Stop the Sheriff Joe Political Prosecution Sham Trial

I will make this page short and sweet. The attempted prosecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County , Arizona is a completely political motivated  sham of a trial because he would not conform to the wishes of then president Obama and the Holder/Lynch cabal and their politically corrupted DOJ. I could write about it extensively but I see no need on this fake trial. It is a travesty of injustice and another example of the Obama regime using the courts and all government agencies to steer their political agendas in the direction they wanted them to go deliberately and with malice !  In fact I believe Joe Arpaio likely has a legal basis to sue each of the people mentioned above personally for such deliberate malice intended. And now we have a political climate that should NOT allow such travesties to occur. I urge you all to follow thru with the petition below to the White House as well as send a letter directly to president Trump and the new DOJ, to bring this matter to their attention and show them that we all find this trial a political sham of the worse kind so it can be stopped ASAP !

                                         sheriff Joe at one of his his finest moments eating a bologna sandwich and sack lunch

Sheriff Arapaio has surely proven his patriotic duty and honor to his Oath of office in spades many times and it is time for all citizens to help him now.  He has been pummeled by the left insanity and Soros money and it is simply time to fight back and ask the new administration to stop this political sham ASAP ! I cannot think of any man that has served his country any more than sheriff Joe Arpaio. He is a true hero and patriot and deserves our help now !

I am making lt very easy to help sheriff Joe. Here are three actions you can take right now !

Here is the petition to the WH to stop the trial !

Here is an example letter to send to President Trump and the new DOJ with  their links below

President Donald Trump:
Sir, please advise DOJ to stop the political prosecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. This is one of the many political law suits that was brought because a citizen did not comply or agree with the wrong headed and illegal actions of the Obama regime and the Holder/Lynch criminal DOJ's at that time. This case is simply one of many you must be aware of by now and it does not serve the country well by any consideration or for any good purpose of the citizenry. As well it is a form of political persecution brought on and intended by the Obama regime to deliberately harm with malice and silence Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a legal citizen and upholder of our laws and constitution ! This case is simply a travesty and should be dropped ASAP. Respectfully

Modify it as you please or use it directly , simply copy and paste, let's help Joe now, as he has fought for all of us many times !