We now live in very litttle common sense versus a tremendous amount of deliberately created idiocy !

Today in post modern USA and the world for that matter, your level of education is defined as what degree of formal education you have achieved and how many various degrees you may have attained. And zero consideration is given to your actual real knowledge or understanding of this world and the people in it. I will bring up some other ideas and concepts and challenge some of this accepted paradigm, on this page.  To be clear I am not in any way saying education is negative or harmful. But I am saying much of what we call education today is not only the opposite of any real education, but many times is used wrongly for all manner of various motives. Here is an example of how our education system has morphed into an indoctrination system. There are many other examples like this   !

Yes it is all failing  miserably

And now we see the serious corruption within what is called our education system on many more levels of elitism and payolla and massive cheating on a grand scale  !

One obvious and simple example is the current state of higher education here in USA today where millions of people go into serious debt to get a degree in a worthless field that there never will be an actual job available for. As well we now teach social justice and other such nonsense and delve into all manner of social engineering in our schools at every level. A good  and valid case can be made that most of our education system at every level is in fact little more than forced indoctrination centers. So it seems little wonder we see very little actual education taking place. The simple truth is a college degree today is a lesser education than a 1966 high school diploma. Something is very wrong with this picture that even a non PHD or MBA kind of guy, one of the supposed dumbies, can easily figure this out. Is it possible we have all been duped once again ? And are we consumed in frivolous certifications, credentials and documents that mean diddly squat  ?  

The reason for all that we see regarding education today is a simple one. But it does have numerous tentacles attached over many years. The short story is we have all given over our own thinking process and common sense to these supposed smart guys or the PHDs and MBAs, because we assume they must be smarter than we are. It is assumed that anybody with those initials is of course far smarter than you are, right ? Well maybe not so much when we stop and consider some of the serious bad decisions and policies we have allowed them to force on us. And are they ever held accountable for the destruction they many times cause ?  Raises some obvious questions now doesn't it when we remove the education blinders of hear no evil, see no evil, and  speak no evil of their true identity and deeds !

Lets break down what we call science for starters. I would simply ask in retrospect were Chernobyl and Fukushima serious mistakes of hubris by the supposed educated class ? In fact we now have created a tremendous amount of nuke fuel by products we have no idea what to do with and it is a huge problem. And of course FUKU is still spewing massive amounts of radionuclides into the Pacific ocean 24/7/365, more or less unchecked. So I would simply ask have the wonders of science actually been all that beneficial in many ways. As well we now live in a seriously toxic world contaminated with so many chemicals, another wonder of supposed science, we can not even account for most of them as a by product or residue that is causing many serious maladies like cancer and other major problems like autism.  And the oceans are in fact actually dying. We have mountains of plastics, another wonder of science, as well as toxins in the oceans that are not even considered much at all. More like an inconvenience or such ? But all of these matters are quite serious indeed yet the supposed smart guys are telling us global warming is the end all be all of planet earths problems ! I could continue with many more examples of more or less nonsense that relates to what we are told were the wonders of supposed science ? Seems to me much of it, the supposed intelligence or knowledge, has simply been misused in a myriad of ways and for many times all the wrong reasons. I have no doubt we have the immediate technology and correct sciences to easily clean up the messes that have been created. The problem is two fold though. The messes were created in pure arrogance and hubris as well as extreme egos and now there would be responsibility attached to actually clean any of it up or solve it. In other words there would be financial responsibility for damages ! And that would mean governments and many of the supposed science related companies that created these monsters would be held accountable.  It is NOT simply USA as the bad guys here by far. When compared to the rest of the world USA is actually much cleaner than most in many ways. 

All of these events happened because we gave over far too much responsibility and power to the wrong people in government and the corporatocracy they have created of massive special interest. The teachers unions are just one of them. Academia in general is another. We have done the same thing in regards to what we call education as well, in spades for many decades now. I would say most reasonable education stopped in the 70s more or less and has simply slipped ever since, mostly due to government policies that have failed miserably. It seems well past clear that everything that has become politicized is a major failed event here in USA. We constantly hear that we need to spend more money yet we have spent TRILLIONs more than anybody else and we only rank 36 in the world for education. Like every other matter it is clear our supposed educational system has been grossly mismanaged and manipulated for political reasons. The waste and fraud from the unions and politicos is beyond obscene and in many cases criminal acts, as we see prosecutions occasionally, but not nearly enough to be sure. All of these people involved are the supposed educated class ? Think about that and the rest of my thesis on this page. It is far reaching in many ways and it surely should be, as well the reasons why we have all allowed these shams to continue and dominate us. And ask yourself are the smart guys really the smart guys or do they many times destroy whatever they touch  ? 

Take a look at this as well, more statistical data and rankingsand USA did not make even one parameter after far out spending all by trillions in the last 40 years.  So my question is who is bullshitting who in this zoo we call America today ? And do we really need to throw more money down the existing rat hole we call education here in USA today ? It is a totally clear failure. And the only answer is to scrap this failed mess and actually teach the basics and then go from there with some resemblance of valid boundaries within our educational system for students and tax payers. Today many graduate more or less illiterate and that should not be happening for many reasons, in fact it is criminal !     

I would also point out that the smartest people by far, ever on this planet, were in fact nearly all self educated. Leonardo and Tesla come to mind and a host of others !  Plato, Leonardo, Einstein or Tesla did not go to Harvard. Consider this, is actual education really just your own efforts and a tremendous amount of reading and research simply because you want to know ? And is it really only valid if you accomplished this reading and research in a so called authorized establishment or setting of government mandates and regulation where you will receive a piece of paper claiming and supposedly verifying your intelligence and knowledge ? Is all else invalid and why are the people who make so many horrific mistakes yet ordained supposedly with knowledge from the accepted institutions not held accountable when they fuck up in a major way ? As well I would ask who caused the 2007/08 financial debacles, was it the MBAs and PHDs ?  And currently are the real criminals in DC all from the supposed educated class ? Are Mueller and his team of professional educated thugs the same people as well ? Do you think you have been sold a bullshit story your entire life ?  I do. None of it is real, it is all simply another of the many illusions we all live under and are force fed. When all is said and done isn't all education actually self education ? Think about it and it will settle in ! 

Not long ago there were no Ivy League Universities where only the elites were allowed. Then of course today to take it all even further into absurdity, supposed people of color are of course admitted to these institutions based not on their actual intelligence, but the pigmentation of their skin largely ? That should surely fix things , hey ? 

I wish I had kept records of people I have hired and fired over the years who were supposedly educated, it was and still is pathetic what we have allowed to happen and or has been forced on us, but nothing new at all in USA today. What we call education today is just another of the many politicized illusions created deliberately, that we all live under here in USA today. But it is only one of the many. It is clear today that people like Ocasio Cortez are perfect examples of the failure of what we call our education system. She could NOT pass a 1966 high school civics exam or algebra class and she has graduate degrees. So yes we are going backwards in many ways. The issue is NOT that education is a bad thing, it is simply that here in USA it has all been hijacked by political maniacs like every other matter as a weapon and tool to mind fuck the masses  !  

A very recent article on the state of education in USA today by Paul Craig Roberts 

The new articles and information keep coming daily now, guys like Tucker Carlson aer saying the very same things as well.

Why do we allow this junk ?         


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