The photo's below are Late 2006 and then September 2014, 2015 , 2016, 2017 and now 2018  back at 12% BF and 165 lbs. I have found that to be my optimum weight and easy to maintain with little effort. I am lean and strong with lots of stamina and not carrying any excess weight at all. Also very flexible and agile. So a very good balance indeed. Everything is all about balance in our life. I deliberately stay a bit on the thin side but can easily put on more muscle any time I may want. These photos are to point out how you can learn to balance your metabolism, endocrine system by using ketosis and understanding your glycemic needs per your output. Very few people understand this or even know what it is, much less how to use it for incredible results 

State of healing photos over a period of years to show progress