision and lack of standing up to the coup at DOJ and FBI. Bottom line, I simply think Session's is not the junk yard dog needed to fight the DSA and clean up all of the agencies and I only base that on Sessions actions so far, or lack of ! Within a few days of his recusal,  Rosenstein and others within DOJ jumped on it and created the Mueller sham and it is now obvious it is nothing but an ongoing witch hunt funded by you and me, to do nothing but find any way possible to undermine Trump and anybody in his regime. Sessions seems afraid to stand up to them and actually do much of anything except to say he will look at it, when we all see many crimes and lots of evidence of such. Like actual real collusion with Russians via the democrats and specifically Hillary and Uranium One, as well as funding the phony Dossier and working with many crimoinals to set up Trump and crew for bogus claims of wrongdoing. So what the hell is Session's doing besides twiddling his thumbs and acting as if he is in charge when it appears Rosenstein and others are in fact running DOJ and FBI as we speak ! Also there are still many documents that congress has requested for over a year that have still not been delivered per law, so the stone walling continues daily under the Sessions DOJ ?  Sessions lack of aggression and effectiveness to clean up his agencies, both DOJ and FBI isall about his weak mindedness and lack of real understanding of our legal basis and original purpose . It is well past clear both agencies are seriously corrupted politically and there is no excuse to allow any of it to continue for one hour ! Yet Sessions seems to think all is well at both DOJ and FBI. That of course is not the case at all. I tend to believe Mr. Sessions is stuck in a sort of time warp back in the 80s or 90s when marijuana was still considered a serious crime ? What is at stake today, given events created and carried out by rogue elements at the highest levels of DOJ and FBI,  is the very underpinning and foundations of the rule of law and the very basis of our countries existence as the standard bearer of that rule of law. We cannot allow two separate sets of supposed laws to exist, one for the elites and lawyers and one for everybody else, and that is what exist in spades today here in USA. That is what dictatorships and third world countries accept or have forced on them , not what we should be entertaining or allowing in any fashion. So we need and must have some prosecutions of the criminals that have perpetrated many crimes at the top of these agencies or it clearly proves we actually have no real laws !   Baker below, did not make it on the master list at the top and few more that will filter in soon enough. I will add them here as it all unfolds ! As well more links of events directly related , names and images of the criminals as they show up going forward. The politicized corruption within our government agencies is truly vast and far more in depth than most realized just a short while ago !​ 

Here is a link to a petition for Sessions to resign or be replaced    as it stands now Sessions is part of the swamp and simply a fool being used as a tool !