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The Matrix is alive and well here in USA today !

Published 2/14/16 and updated 

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For starters see the pages below  and donate to keep the info coming for all to see. I would point out that I was successful in 3 out of 3 efforts to right some serious wrongs !  These first 3 links have been up for several years and have all been successful !  3 out of 3 is a very good score and it all takes time, effort and funds to get it done ! I am currently doing research on the massive corruption in Oregon state, so if that is of any interest to you, as it should be, get on board ! Actually Oregon, Washington and Kawleefornya are all cesspools of democrat corruption. And all will fail under the weight of the many lies they have created and forced on their populace.

The list of crimes committed below is a very long list indeed by our own government and the supposed highest law enforcement agencies and spook agencies in this country ! And this is just the beginning of the list with much more to come going forward as the new memos are released from the congressional committees. Note, every democrat on those committees has voted NOT to release the list of memos/documents that clearly define many crimes they committed. This is how they get away with being the foxes watching the hen house and investigating themselves !  More reason for Barr to get with it and actually enforce some laws, like hindering judicial and legal processes. It is well past clear the real collusion was by the DEMs not Trump. 

The Nevada Kangaroo court of injustice

Stop the Joe Arpaio political prosecution

The prosecution of Assange is a very bad idea

The War for our Minds   

Cog/Dis and the Normalcy Bias 

What is normal What is reality

Our government created Google and Facebook

The videos below are very recent and all about the Matrix created and how it all works and why as well as who, by a high level recent CIA officer​. There are still two camps and not all agency personnel were corrupted or mind fucked ! ​Kevin Shipp videos taken down ? 

It is all about information and controlling that information. it is about what we call social media and how the internet has become a control mechanism to control the thinking of the masses. It is about Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Yahoo, Microsoft , Apple and your smart phone and all its tentacles and every other tech media outlet that is part of PRAVDA/MSM (see the link). They are all interconnected and the massive mind control mechanism that exist in concert with all of the spook agencies here in USA. It was all highly politicized under Obama and crew and Hillary and we are seeing it unfold as well as being exposed in connection to the many crimes committed by their DOJ and FBI as well as IRS, State Dept. and other supposed government agencies supposedly looking out for us, but were in fact used as weapons against legal citizens  ? All have been corrupted and politicized to the extreme and PRAVDA/MSM was part of that process. PRAVDA/MSM is the propaganda arm of the deep state.

So are they, or have they been looking out for us, or controlling nearly every source of information while at the same time gathering massive resources of your personal information to be used against you at some point in time or simply to sell you a product or control your thinking ? In fact it is clear now that many stories or supposed information was fabricated and created by these control freaks ! And it is clear the deeper we look the worse it gets. 

How many people today are addicted to and some what controlled by their smart phone ? How many have been completely mind effed and cannot think any longer without the aid of what they are spoon fed via their device ? Notice that all of these phones come pre-programmed to the entities pointed out above, so you will automatically be wired directly into the Matrix they have all created for you ! It is no secret how all of this has morphed into a giant control mechanism. Consider the many younger people who were 10 to 25 years old or there about, when BHO and crew came along and how they are now well past mind effed with all of the propaganda and indoctrination from all of these sources mentioned above for 10 years. Now they are mid to early 20's, some in their 30's and many seem to think like robots in unison. Much of it because the schools have become indoctrination centers where little actual education takes place.  You can paint an even broader brush because many people younger and older were also caught up in this Matrix and simply react to their stimulus much like Pavlov's dogs ! We see this daily, as a portion of society buy into any and every garbage story created for them, yet another portion see it all as utter nonsense and simply lies and distortions willingly. Why is this the case and obviously so ? It is all about conditioning and mind control methods and mechanisms being used today. It is NOT infallible because many people are not easily controlled for various reasons. People that are easily controlled all have one common denominator in place, laziness ! And that is laziness of the mind and thinking processes as well as easily accepting what is many times obviously not true or factual, simply because one of the entities said it was true or even inferred something to be true.  This laziness is why it is so easy to mind eff a large portion of the populace. Goebbels would be proud to be sure ! It is also a form of dishonesty and fear. These folks cling together for strength in numbers out of fear and are more than wiling to let others do their thinking for them in trade for a false sense of security and superiority as a form of group reinforcement. Both are simply illusions created to control them from the get go.

                              Lets look at some of the many illusions created to control group think ?     

If you repeat something enough times it becomes reality and truth, even if it is nothing of the sort ! And if you control all the mechanisms to do this then you are in control. And all of the mechanisms of PRAVDA/MSM pointed out are exactly what are used daily, can it get any more clear and obvious ? Ask yourself these simple questions, have the following matters been manipulated, distorted and created for a specific desired outcome of thinking processes ?

Have racial issues been created deliberately to make it all the white mans fault for every wrong and therefore people of color deserve any and every sympathy and consideration and payment of some sort for all the ills done against them. Even if they commit obvious crimes against white people ? Even if all white people alive today had nothing at all to do with any ill deeds nor were people of color actually enslaved or treated wrongly except by their own ignorance and laziness to think ? They have become willing victims out of their own laziness and the many false narratives created for them that have become popular thinking paradigms, even if they don't actually exist and never have. Case in point "Hands up don't Shoot " , this false narrative was created by the entities I am pointing out and was accepted 100% by the mindless as well as many others , at least for a while ? Yet even today many still will not admit to this obvious fact !  

And is there actually a war on women or is that also a created myth and illusion ?But repeat it enough times and create all manner of false paradigms and false narratives and it becomes reality like magic ! The most recent example is the issue is the case of Gloria Allreds daughter, the lawyer  Lisa Bloom. Bloom apparently and allegedly paid individuals to create false claims and come forward against various people to include D. Trump. I use the terms alleged and apparently because it is all quite obvious, yet not proven in a court of law , if such a thing as a court of law  actually still exist here in USA ? It seems to be all about who can create the best stories and distortions these days and little to do with any form of justice, truth or reality. Is the supposed war on women just another creation and illusion created by others to control the masses thinking processes ? Seems well past clear it is just another illusion created, but only one of the many here in USA today 

Does our government actually work for us or do we work to support them ?All one need do is look at the current events of the many crimes committed by the DOJ , FBI and IRS of the last regime and the answer is clear ! see this link  this too is part of the Matrix created on a grand scale of events.

One of the biggest illusions is about illegal aliens and how we some how owe them the same rights and services as our own legal citizens ?This is also a creation and a big part of the Matrix of false paradigms an false narratives that have replaced reality, truth and facts ! Here is a recent published comment that explains much of it as simply a way to pander for votes !

​"In 2020 there will be a new census. The last census was under Obama in 2010 and they were not allowed to ask if people were here illegally or if they were in fact legal citizens in any way. That was done so the populace would not know how many illegal aliens actually reside in USA and the politicos could therefore continue using the phony 11 million number. Under Trump a census would eliminate millions of illegal voters as well as give a true accounting of how many are actually here. This would also catch many who are committing various types of fraud, because it is illegal to use false documents to obtain any government assistance and that practice is on steroids since the Obama regime allowed it all to happen and actually gave instructions how to do this"

Of course the pro immigration groups and DEMs all say there are laws that will not allow illegal aliens to get any benefits or assistance, but that too is a canard as we see many laws circumvented in many ways today now don't we ? Illegals simply have several fake SS# and drivers licenses and that gives them access to several food stamp accounts as well as welfare and voting. Then many will take down children that are not theirs and get a double whammy on their food stamps because nobody checks out anything for latinos for fear of being called a racist and all the state agencies are completely polluted with pro illegal alien workers who run the system. It is all "built in" to the system BHO and crew created and put on steroids.

The way to solve it all is two fold. Prosecute some of the fraud in these state agencies, which is on a grand scale, and defund fed moneys that help run them with much more serious rules and guide lines ! The prosecutions would be of agency workers and illegals who have used false documents to scam the system and circumvent existing laws which is rampant. The prosecutions will show the remaining workers and illegals they too are liable to carry out and abide by the laws and not let crimes slide as they have. We need to cut the number of workers in every aspect of government, both state and fed and at the same time reestablish correct boundaries and laws that will be followed without political pollution for race baiting and favoritism by race. The overall affect will take away the incentives for illegal aliens to even be here and the voter rolls will be greatly reduced of illegal votes. The truth is many millions vote in our elections illegally every time we have an election ! The other truth is that there are far more than 11 million illegal aliens here in USA. Nobody actually knows how many are here in USA today, but it is more likely between 20 and 30 million or more given the inflow during the Obama years that put it all on steroids and the current deliberately created invasion. Soros , the DNC , Clintons and other entities have created the invasion by forming many entities to organize it all at every level and they are all directed by lawyers who teach how to enter illegally, receive immediate assistance from various sources and vote once here ! All of it 100% illegal acts. Realize we already have many federal laws on the books that make it a felony to aid and abet or assist illegal aliens to enter USA illegally ! Yet nothing is enforced on any of these people ! Soros and his minions should have been prosecuted for RICO crimes long ago and still should be.


All of these events and many more are becoming completely obvious even to the most dumbed down among us. And every matter and event above was a creation of the control freaks who created the Matrix we all live under here in USA today. All of these shams have been used successfully for a long while to create victims out of thin air to be used as a tool ! Beyond clear the DEMs love to create victims they can use as tools, even if none of it is real or true ? It is all highly politicized and has one purpose, to control the masses and how they think and then act ! It is all about pandering for votes from illegal aliens while calling them undocumented workers, a complete false narrative that was created so the politicos would not have to call them what they are, illegal aliens ! I can easily go on with many more examples but I imagine you see the logic in my thinking and the simple conclusions I have come to on the Matrix , control mechanisms and, illusions created and how it is all for a purpose and very deliberate ! It is all about control of the masses. I will be posting various links to this thesis below as they become known and apparent to the subject.  I also submit to you that the Matrix control freaks have deliberately caused many who will not submit to the insanity considerable angst on many levels. Remember how the IRS and other agencies were used as a weapon against their political enemies or perceived enemies by the Obama regime ? They also filed many law suits against their many opponents as a weapon as well. Our government became a tool to be used as a weapon against anyone who would not comply with the group think and fall into the grasp of the Matrix as required.

To be completely honest it is also clear many Americans have been very slow to see it all for what it is, because none of it has actually been hidden at all. That too is part of the problem and I hope that changes greatly going forward as it seems to be. We are in fact in a war for our society and our nation. This is not a game, but a real war and it is the war for minds !

the matrix is very real
the matrix is very real