Three days left and what comes next 

How Trump handles the events next week in DC and nation wide after Monday will set the stage for how his second term plays out. He must be far more definitive and proactive from Tuesday on ! We now have actual terrorist working openly in USA nationally to commit many crimes and they now have the NLG (national lawyers guild) readily available to set them free as soon as they are arrested for their crimes and all in conjunction with the many Soros DAs, mayors and governors and many other lawyers nation wide and nobody has done anything about any of it !  Here is my analysis of where we are and why and what Trump must do ASAP !

We will see major events unfold in DC and nation wide. The mayor has been 100% complicit in every illegal act with her support and subversive acts enabling Antifa/BLM. Realize the Antifa/BLM goon terrorist can be easily stopped and should be arrested with fed charges for terrorism or whatever crimes they commit. Some will likely need to be shot on the spot with real bullets, depending on the crimes they commit, some of which will be televised for your viewing convenience ! But will that likely happen ?

Also note in the article above that high level military personnel wrote letters within the Pentagon to foment treason and sedition recently and nothing at all was done to them ?
They were not arrested and charged as they surely should have been or even called out in any way ! This and the mayors actions are bringing up very serious questions about Trumps abilities to handle the coming chaos next week correctly and effectively. The rioters are being given a free staging area right next to the WH and all DC police agencies have been told to stand down as they always do these days  ? So will we see many arrests on fed terror charges or will these forces of terrorist  be more or less allowed to wreak havoc and massive chaos again ! That is the test before us about Trumps ability to deal with this illegal junk ? This event and events nation wide will set the stage on how Trump reacts going forward. I urge him to start getting far tougher and the use of serious force instead of his prior wimpy non acts and rhetoric ! If he does not he will only foment moré of the same as he has done so far with frivolous reactions and meaningless counter maneuvers nobody follows. He has NOT done well at all on following thru on these matters and made many mistakes in his choices of people, so well past time to get far more serious, proactive and aggressive. As well Trump has still not called out Antifa and BLM as the terrorist they clearly are and forcefully. He has only issued limp wristed comments and weak orders.  Trump has many trained patriots/militia at hand and ready to put a stop to all of this and he has failed to use any of it. This is another huge mistake as we will see next week in spades ! The National Guard  has been a serious bad joke so far as the mayors and governors rule over them in the DEM enclaves under attack daily. If you think we are not in full bore lawlessness you are delusional as Trump has been so far in some ways very naïve and lackless in follow thru and big on rhetoric ? Lets grow a pair DJT and get on with fixing the nation finally.   

Why has the DC mayor not been arrested on dereliction and or sedition ?
Why have those high level military personnel been allowed to write letters espousing clear treason and sedition ? Why was Wray not fired long ago and Haspell and now likely Barr needs to go ASAP as well  !   All of it is because we are seeing treason and sedition in motion daily and the Trump crew still does not seem to see it all for what it really is ? They still think they can play nice and all will be well and that is absurd under the current conditions and paradigms in motion now.

Also rest assured PRAVDA/MSM will NOT concede Trump wins Nov 3 or 4 or likely next week at all ? They will say Biden won.  If they do admit by Friday they will say we must have recounts and there will be many phony quasi legal battles filed all at once precisely as I said would happen 2 months ago. So nothing new or unexpected at all will show up. Just more slow thinkers. The DEM/DSA has been saying what is coming rather clearly for many months now and all of it has been allowed to happen freely ! 

And here is a recent excellent article/interview from R Stone on very importnt matters . He names names you have likely never heard of and is very specific why that is the case, just as I have been saying for many years now regarding PRAVDA/MSM and what they really are, simply a pure propaganda arm for the DEM/DSA  ! 

Also here are the legal time lines to be aware of for more shenanigans the DEMs are going to try !

Soon after Nov 3, before the week ends likely we will see the left start using false flag events where they will dress and act like PBs , 3%ers and OKs or any othe patriot types and there will be a direct effort by PRAVDA/MSM to blame their acts of terror and crimes on  conservatives. This is going to get way past extreme and we will see people killed as it all escalates. Wray has already laid the ground work with his recent comments that the real problem and danger in USA are the right wingers, not Antifa and BLM ? It is all setup now and will unfold shorly after the election or sooner ! The supposed Michigan kidnapping of Whitmer was an FBI setup and that will be the playbook going forward ! Realize the chances of Trump getting his deserved win on Nov 3 or 4 are near zero ! PRAVDA/MSM has already told you this clearly ! Once Wray is fired he will be free to say whatever he wants ? let that sink in and will it be used as massive propaganda when he says "see I told you it was the right extremist that are the danger and that is why Trump fired me for telling that truth as we saw it in the FBI clearly and said so" ! Again more perfectly created propaganda and will many believe it as the DEM/DSA edges closer to the December time frames and deadlines ? These legal time lines/parameters are posted in the link above very clearly. 

I will follow up next week as events unfold. 


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