For those of you paying greater attention these days you likely realize we are now on a new course here in USA today ! Clearly SCOTUS , congress including the REPs and our military have all blessed and promoted the election STEAL and are fine with it all as the uniparty sham cannot get any more obvious ! And PRAVDA/MSM has full control of the standard airwaves as the propaganda arm of the DEM/RINO/DSA propaganda arm. Goebbels would be very proud and jealous.

Here is what is taking place daily 24/7. The DEM/DSA is taking down America piece by piece. They are collapsing the economy and destroying the USD by their massive printing and insane spending giveaways that are really just an attempt to buy support and votes with your own money used against you one more time. They have long realized controlling everything to do with your supposed health care is a key control mechanism that started with BHO and O-care. Now it has simply morphed into the many CV shams and of course the real bio weapon, the killer vaccines that will be forced on everyone ! American Military announced in a recent article last week by the Pentagon, that as of July 2021 all military personnel will have to take the vaccines as mandatory means to control the fake pandemic that does not even exist. Within a few days they took down the article ? So it surely seems this is coming very soon and will start the mandatory schemes in motion. In todays world all gov agencies pre-float their extreme proposals to see what kind of resistance they get and 53% said no way, we do not want it. I imagine the numbers were larger than 53%  in the military same as the general populace is larger against the VAX than is claimed same as all phony polls . And yes the VAX are far worse than the CV itself. The CV shams were simply used to get this monster rolling and convince enough stupid people to live in fear of a giant lie and manipulation. The VAX are designed to kill and disable people so they can be counted as more fake CV deaths and therefore we need more VAX to cure the created CV shams ? Let that catch 22 scenario sink in.

The CV shams are just one of the many fronts to control YOU. There is also the hate whitey shams and the insane gender shams of various flavors and of course the ongoing hate Trump shams that seem to have died off now that they got rid of him and used the supposed capital armed insurrection lies to do so, after the election was stolen. There will be more shams like fake food shortages and various other shortages that will be just created events and not valid reasons. Also incredible inflation is now surging at the same time as the fake deliberately created shortages. Realize these are all shams to control you one way or the other and to break down the nation into the chaos and disorder that we see daily. So the first phase of the planned war on you is to gain total control over YOU ! That is now in motion and proceeding per plan. It will all be ratcheted up even more in the very near future as the VAX will become mandatory and it will start with all military, fed, state and municipal workers and then move on to all union workers. Nothing new though as it has all been completely predictable from day one. As I reported over a year ago now, here and here . There is no pandemic and never was as nearly all deaths now include all annual flu events and are simply listed as CV deaths, even auto accidents and gunshot wounds !  Amazing the annual flu deaths simply disappeared this last year, Hey ? And here is the worse part of all, most Americans bought into all of it completely in their own FEAR and ignorance. So yes the control freaks will continue with the madness and many more control mechanisms created, only because the people let them do so as they sit by and watch it all happen and do nothing at all to fight back as they wear their masks ! As we see the mandatory scale of events increase we will see much more violence and dissent and that will actually be a good thing and necessary as more insanity is pressed into action via fake laws you will NOT be allowed to vote on. It will all be attempted with simple edicts and directives and fake laws and the police will be used to enforce it all as well as through the peoples work places. I believe this will finally bring about the much needed push back in many events, not just the CV scams ! The number of people not willing to take the VAX is far higher than  we are told by the phony polls , more like 65 % will not take it, not 45% and so far we are seeing about 33% taking the VAX willingly "IF" their number of 100 million are any where near accurate which is of course highly questionable ? Would they lie and distort the numbers or is a better question, what won't they lie and distort about to get their way  ? The plan is to weaken the populace and then drop the big one on them once weakened even more than they already are.

That next phase will be military and police enforcement of many new CV restrictions and of course the mandatory vaccines. Don't believe me ? How many police stood down in the last 6 years and how many military will take the VAX ? That will be what you need to watch as a sort of proof of events unfolding. And of course has the military been completely neutered and coerced into more sheep and will Biden or Harris invoke their own insurrection act to arrest patriots ? As well will the phony courts uphold any new false edicts or phony laws you do NOT get to vote on but simply imposed on you like magic in the middle of the night ?  As well there is one more phase of it all that will bring 100% total control. A serious cyber attack on our grid and or economic system or both and or a full on EMP ! All such events would pave the way for martial law and then the game is over and they win totally as they can then do with you as they please, supposedly LEGALLY  ?  Would Russia again be the scape goat ?

So ask yourself  where did all of this come from and originate, who is behind the obvious insanity and evil ? Recently Mike Adams brought up the Denver Airport and the Fatima visions. When you look at them together they point to a clear conclusion of what was coming in the future at the time both events happened. Now at Denver they recently installed a talking Gargoyle to convince you all is well at Denver and here in USA .  It is a Disney AI creature that can respond via the AI system and the purpose supposedly is to dispel the supposed conspiracy theories of Gargyoles present so of course the control freaks who authorized this ruse used what ? a talking, responding Gargoyle ? Clearly it is a response from an animatron to convince you Gargoyles are just fine , same as pedophilia is just fine and 50+ genders is normal and all white people are bad and of course the VAX will save you from the dreaded CV that has a 99% survival rate ! This is what we are now living in. Technology being used to create massive dystopia that is being used as a weapon to observe you, collect data on you and totally mind fuck the populace so you will accept anything at all, even a nice friendly and  chatty talking Gargoyle ? See the videos in these two articles below and how many people think it is cute and just fine ? Then ask yourself is USA in serious trouble as the masses accept the insanity at many levels. We do not have the full story on Denver International Airport, better known originally as “New World Airport” . Note the art work that was removed is now going to be put back up as the idiot masses have been conditioned since 1995 to accept anything at all, even stolen elections and mass murder from a created bio weapon !  Exactly what does all of this mean ? I can only say in specifics and totality they want to kill or destroy YOU ! I can also say for a certainty somebody created all of it for a reason and has been trying to cover it up ever since and now reinstalling it all again since the people will accept it all easily now, as seen in the videos. It was all intended as a source of the psychological conditioning of the American people to accept anything as normal and all of it has been on steroids ever since around 1995 , when BHO came on the scene ? Let that sink in because it is clear now in retrospect. But this is only one leg of the insanity present as  there is much more in motion in todays world you are likely now aware of, like the STEAL and the various CV schemes.  The massive deception is far greater than any time in world history and all because of the use of what we call technology , like your smart phone, social media, Goog , FB and all the rest of the control mechanisms of PRAVDA/MSM to create a direct line to your brain to easily mind fuck you and in most cases it worked quite well almost totally ! Are they censoring anything they want ?  Finally some are seeing it all and many now know something is definitely not right in USA on a very deep and profound scale of events ! It is also a world wide phenom with more tentacles than most seem to grasp. How very interesting the control freaks always give some kind of warning and message ahead of time, Hey ?  and usually not overtly clear, but only a suggestive innuendo of sorts that can be manipulated as necessary ?   So lets go deeper down the rabbit hole !  Are these videos and articles very concerning now that it all has been exposed and some time has gone by and USA has changed 100% ?   


Then of course we have events like the Fatima visions 100 years agothat were clearly signs of things to come in the future, even if perhaps misinterpreted by many Christians. Many people have been contacted and guided over millenia, nothing new at all really, but some do get it all wrong and some quite right , like Cayce, Gurdjieff and others, all who appeared at around the same time as the Fatima visions as well Blavotsky and more. So we were warned clearly and did not heed the warnings ! Also what does CERN have to do with all of the insanity and dark forces present, because it is part of the mix ! We do NOT know what CERN actually is or does, we only know what the elites have told us, nothing more.  There are some answers if you know where to look and i have looked ? I do not have all the answers yet but I can say for certain CERN is NOT what you have been told and it is interconnected with the insanity and dark forces  present on this planet today and ever since CERN was created ! Is that timing  just a coincidence ? Think BHO and CERN ? Are those phenom just coincidences or something else ?

Now Biden is working with the corporatocracy to create the VAX passports so you cannot go to certain stores like Walmart or to bank as you desire or anything else that will greatly affect your life in a myriad of ways. So much more in the works for you to deal with unless you grow a pair and fight back finally !  We are seeing new insanity daily on a grand scale as the dark forces are on steroids now.  Are we all under attack daily or what ?        

So quickly run down and buy a new pickup and spend all your CV sham money give away to convince yourself all is well in USA ! Or just get your own shit together and fight back, your choice as always.

I urge everyone to start watching Mike Adams daily situation update podcast . Here is the latest one   Mike has been on 5 days a week and has put out a lot of common sense thinking ! 

Also for an even deeper dive on training and thinking for the war in motion against us all, be sure to check outJeffrey and here is his latest podcast update.

He is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and takes a slightly different perspective than Mike. Mike is more focused on health related scenarios and Jeffrey is a real warrior monk with lots of real life experiences to fall back on ! Both put out some excellent info related to the ongoing scams and schemes being forced on all of us and the war we are now fully engaged in.  Also my own training and various perspectives are quite effective and excellent at this site for FREE ! My proof is a simple one , just read the Fitness and Health pages for that living proof as clearly I am doing some things very right and have helped many people do the same things easily !                                                                    

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Gargoyles climbing out of suitcases at DIA is not a SATANIC sign and Shiva the destroyer at CERN, coincidences  ?

Yes the image is a photoshop scam, but it does make an excellent point of the  clueless sheep still thinking all is well in USA and the world at large.

The dystopia that has been deliberately created by the control freaks to control the masses is well past astounding and quite insane and all of it is just more control mechanisms to control YOU !  

There is good news on the VAX front, guess who is lining up for the free suicide and self destruction ? Democrats mostly and other assorted fools !  The nonthinkers will destroy themselves in their own ignorance. Just watch Fox news for the proof of supposed conservatives who are on board with it all and promote it all as if it is not just real, but a good thing ? I emailed Rush and Bongino numerous times to guide them to real solutions for their cancers and both ignored every attempt and we see how that turned out.  And all because of their own ignorance, same as DJT has shown. All of them believe the people with the PHDs and MBAs, like Fauci from Yale and Harvard,  are the smart guys, experts and professionals and nothing can be further from the truth ! Everything they touch they destroy and most of it is from their own arrogance and ignorance. They are all the exact opposite of intelligent and the Ivy league institutions are simply fostering and creating more elites to control you.  Note only they and their children are the only people allowed into the club as well as other extreme maniacs willing to go along with their insanity.  The chosen ones willing to harm , control or kill you ! 

Can it all get any more obvious what is taking place in USA today ? And when will the people have experienced enough suffering and outcomes to fight back ? That is a very serious, real and valid  question ?

​The next wave of insane events coming soon to USA !​