Current events clearly show the deep state apparatus the DEMs put on steroids. They purged and polluted every spook agency, IRS and the military and placed their own cronies in those positions. Now of course we see holdovers trying to undermine Trump at every turn of events in every agency and the courts as well that were also distorted with DEM judges to undermine ! It is n clear the Mueller sham is a complete illegal ruse to use every possible agency to undermine Trump. The Flynn plea recently was a sham as well. They only have him on a very flimsy charge at best and that too will likely fail soon. Trump now realizes he made a serious mistake with Sessions and that will be front page news going forward. He should have replaced replace Sessions with Sidney Powell  and Judge Janine Pirro as #1 and 2 and fire Rosenstein, McCabe and Mueller as well !  It was past time to take these action and get on with it and he did NOTHING.​

In the last 8 years we have seen all manner of corruption, lies, distortions, manipulations and deceit from the democrats and the GOPers who were weak many times. Everybody remembers the infamous words of N. Pelosi " we have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it " ?  And when we saw what was in it we saw nothing but lies and contrivances with the largest insurance companies. Even before it was passed the democrats refused to let anybody see the contents as if that was a good thing, or in any way transparent as was claimed by the BHO regime. In truth everything they have touched has turned to shit in spades !  And they were able to do it all with the complete assistance and help of PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm of the politburo. All of that is explained in great detail  here.  This is how they can do what they do and get away with it all by mind effing the populace 24/7/365. Many have finally woke up to some degree and starting to see the depth of the corruption within the democratic politburo. It is far reaching and corrupt to the core and PRAVDA/MSM is their main source of power. It is also explained on an even deeper level here if you want to take the red pill and get to the bottom of this rabbit hole ! There is an abundance of critical information on the two links above to fully understand the depth of the corruption within our government and who is responsible and many more current events below. Barrack Hussein Obama simply came along and put it all on steroids, he did not originate it. That is not any kind of excuse or lesser comment to release him and the democrats for their many crimes prior and now in motion. It is simply a statement of fact and truth. The GOPers helped create it all prior to BHO and crew and actually gave them the stage to go forward to the insanity that was created in the last 8 years ! Now BHO and the Dems have declared war on Donald Trump because he knows who and what they are and is willing to expose them for all to see. Donald Trump is NOT a part of the status quo and that is his power ! We must realize that many people within our government have committed many crimes and will go along with any attempt to undermine President Trump because they will also be exposed for their crimes and complicity with BHO and crew in the past 8 years !  This means that every agency is polluted and corrupted to some degree with the very same people who do not want to be outed as co-conspirators with BHO and crew and the democrat criminal machine in general !

This page is simply going to list links and articles that clearly show the many deceptions and bad acts going forward and give some opinion of such to point out the lies and distortions to deliberately undermine the Trump administration with by PRAVDA/MSM and the democrat machine of illusions. I will start with today's simple example of how the democrats distort issues and how their thinking is completely whacked and backasswards !

Let's start with a simple question about what is obviously a false narrative about the supposed Russian alliance and or interference with the Trump administration and our election. No question the Russian's and Chinese  and many others hack us all the time and we do the same. So, ask yourself, how did communications with Russians in the interest of peace and the reduction of tensions become a criminal act ? The simple answer is it was all created by forces of the democrat propaganda machine, PRAVDA/MSM their powerful source of propaganda  and indoctrination.  There is and never was any negative or bad act, it was all created by PRAVDA/MSM and the democrat corruption machine ! It was all done via spying on Trump and his people who were in fact citizens at the time and NOT in any official capacity prior to being sworn in or even elected, so the spying was all done completely illegally and for specific purposes to deceive and create another false narrative. They simply create any narrative or false paradigm they deem necessary and completely ignore their own crimes and bad acts as if they never happened !

And here is proof Obama created it all with the help of PRAVDA/MSM and his many minions. Proof there is a deliberate attack to undermine  President Donald Trump and the new administration at every turn and the willingness to create false paradigms and false narratives deliberately for that purpose. This is unprecedented in American history for any former president to take such actions and it comes from the community organizer himself, at the head of the snake known as the democrat party !  They have in fact become the enemy within and their many crimes should be exposed and prosecuted.  

And here is the truth of the real spying that has taken place from many agencies within our government that was allowed to be put on steroids by BHO and crew for their own use as a club or a weapon. It also shows Comey is a serious criminal and liar and must be exposed and fired ASAP ! The fake Trump Russia Mueller sham has focused 100% on Trump and nwo we know thew real Russia crimes were from DEMs. Hillary and Bill, Mueller himself, Comey, Holder, Lynch and Podesta as well as BHO  !  It is clear their massive corruption was off the charts via all the agencies they polluted and corrupted accordingly to allow their crimes unimpeded and to spy on their political opponents.


Governor Cuomo wants gun owners to be forced to purchase liability insurance.

He contends this is a problem, yet he makes no mention at all of the fact that illegal aliens seriously harm or kill far more people than legal gun owners by a huge margin ! Cuomo is not only an idiot, but the worse kind of ideologue, partisan and provocateur against the laws of this land. It is clear he uses no common sense nor does he possess any on this and many matters. This is a perfect example of democrat backasswards thinking and supporting criminal alliances to gain votes. The dems have been completely supportive of open borders for one and only one reason for many years and that was to gain votes for dems ! So of course they come up with this kind of insane diatribe. Realize they will now say or do anything to try and undermine Donald Trump and his administration, simple as that !

Also Atty General Sessions recused himself in any investigation of any of the phony Russia syndromebeing created by democrat hit squads because he had some sort of supposed wrong communication with ambassadors as well a Russian ambassador,  prior to his confirmation. But remember when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac during the election run up to make a deal for Hillary and she never recused herself on anything. But she did take the 5th on several matters  70 times to avoid incriminating herself or BHO on the Iran scam deals . How many times have you seen any Attorney General take the 5th on anything ? This is beyond outrageous and of course PRAVDA/MSM gave her a total pass and never questioned her ethics at all, for far worse actions than Sessions, who in fact did nothing wrong and is simply actually being transparent although STUPID. And now she has come out and insinuated and suggested violence to fight and undermine President Trump and the new admin. This is clearly unprecedented and a serious bad act from an Attorney General, the chief LEO of the land ! She proved herself to be a disgrace to any resemblance of justice and fairness many times and this is the icing on the cake. She is no better at all than Holder and he was clearly a criminal via Fast and Furious that killed many thousands of people, as reported by the Mexican government openly many times.

The link above has several other links inside it that go down more rabbit holes and expose numerous sources that are funded by various entities like Soros, Clinton's and BHO groups that are actively undermining and creating false narratives. It is a coupe de'- ta from all of these sources, in complete alliance with PRAVDA/MSM and the many government employees who are Obama holdovers and saboteurs/provocateurs.

I believe they have all gone too far and have broken many laws that would constitute many violations of the RICO act as well as other federal laws and violations of the constitution and they can be prosecuted for such ! There is a very deliberate attempt to undermine the Trump  presidency because these maniacs do not want to be exposed for all the crimes they committed in the last 8 years. So in fact it is all a smoke screen to save themselves because they know they have committed many crimes ! This is NOT about simply red VS blue, this is about crimes that have been committed and saving their asses and false paradigms to live on ! It is about their survival and false credibility. 

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published in 2017 and updated 

Time has a way of telling all things as it eventually plays out and lies turn out to be failures and merely distortions as an end to the the intended means. Now it is beyond clear the election was in fact stolen criminally and there is no real pandemic and never was. It too was just another created event sham and another tool in what was the ongoing coup aganst Trump ! And that lynching is still ongoing in the second fake impeachment fiasco now playing out as if any of it is real ? All of what has transpired could only have taken place with the help of PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA !  All orchestrated and created events going back at least to 2016 and getting far more devious and treacherous coming foward until present.  And how many people have gone along with all of it knowing better and fully realizing it was all a sham and they were simply being purchased, bought off ? And of course how many fools believed any of it ? Too many for sure but that too will fade and fail in time. The newest effort now is to criminalize those who speak against any of the obvious crimes in various forms of coercion to silence any dissent or truth of the matters by using government agencies and courts as weapons ongoing ! Is that what China and other tyrranical regimes do and is this still USA any longer or something else  ?   

Are these men the real criminals at the head of the democrat snake and the perfect example of  corruption along with many others like Loretta Lynch and the Clinton's ?

How many crimes were committed and then covered up by PRAVDA/MSM deliberately ? Yet now, Donald Trump is vilified over nothing but lies and distortions that are also deliberately created. They deliberately enabled the deep state apparatus, to be used as a weapon !  

Here is the most recent analysis I completely agree with about what has transpired with the Mueller sham and all the prior events leading up to it. It has been a two fold effort. First to try to ensure Hillary's election and to cover up her crimes and Obama's crimes, then it morphed into undermining Trump by any means possible and to continue covering up their own crimes, including Muellers crimes to this present day. It is all finally decomposing and it is clear the DEM/DSA have exposed themselves as the worst criminals this country has everendured. We still have a constitutional crisis at hand regarding the rule of law and who will get held accountable for the many serious crimes committed. Some of these crimes rise to treason and sedition by several players, not just Hillary and Obama. And the many lesser crimes although very serious still need to be accounted for as well. We must demand accountability for all of these crimes committed or it will not happen as it should. The link above supersedes much of this page as it is all the newest synopsis that is precisely what has transpired since 2015.  

The War against Donald Trump

and any real change of the corruption and status quo in DC and every democrat corrupted state capitol