Has the "go along to get along" false paradigm helped us or harmed us over time ? I have been realizing in many ways in the last 5 years or so this phenomena and the outcomes it has fostered here in USA. Of course you are supposed to think it is only reasonable to always consider the "go along to get along" persuasion, otherwise you are not being reasonable ? But consider this, is this phenom actually just another control mechanism like so many other control mechanisms exagerated deliberately to persuade you in many discreet ways. And is it really a simple way to get people to easily comply with whatever someone else may dictate in any given circumstance, by fooling people into thinking they are being reasonable when they are really just rolling over like a herd of Lemmings and never actually questioning any authority at all !  Under the new circumstances of today it seems beyond necessary to question authority for many valid reasons. Especially when it comes to the corrupted government agencies and their cronies in PRAVDA/MSM. These are the same people that deliberately create the many illusions to control us all, so we will be docile and compliant in many matters and events !

I have seen this clearly in my own family and many other people who I have had  contact with on varying levels and degrees. It is of course easily observable in the general populace as well. The basic theme is that you cannot say what you really think or know ? You must be complacent and only say what is dictated to be acceptable for various supposed reasons. So if you work for a company that insist on a left leaning world view you cannot speak what you really think, for fear of being reprimanded or fired or whatever ? I see this a lot and simply wonder at what point are people committing their own form of ethical suicide and or cowardice if they actually do not agree with their employers SOP and political stance ?  Yet they continue taking the pay check and complying by NOT saying what they really think ? So they "go along to get along" and what is the outcome of that circumstance and paradigm ? Lets examine it and take a look !   

There are of course many levels and sources of the "go along to get along" paradigm. Not just as I have pointed out, via employment. It is also wide spread in all political events and circumstances here in USA today and has been for decades. It is also deeply embedded in our family structures as an emotional and psychological factor.  My question is has this become a condition to be used to control us and make us compliant. And necessary as deemed by some one else to foster ever more false paradigms and control mechanisms ? It seems well apparent this is the case today and has been easily accomplished in various ways and methods.  In the extreme we see all the tech companies of Silicon valley demanding their people think a certain way and can not even speak of certain ideas for fear of being fired and or ridiculed and ostracised  ? So at what point is this kind of control mechanism dangerous and harmful to all of us ? When it affects us in our daily lives and we must comply with ideas or events we do not agree with is my answer ! When we willingly "go along to get along" we are in fact undermining our own future, health and well being as well and all under the guise of employment or success or money or all of the above ! And it goes deeper than that simple everyday matter of making a living. This goes to the core of who we are and how far we are wiling to go to comply in many events that we know are simply wrong !  It sets people up to be weak minded and flimsy thinkers. It touches our character and principles and the depths of our existence on a very deep level. It creates a serious source of anxiety and frustration that is clearly visible in society today. Most people know something is very wrong and this phenom is a big part of what is wrong on a grand scale ! How long can people keep working at a job where they completely disagree with the employers false paradigms of politics and social structure and they clearly cannot speak other wise ? Does this build up and create sources of underlying frustration and anxiety and general ill feeling about one self ?  Of course it does and it is readily visible. When we easily roll over and comply it allows the control freaks to continue and gain even more power over all of us. It also touches squarely on situational ethics and relative morals as a life style or phenom we can easily trade for supposed perceived success or money ? Although many would not call that success. But the real question is actually doing some thing about it or taking action ! If we all just "go along to get along" can or will anything ever change for the better ? Seems very unlikely or impossible. So this phenom is in fact just a form of herd mentality to keep people from doing  anything at all and simply more complacency and apathy in complete and total personal dishonesty ! Let the other guy do that, seems to be the mantra here in USA today as I continue doing nothing and living in my own lies and distortions and calling it success. So in it's own way this too is a delusion and a personal deception. But we must accept it willingly or it cannot work on us or against. It is in fact a choice we make to accept it or not ! It defines our own boundaries by our own actions instead of letting others define that for us ! We can simply say no.

How does this happen and why ? The herd mentality on steroids.

Most people will do just about anything to be accepted. That is a part of their insecurity that is greatly played on by TPTB to get you to comply almost instantly. As well most people are not willing to stand up to any common narrative or paradigm even if clearly false, if it means they may be rejected or confronted, even if wrongly. Both are based on fear and insecurity. They simply cannot or will not take such a perceived chance or risk because of their own insecurity as a person. This phenom is played on in many ways because people do not want to be confronted or questioned or in any way have to actually be accountable. Again fear is the motive to avoid any and all confrontation or even legitimate questions. This is even more pronounced in peoples families where dysfunction rules nearly all families inter actions ! In many cases if you speak the truth of some matter you may well be ostricized because that truth may expose some dysfunction clearly and then it would be out in the open for all to see and either dealt with or swept under the rug as quickly as possible ! What has happened is that here in USA we sweep most matters under the rug so we do not have to face them ! And that is exactly what we are seeing from our congress and other government entities for decades now. So all of it is an extension of our own weak mindedness and lack of truth. The "go along to get along" paradigm is now an excuse to do NOTHING about much of anything  !  It has all happened very discreetly over a long period of time. It has eroded our boundaries of many matters, especially of ethics and principles regarding our social structure and simply what is right and wrong and what is far too flexible and convenient such as situational ethics and relative morals ! This has all completely undermined our common sense and principles profoundly and easily over decades. And like everything else, Obama and crew put it all on steroids deliberately as a tool. They know the American people have been very weak minded and puny and will not stand up to much of anything, so they simply pressed on and people have complied like sheep or Pavlovs dogs, because they perceive it easier to take no action and simply fall back on the "go along to get along" debauchery they have been living for too long. And it still goes on today, which is why we have seen no prosecutions of the real criminals at DSA, DOJ or FBI, just for starters.

Americans have become so complacent and weak they seem completely unable to demand accountability even when they have all the power. They cannot see the men behind the curtains who are in fact the wizards holding them down and manipulating them 24/7/365 because they are afraid of their own shadows. People do not take any actions or something as simple as boycotting the various entities working against them 24/7/365 and using their tax dollars against them as well daily for all manner of insane purposes because of these fears and conditioning. Many Obama era insane policies still exist that are well past wasteful and corrupt, like ACORN and other creations that received massive public funds. That list is a long list still today. All of this can only happen when people get well past complacent and lazy thinking takes hold or a lack of any thinking ? This is why sweeping things under the rug and the "go along to get along" paradigm are so very harmful and dangerous. Because it lends itself to ever more lazy thinking and conditions people to be ever more acquiescent and apathetic to an extreme !

                                                            Interestingly most people take the line shown above, but that does not mean it is actually easier or by any means better ?

My conclusions after pondering these events for several years now.   

The run up to the 2016 election and ever since, brought all of these ideas and perceptions to my attention simply by circumstances as they unfolded. I now realize we are in fact in a war for our society and any resemblance of lawful order.  I also realize it is critical for more people to fully grasp what is happening and why, rather than continuing in the illusions created for us. The false paradigm of supposed  undocumented workers is one of those illusions as an example, just as the "go along to get along" false paradigm is one as well. They play out a little differently, but they are still both illusions and false paradigms created deliberately or exagerated and used against you. There are of course many more that you will easily think of now, with a slightly different perspective and reference point. Below I will offer some other opinions on why we should not be too weak minded, lazy and complacent in many aspects of our lives. It always ends in some sort of malfunction when we do not face whatever needs to be faced ! I guarantee you can see this plainly in your own family scenarios as everyone has a roll to play to keep the numerous facades from coming to the surface so they do NOT have to be faced. This is just how Americana has morphed into weaklings and acquiescence on a grand scale. It is a very low existence to be too well adjusted to a sick society as well as live as a whipped dog and cowardly. All are choices we all make daily ! So ask yourself do you know people that live this way and it is obvious they are not happy ? I do and I have tried to point it out to them, we shall see, that is all we can do. We are creating far too many weak minded who have little courage or thinking capacity and it is not a good thing at all. Take a stand, point it all out and hope for the best with logic and truth !  Do not live in fear, live in truth and realize the pitfalls and illusions of the "go along to get along" thinking paradigm. People are easily conditioned to be apathetic and weak minded here in USA today.  

The only way I know of to actually change any of it is for each of us to look inside our self and our immediate surroundings and family structure and be brutally honest with ourselves. Are we participating in some of the "go along to get along" games being played and are those good and healthy concepts for all parties ? Or are we sweeping important matters under the rug ? Also are we letting group think determine our own boundaries and ethics ? Very simple stuff to be sure !  Below are some ideas to follow up on and consider how to set yourself free and hopefully help others see a better way. None of it is cast in stone and all can be adjusted to any situation or necessity. If we do nothing we will lose all here in USA today !

J Krishnamurta said almost 50 years ago " it is no good measure of a man to be well adjusted to a sick society"  now that was a profound mouthful to be sure even more so in today's world !  

                                                                And these fellows also have some important messages for all of us as well ‚Äč

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Published 7/06/17 and updated since

Yes,  fear and of course conditioning like Pavlovs dogs !  This is what we see in USA today in many matters after decades of the conditoning to be complacent and accept junk thinking as truth or facts by the control freaks who lord over us and call themselves the smart ones with their Harvard degrees etc.  as proof of their superiority ! So I ask you are Fauci and Gates and many others actually the smart guys and good guys or are they really just more criminals in suits with the necessary credentials to control YOU ? So why do Americans accept such treatment and insults ? Now of course the masks and social distancing are the perfect examples of the ongoing obedience to the current insanity trying to be forced on all of us willing to go along with any of it. I am NOT willing to comply to anything I know is not real and valid or that I did not vote on or have any voice in any of it at all !  All of it is forced on us without consent or any representation at all.   

The above video has 6 parts and all are excellent and should be viewed together, it is an adventure down a rabbit hole  to be sure  

The "go along to get along" false paradigm .