The Election steal is simply part of the ongoing Coup/Psyops !

The current events of the election steal goes back to the origins of the many crimes by the Obama regime that started out by spying on Trump and all of his people back in 2015 or even earlier. It all morphed into the Mueller sham, the Ukraine sham and a host of many other shams to include the virus sham ! All of it is the ongoing coup/psyop and the ability to cover up the many crimes of the DEM/DSA ongoing. This latest event of election fraud is simply their last ditch effort to double down on their many crimes of treason, sedition, and of course the onging insurrection that in fact has been ongoing since Trump was elected  4 years ago and in some ways even longer  !

Lets move to the virus sham and how it is being used now to stifle peoples mobility and preempt their weaknesses mentally and psychologically with as much NONdissemination of information about the election fraud as possible. Thus the current info blackout we see on the electiom fraud.  We are now living in many extreme control mechanisms that were all created for specific purposes and the virus is one of them as it also instills fear and dsytopia so many people cannot think and will be defeated mentally, psychologically and emotionally as we have seen many people have been defeated far too easily for a lack of THINKING !  From day one I questioned the virus and shortly after it was created and used in the beginning as a control mechanism I published two thought provoking articles on what it really is ? Here they are and still very accurate today.

The many questions raised have only become far more valid as it has all played out and the many lies and distortions revealed in the last 7 + months as the control freaks of the Fauci crew have been conjuring up their double speak and many flip flops from these experts and professionals ? The simple truth is Trump got sucked in by Fauci's phony credentials. Many supposed experts and professionals have these phony credentials and they mean absolutley nothing at all as related to their supposed knowledge and expertise as control freaks and many times actual criminals. Remember the 2008 mortgage and credit card debacle and who caused that were all Yale and Harvard grads and other supposed big name schools. This is far more common than most people have recognized and it is becoming all to obvious as the nation is being taken down by these supposed experts that are many times supposed highly educated criminls like Fauci and many others within. This entire virus sham is nothing more than a grand control mechanism deliberately created and installed as a tool to control YOU ! And again PRAVDA/MSM is the source of power to do this here in USA today  and used in a multitude of ways 24/7. See the actions of Goog, Facebook and Twitter just fo starters as tremendous deletions and massive censoring is now in motion ongoing and all of congress sits by and has done nothing but watch it all happen in the last 5 years  !  They always react after the fact and all the damage is already done !

Trump has made many mistakes in judgement, mostly with the people he has brought in.He has also been far too slow to weed them out and fire them once they proved who they really are, like Wray, Haspell and Barr now have proven to be weak or complicit directly. All must be fired and should have been long ago. In the current circumstances of the election steal Trump will be forced to invoke the Insurrection act to give more time to get past and stop the time lines the DEMs have counted on to install Biden via this fraud ongoing. Again fully recognize none of it could even be happening if not for the incessant propaganda from PRAVDA/MSM ! Trump needs to get far more proactive and effective in this war for the nation or we will lose this nation and he will be destroyed  !  

Now almost a month after the election we see Sydney Powell and the few good lawyers exposing the election fraud.They have all the receipts and goods on the real criminals, but the real question is what will DJT do with it all ? That remains to be seen although there are many different ideas floating around out there and some have serious merit and basis  to consider. I have posted many links to those ideas in the last 2 months by various people, PCR and Mike Adams and a few others seem to have a laser focus on what is taking place. Here are some good links with many good perspectives and insights

Although I do not agree 100% with Mikes analysis of Trumps genius and stealth moves as a tactician. In fact I have stated plainly I think Trump has been very slow to act and made many serious mistakes that harmed himself for his slow actions. Who chose Sessions , Wray, Haspell, Barr and of course the infamous Fauci ? All very serious mistakes and very bad judgment and all based on their phony credentials and supposed expert/professional status when in fact they are all just criminals in suits !  But nothing new at all for me as I have been saying this and pointing it out for almost a decade now. Is it not clear most Americans are very slow thinkers amd even slower to ever take any actions at all to fight back on any level ?  One would think after the pounding Trump has taken for 4 years straight + he would be far more proactive and pissed ? So for me the obvious question arises, where is all the legitimate outrage for the many serious crimes of treason and sedition ongoing, not from Trump alone, but by the average citiizens ? Is he actually far ahead of it all as some seem to think or is there more to it ? We shall see very soon ! I am confident I know the answer and Trump will get his deserved second term but not because he was a genius ! Trump has received a lot of very bad advice from his many advisors from day one and his lack of calling out the virus as just a continuation of the ongoing shams/coup/psyops  has seriously undermined him and the nation ! There is no pandemic and never was and the vaccine is a horrible idea by any measure, yet DJT still goes along with all of it ? Gotta wonder why and I have actually already explained it all for those paying attention. Trump is not a genius , a good man and necessary president today for sure, but no genius !  In fact he is now our only hope to save the nation, so get tough DJT and kick some serious asses as necessary as well get rid of the phony virus shams !   

I urge everyone to get far more proactive and do whatever you can to show DJT you will support him 100% in taking back the STEAL. He needs to know you will support any actions he needs to take to include invoking the Insurrecion act and or Martial law temporarily to root out the real criminals and restore the current lawlessness nation wide.  He needs to know you support him destroying PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the deep state criminals. Go to any ralllys or events and contact him at the WH and let him know in no uncertin terms he must STOP THE STEAL ! Realize if Biden is installed the nation is lost because there will never be another legitimate election again ! As well I urge you all to get strong , fit and healthy and start fighting back when attacked, as self defense is still legal and soon the tables will be turned and the crminals will NOT be protected as they have been.   Here is the WH contact link get in touch with any of the patriot groups and get up to speed on what they are doing as well ! 3%ers, Oath Keepers, PBs or various militia are all on the same page, so get proactive and up to speed. â€‹More to come as it develops.  


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