The War for our Minds

and our capacity to think and act rationally            Published 2/15/15 and updated

Consider how things would be different had Hillary won ?  We would have seen even more control mechanisms imposed and fostered by all of the people in the deep state shadow government. These agencies would have gained even more control and we would be far more controlled in every aspect of our lives. It is critical that we all understand these dynamics in play here in USA today. The deep state has not given up and still trying to undermine Trump and crew. They still have many mechanisms in place and working. So pay close attention going forward and stay well informed. Realize we we are in a war for our country. The best answer is to understand their game and not play by their rules ! More to come as this page is new and events will be changing rapidly like today's shootings in Alexandria. Realize your government has not been working for you, but against you  !  Most have a hard time grasping that reality. Here is what you can do to defeat these control freaks of PRAVDA/MSM for FREE !

Most people are now becoming aware of PRAVDA/MSM as the propaganda/indoctrination arm of the democrat party as well as the deep state shadow government comprised of our own government agencies and the many partisan's inside PRAVDA/MSM. They work together to create the many illusions to be used as control mechanisms against all of us, not just conservatives. Part of the problem is that many on the left do not even grasp that they are being mind fucked and controlled by the very people they claim to support. It is all quite remarkable how seriously whacked some of the thinking has become. Up is down and down is up in this new paradigm being created by the control freaks. Recently we saw the left,  Antifa and By any Means Necessary groups, use physical violence and physical force to deny free speech at Berkley and many other supposed higher education venues. At the same time they claim that conservatives and liberty groups are the NAZI's and trying to stop free speech ? So the very people who say these things are in fact the real NAZI's, yet PRAVDA/MSM goes along with these false paradigms and false narratives and helps create it all. The biggest travesty and political sham currently is the endless pounding and false claims of Russia collusion against Trump and crew that failed and now we see a new false paradigm being created of supposed obstruction of justice, or better said obstruction of just-us meaning the cabal of control freaks. All they need do is put these false narratives out there via PRAVDA/MSM and the false paradigm is created. And of course this gives the DEMs a continuing platform to undermine and attack Trump and crew. My question is where is the investigation of Hillary, Podesta and Reid who pulled off the multi million dollar Uranium scam with Russia, as well as Hillary's emails that we all know were quite illegal, while in office. These are the real Russia collusion and crimes committed.  J. Comey even laid out the email crimes and then said there was no intent and that was enough to drop any prosecution ?  And he never even mentioned the Uranium One crimes. Nor did he follow up with any of Lynch's crimes that we now are aware of. Beyond obvious how corrupted it all is and how these criminals do what they do ? It is all a total sham against the American people by these elites and an effort to cover up many crimes by using these control mechanisms of the deep state cabal trying to control us and lie to us. These elites all need to be held accountable, and these events mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg !

We are continuously bombarded with all manner of control mechanisms that are created for us as illusions, false paradigms and false narratives. It is the same process as the methods used by Goebbels to propagandize the Germans in the 1930s and even into the 40s. There is no question if false information is repeated many times, some people will believe it as a fact, even if it is completely false and easily verifiable as false. In our current scenario here in USA, the left has created the same thing and it is very powerful indeed, what I call PRAVDA/MSM.

                                                             disconnect from the matrix the control freaks have created for you !

Here is an excellent article exposing Mueller for who he really is. Realize all the many illusions that are created for us and who they are intended to benefit and why ? Our government is simply a giant criminal enterprise and Trump knows it. I imagine he is far more aware now than previously. And this is very recent and spot on analysis of the entire sham we have allowed to take place right before our eyes  !

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This new convoluted reality never seems to end or have any boundaries. In the 2016 election cycle as Sanders and Stein supporter stabbed several people and killed them in Oregon, PRAVDA/MSM immediately claimed it was a Trump supporter. They ran with that false paradigm for a week, just as they helped the "hands up don't shoot" false narrative get traction, even though it never even happened ? So it is clear the truth is never the objective or a real perspective. It is always about how to create a new false paradigm or narrative to be used as another control  mechanism.

There is an obvious connection between the politicos, PRAVDA/MSM and our own government agencies that work directly with the left strategies and agendas. This is an unholy alliance of control freaks gone mad. And they are all emboldened by our own judicial system that is equally as politically corrupted. So we have a consortium of control freaks continuously trying to bend things to their perspective and political persuasions. No matter whether fair or legal or in any way correct or even factual. They simply make it up as they deem necessary. This is the deep state shadow government run by bureaucrats, appointees and the many politicos we have allowed to take our power from us.  At the head of these control freaks is our own government agencies, especially all of the spook agencies like FBI, NSA, CIA, NIA, DIA and many others. These agencies have clearly shown us we should not trust them. NSA spying on our citizens is a known fact as well as many bad acts by the CIA and now Comey has clearly shown us all that the FBI is completely politically corrupted. We do not know the depth of the full collusion of these agencies against President Trump and crew or against any of us. We do know they have all colluded to gather all manner of of personal information of citizens as well as worked directly for the benefit of the Obama regime and their political cronyism. We also know they have been fine with the open borders and assimilation of supposed refugees into our country with no push back even though they have all the correct information and refuse to use it properly. Realize that all of the attacks we have endured that have happened under the Obama regime were known prior, to all of these agencies. In Boston, the FBI was given almost a two year warning by Russia that the older brother had traveled to Chechnya for jihadi training and we still let them do what they did ?  Does anybody actually believe our FBI could not have kept these guys completely under surveillance ? They keep us under surveillance, so who is bullshitting who in this zoo of supposed spook agencies ? And the San Berdoo attack, the FBI did not even look at the facebook account of the woman as she was a rabid jihadi and openly spoke about it. So again, who is bullshitting who ? and let us not forget about Ft Hood where Hasan had been reported numerous times as being an extremist, yet he was still allowed to carry out his murders ? Start to see a pattern here ? And it was all created by BHO and crew and carried out by our own agencies that basically stood down and allowed it all to happen. Orlando was the same and many others on BHOs watch as well as telling all border agencies to stand down and let the illegals in and nurture them ! All of these false paradigms have been created by all of these people willingly and all were intended to force you to comply with these new false paradigms or be destroyed yourself.