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The Gnostics were a quasi-Christian sect that was very prolific in Alexandria Egypt, the center of religions during the period of the first 4 centuries prior to the influences of Constantine around 350-60 AD. We call them Gnostics today but they were in fact recognized back then as an off shoot of the Essenes.  Here is an explanation of the three main power structures prior to 350 AD. Their basic premise and difference with the church powers after Jesus arrived and was executed was a simple one. They did not believe any form of established church hierarchy was necessary or any kind of prerequisite to know God or what Jesus actually preached and said when he walked on this earth. And of course the Sadducees and Pharasees were the high priest of Judaism, the only faction of anything regarding Abrahamic thought as a religion. Christianity was just being formed and created as an off shoot of the dominant prior religion of Judaism. Since that time it is clear they were quite right as all of the off shoot Christian denominations from the original Catholic state church of Rome, that was created by Constantine and some of the high priest from AlexandrIa of that time, have grown to be simply businesses and control mechanisms of various description. That is what the councils of Nicea and Laodicea were all about during the formation of the new state Church. Creating the structure and outline of this new state church, the Roman Catholic Church. The Gnostics began documenting those premises well before they were exterminated and extinguished in Alexandria. And once some of their ideas and writings were ordained to be heretical by the new state church, they began to hide and bury manuscripts to document the other side of the story for future generations. They were very committed to their belief system which was the exact opposite of our materialistic devices of today as well as back then with the newly formed state church under the Sadducees and the Pharasees. It was a time of considerable turmoil for all involved and it all lasted for centuries in that state of flux for power. It is clear the problem was a simple one. The existing hierarchy wanted control and power and had no intention of letting the Gnostics/Essenes show people the many books/text that were censored out of the Bible being created at the time and all the various writings prior to the new state church being created. Realize there were no actual books at all, only hand scribed text. Only the high priests such as Valentinus and those in Alexandria, had these ancient writings or access to any of it. The New Testament was created by these new forces of Constantine and the Gnostics were simply exterminated eventually. 

Prior to their near total extermination they began banding together in isolated locations as a sort of tribe. They were simply trying to avoid their eventual demise. This time frame is when many of their manuscripts were hidden away and I imagine more will be found in the region. 

They were a very different group to be sure simply because they basically believed in the Law of One. All living things are interconnected and should be considered as simply another life force. Not all but many were vegetarians. And they lived very simple lives and raised all their own foods. The setup for confrontation is very interesting to me. It was in fact a conflict of religiosity, economic structure and sociological factors all rolled into one event or set of circumstances. It all shouts at me and reminds me of what we see today here in USA with the extreme differences in political events and new structures trying to be formed from the old paradigms that are seriously failing. One side wants to control the other side with all manner of censorship and various control mechanisms that deny their speech and freedom of thoughts. That is exactly what happened to the Gnostics by the new church hierarchy being formed by the existing hierarchy of the time . The parallel is undeniable and both are historical facts. The only difference is that most people today cannot see we are creating these historical facts daily, we are living in them and therefore most are blind to them  ! Today it is not a religious endeavor, it is totally about about other control mechanisms that have been created to control YOU politically ! This is precisely what the deep state apparatus is about, control mechanisms and power over you. It is the same exact game all over again for power and control of your mind, spirit and soul ! 

I learned all these facts by simply reading the Nag Hammadhi texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls that are both readily available today and later other ancient texts as well. Anybody can do the same rather easily as well if you want to know the simple truth of the matters.  

You have to wonder if the Gnostics had the same kind of human error back in their time and were not proactive enough to save themselves ?  But they were a nonviolent pacifistic group largely. History shows us those pacifist groups and thinking processes disappear by their own weak mindedness and lack of effort to sustain their belief systems with defenses to the existing construct of power, or simply said fighting back !  Only much later did their progeny, the Cathars fight back in Europe, to no avail. The Catholic church had become far too powerful in conjunction with Rome and most were destroyed by burning them alive. These people were very close to the natural order and had accumulated all manner of ancient text and manuscripts that were in fact the history of this world and humanity, as well as many other ancient secrets. Much of it was burned in the libraries at Alexandria and that was also a very suspicious event surrounding the Gnostics and their demise. Rather coincidental all of the ancient documents were destroyed just as the new  state church was being formed. I see many parallels to today and ask myself, would the liberals exterminate and destroy conservative thought if they could and do they stifle it now regularly ? Are there direct parallels to the DSA crimes by our DOJ /FBI  today ? This can get very complex when you go back far enough and start considering ancient blood lines and even blood types ? These blood line and type questions are an entirely new can of worms and a complete rabbit hole all by itself, but very closely related matters today. We are on the cusp of realizing many incredible facts related to blood types and groups of people on this planet. A much more definitive explanation of many historical matters and explanations is about to arise. Below is an excellent series of videos in 4 parts. Each part has two sections , so it is long, but well past fascinating as it tells the most in depth story of the history of the Gnostics that I have found in video format. By the way the Gnostics also believed we are soul entities and that we reincarnate many times. That is what started me down this rabbit hole when I read the Nag Hammadhi and the Dead Sea Scrolls some years back and still do regularly. It is all a life long journey of knowledge and understanding !    

Hermes Tris Megistos 

This page is under construction currently, the research to all of it and the meditation page has taken years so be a bit patient and I urge all to read the Nag Hammadhi and DSS for yourself. Both are readily available today. It will definitely change all of your THINKING ! And those are just the basic intro to all of it that is out there , but the source components. I am still reading both as it takes a while to absorb it all and is clearly a part of our life long "Inner Journey" !  I also give more referred reading at the meditation page as well. And if you have any questions just ask at the contact sources on this site. 

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The Gnostics

Who were they and what were they ?