This video is more recent and since ISIS has been largely defeated. There are many earlier videos, some of their FaceBook page of intense fighting by these women and their cohorts ! Just search Lions of Rojava. These are not posers, they are very much for realsies ! Empty rhetoric and double speak is NOT their game. 

Americans, Aussies, Brits , and French have all showed up and some have died in battle. None of them were paid, they all did this because they wanted to help fight evil and stop ISIS maniacal actions of extreme brutality ! Some of these women fighters of the YPJ have been known to be overtaken by ISIS and they refuse to be taken alive, so they took as many of their enemy with them as they could and killed themselves with explosives rather than be raped and tortured. Their courage cannot be questioned by our American standards, not even close. These women display a form of Feminism we do not have here in USA. If there is any war on women it is surely in this region and all of the Middle east, where women are treated as chattel or property.  A dark contrast to the convoluted and false paradigm of "the war on women" supposedly here in USSA today, which is a farce created by the control freak democrats . Really just a fabrication for political purposes and is not even close to these real circumstances, much less actually a real event ? Interestingly the liberal or progressive media outlets here in USA never seem to mention what a real war on women actually looks like, now do they ? They completely ignore all these real events, afraid of any real comparison that  might jeopardize their false paradigm, spoon fed to the masses in this country. Here is the latest update since ISIS is dead ! 

 I will post a link to other information as well on this page below. There is a detailed" join us" inquiry list that gives a lot of information and "how to stuff" before you make a decision and actually head out for Kurdistan or simply want to support them.  All the information on their FB page is incredibly interesting and as you look thru some of the videos more links will pop up that give great depth of their cause and actions. I urge everyone to take a look and see what courage and freedom is all about !  There is a price for both, but the prize is to know you are really living for a good reason and purpose and not just fumbling along in the bowels of western dogma and materialism and a slave to a defunct system that needs some serious changes ! My deepest respects to all the LIONS and especially those that gave it all and are no longer with us. RIP but know you are not forgotten and highly revered and respected.

Recently I have commented many times on various outlets, that  Americans have become fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled and cowardly. I did not say this to be a smart ass or to necessarily offend anybody in particular. It is a general comment.  If you look around USA today it is a true statement in general. I realize some do not fit any of these parameters, but far too many do !  So I ask you all to stop and look in the mirror and be honest and ask what of these conditions do you exhibit and why ? As well, what can all of us do to change these things for the better ? I can tell you there is a lot we can all do and that is why I mentioned it in the first place. The answers are here on this site on various pages. Basically it all boils down to how we THINK and then act on that information !  We all need to look inside and reevaluate ourselves. Consider if we have let our government run ramshod over all of us and what we can do to stop such ? And there is a lot we can all do individually and as a group of true patriots. So look at these Kurdish people as an example of personal boundaries and expectations for ourselves and actually take a stand in your own life on the issues we are all faced with here in our own country. A serious parallel can be drawn between their plight and our own !  And for the truly brave you can join them. They need all manner of help not just fighters or soldiers. Enjoy this journey to the "Lions of Rojava" and expand your own horizons !

Here is their contact and info page to join them

There is a lot of info at their FB page above and the above link, with many links to other info as well. Here is a link to an excellent documentary about a young girl who goes from a recruit in YPJ to the front lines in Northern Syria fighting ISIS. Her story explains why she does what she does and all the many motivations and reasons involved.  These people are awesome and inspiring to say the least, God bless all of you !

My next installment, I will take an in depth look at the incredibly convoluted reasons and all the parties involved in this conflict and how we got here. The many factions involved are one heck of a puzzle to be sure and understanding it all is a very important matter !

Americans need to learn to mind their own business first before imposing their will on others ? Things like the complete destruction of Detroit and many other US cites and our social fabric as a whole for starters. Our prior president (Obama) and his party were a big part of those problems , but the previous guys surely did a lot of damage as well here and abroad. Remember we gave Saddam the gas to use on the Kurds !  And other misdirected and misguided horrendous matters that have harmed many people, including our own soldiers. I imagine many of them are rethinking a lot of stuff these days as we see ISIS running up and down the highways of Iraq in our Humvees and all manner of equipment, armor, weapons and munitions ? And no drone or C130 gunship attacks that could easily take place to neutralize ISIS via satellite intelligence and identification of the larger movements and groups. And imagine what a few warthog runs could accomplish in the right places of concentration ? So something was very wrong indeed here in USA under BHO and crew ! Fortunately Trump will now be supporting the Kurds. Even though I do not agree with the original acts in Iraq as they were presented and carried out, it is beyond obvious Obama's decisions to pull everything out and even give the timelines and dates was actually a murderous event and incredibly stupid ! He and his henchmen have a lot of blood on their hands as well as the prior crew. I will explain, more to come.

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men ! We are bound by our thinking and our actions for future events and results. If we do not think or act we can affect nothing and little more than hostages to government criminals and debt/tax slaves. 

The Lions of Rojava

The stories and information of the YPG and YPK of the Kurds in N. Syria, Turkey and Iraq

Published 4/2013 and updated since

This page is about the incredible people of Kurdistan and Kurdish ancestry in the region of Northern Iraq , Syria and Turkey. I hope to show them as an inspiration to all freedom loving people on the face of this planet ! Their struggle for autonomy and simple recognition is an amazing story and one of great courage and long suffering. Recently in Northern Syria the battles at Kobane drew western warriors to the aid of the Kurds. People from numerous western countries arrived on their own free will to stand against ISIS and with the Kurdish militias and defense forces to defeat ISIS in several major battles. As well the YPJ , the womens forces, were a big part of those victories against the tyrrany and brutality of ISIS and the Assad regime. I will post some links, here is their Facebook link  and some other documentaries and links below and how to join, that will help give broader understanding of what has and is taking place in the region right now in real time ! Truly an incredible story of courage.