Perhaps the simplest concept to gain awareness and mindfulness is explained by this Buddhist monk in very simple and uncomplicated terms we can all grasp and put to use.   Realize most westerners have had a very difficult time rethinking what is real and what are the illusions created for you, to conrol you  ! And even worse we all create our own illusions at times as a defense and survival mechanism. The answer is simply to realize all of it, so you control it and it does NOT control you. This is the endless battle and ongoing conflict of our constant mind chatter and this fellow Thic Nhat Hanh  has a very simple solution to practice and realize to help understand it all and defeat it as you desire.  Excellent work indeed ! 

The video below is the beginning of a four part series. It is by far the most accurate overall historical synopsis of the Gnostics from beginning to the present day. I hope to fill in the blanks in the current events that are happening as we speak ! A tremendous amount of information is coming forth right now about many matters of great importance to this world and every person on this planet ! We are living in an incredible time of great changes and massive information coming forth.

published 6/13/13 and updated

I am currently reading the Gospel of Mary of Magdala by Karen L. King. This is about the lost book of Mary or the Gospel of Mary, which was found in Egypt by Carl Reinhardt and taken to Berlin, Germany in 1896 where it was translated from Coptic Aramaic a form of Ancient Egyptian/Greek mix. This tells of Mary as an Apostle of Jesus, not a prostitute and Jesus clearly states many times that all the answers are inside you, so go inside to that secret place !  Very much akin to the ancient Vedics and Brahmans of the east. It also states that there is no such thing as sin, but simply good choices and acts and bad choices and acts, and that we are definitely responsible for all ! After reading the Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls I can assure you we have all been misled greatly. And those matters are an ongoing reading/understanding endeavor ! There is much more to the story and it is all much simpler than we have been told as well.  I do not profess to be a scholar on any of these writings by any stretch and fully realize I will read them all many times over and likely gain more at each reading. But I do have a reference point now and a far better understanding of how Christianity came to be and why, as well as the fact that we do NOT have the entire story, not even close in today's Bible or theology and the current churches. I will also be reading more Rudoplh Steiner , Emmanuel Swedenborg,  HP Blavotsky, and Carl Jung and others and will report on all accordingly !  Also the Gospel of Enoch and Thomas that were also censored out of our current Bible  !

I have recently stumbled onto a new source that I think is quite remarkable. It is called and written by a man named John Lash. I have been reading his works and just purchased his current book, so will be reading that as well. His site is very interesting and in depth and I find a commonality with this site simply because he also realizes we have not been told the truth by a long shot about who we are and how the religions have been used to control us. His works go much deeper than my own, down these rabbit holes of understanding and knowledge. I found this image on his site which came from the of C. G. Jung site and I will be writing about all of these matters soon. The image below is of the Goddess Sophia cradling the human genome or Anthropos pictured as a golden embryo in the womb of the earth, or Gaia. So Gaia is not the ultimate female entity, but simply the earth as the biosphere and all living things and matter within it. The blue light strings and the double helix are the power or connection to the Pleroma or center of our universe, where Sophia came from. Interesting stuff to say the least !  I would also point out that what we see today as new age thinking or spirituality is in fact not anything new at all, it is quite ancient indeed. We have simply been asleep or not aware of many matters and much of it is hyped by many sources with little validity. I do not buy into much of it. Perhaps a bit as some aspects are intriguing. Would we all be much better off if we respected the earth and all living things instead of assuming we can control it and destroy it as we see fit or worse, not realizing we are destroying ? A reasonable question it seems and makes a lot of sense.  So how arrogant and ignorant have humans become and have we destroyed much of our planet and life forms ?

I have begun my own journey to understand the Kabbalah. I have several books to read and I find the video series below likely the best one available on the planet. This is also a very deep rabbit hole and simply more information for a grander understanding. I find the Kabbalah and tree of life very similar to the 7 Chakras and the ascension and understanding of those forces very similar. Interesting how it all seems to point in the same direction once we slow down to absorb it all.

Please realize I am NOT saying that any one of the sources and people I list as reading materials or ideas are necessarily the perfect one or the only source of information that may be important to you. Most of what I have referenced is really sources of history, one way or another. History of human thinking and prior social concepts ! I think it all points out how far we have fallen from the original intents and purposes that we are so very disconnected from these days. That seems beyond obvious to me. We are having to go back and try to reconstruct from various sources , the bits and pieces of ancient wisdom and information to guide us back to the light ! It has all been deliberately withheld or destroyed, so we would not know the truth of many matters and much of it is all interconnected as we travel back in time  searching.  I am now convinced that the early Egyptians were a serious source of what has become the Abrahamic religions. I have no doubt at all that the Egyptians go back much further than  what supposed science tells us today. I also realize there were other highly advanced civilizations that have been on this planet that were beyond our own capacity to fathom and have simply passed on as well for various reasons. Earth changes and such have occurred at least 4 times maybe five that wiped out civilizations prior and much further back in history than we are told or are aware of via what we call science today. There is all manner of evidence all over the planet in the form of unexplained structures , artifacts and many other sources world wide. We will find that science and religion of old were the same thing and that the pyramids and other monolithic structures were built by people very willingly, not as slaves. It was part of their own personal religious experience or raising of their own consciousness and how they lived and for what purpose. All of the religions of today came from those ages of astrology and cosmology ! Unfortunately all have been seriously polluted and perverted by men. God is us, we are part of the universe and every living thing is interconnected via the compounds and sources of life . So for us it is all about our choices and nothing more ! We choose to understand or be controlled by the lower forces of the four powers , the lower chakras ! The ancients lived it all and knew it all many millenia ago, long before any of the current religions existed or were invented. Check out these videos and it will make total sense to you. Santos is a bit hard to follow at times but bare with him !

And then check out this series and it will be crystal clear ! It all came from Egypt and other places as well many more that we are not even aware of. Civilizations that were destroyed long ago and bits and pieces still exist in the archeological record all over the planet as anomalies !       

Much more to come on the new Gnostics page soon. This is just the beginning of a new rabbit hole of serious knowledge and understanding. Samael Aun Weor has some incredible work out there . Mostly in the form of books written decades ago. But now much of it has been related in videos. This one below is spot on about the dream world and the two worlds or two separate states of consciousness we all live in. I mentioned this and will expand my thoughts and own experiences on these phenom. If you can grasp what the video is talking about you are already well down the rabbit holes of knowledge and understanding likely from your own personal experiences that are mirrored in the video. Incredible concepts to be sure and exactly as I have experienced myself. I will also be expanding the works of Steven Hairfield. Note,  I put up one of his videos above and find many of them compelling to say the least. His works are quite excellent as well ! He does not muddy the waters with junk or new age hype and such !  I will be bringing up some important questions about such events as Karma and forgiveness and some of the accepted dogma  ? There are some questions that need to be discussed. The new Gnostic page and this religions/meditation page will be expanded and separated soon, in progress.   

                  This is a video of  J. Krishnamurti. An incredibly intelligent and clear minded man to be sure. 


                            And these below to close the music for now, more to come as it presents itself ! 

In closing out this page I will leave you with some incredible sounds that are all very Alpha brain wave enhancing. Note Santos Bonnachi is not only a philosopher and his works on synchrotism perhaps the best on the planet, but a  very accomplished guitarist as well ! And please throw away your smart phone and view everything on a PC with some good speakers for the full meal deal !

Hopefully you have noticed I am showing you many different concepts to consider, besides the over powering concepts of western materialism and its physical science concepts.  The simple truth seems to be that we are realizing various forms of ancient wisdom from prior civilizations in our ancient past here on this planet. The above video is a sort of culmination of this understanding and the basic understanding that we must look inside ourselves for that greater understanding. These are the secrets taught by the  ancients in the Mahabharata, Upanashad, Bhagavad Gita, and Vedic sutras. In fact science as we know it today is melding and morphing toward the concepts embedded in the writings, teachings and ideas of the ancients. So what we call "new age" thinking is in fact very old ancient wisdom just being revisited and understood !  New agers are in fact largely ego driven materialist just cashing in on various social concepts. They pretend they are enlightened and a bit more intelligent and of course a bit self righteous. So it is no coincidence many are what we might call progressive types or liberal thinkers in todays false paradigms in sociopolitical concepts. They are in fact very misguided and not at all as intelligent or informed as they seem to consider themselves to be. Their self righteousness defeats them from truly gaining any real knowledge because they are stuck in their echo chamber of their group reinforcement. They have no clue they are being controlled by outside forces of political control mechanisms created to control them. The solution to all of our problems is simply to go inside our selves, and look for our own answers.  This requires some serious personal honesty and some courage to do so. All else is just another illusion and understanding the many illusions is the whole point  of "Our Inner Journey" !

I would urge everyone to take a look at what Sadhguru and many others on this page have to say and start your own Inner Journey. We all live in two worlds, the Inner world of our own consciousness and real being and the outer world of what we call this physical world. To understand this and live it accordingly and find some form of balance in both worlds is the essence of knowledge and well being in every aspect of our lives. This is Sammadhi or true awareness and we can all go there realizing it is a life long endeavor and journey. Not any state of mind that comes in an instant, but a self realization of many instances during our time here on this planet !  Enjoy the Journey and pass it on to others as well. And of course Gnosis or Gnosticism is  at the top of my list of new adventures in knowledge.  As you can see I have offered many different perspectives and approaches that all have one source of commonality. The perspective of looking inside yourself for wisdom and understanding. Not letting the outside world totally control or dominate you in the physical sphere . But looking inward is where all the real answers are found and we can all do that for free !

I am putting up a Gnosis page and taking some info from this page to the new one and make this page a bit shorter and more focused on the original content. Enjoy the Gnosis videos and definitely go down this rabbit hole of Gnosticism. I am and will be getting the new page up soon. Truly a beautiful way to live and think.


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And more incedible knowledge from Sadhguru and others ! The difference between compulsive thinking and acting and conscious thinking and actions is a life changing perspective and understanding. We can change any part of our life we desire to change.

This fellow Raja Choudhury, also has many incredible concepts in video form. He simplifies much of what some might call the mysticism of eastern thinking or philosophies or religions. Some excellent insights for sure. One thing I have learned over the years is that their is no one perfect way or path to understanding and knowledge. The simple reason is that we are all on our own soul journey and have a slightly different reference point on the day we arrive in this existence. The rest of our life is our own journey and we can screw that up if we choose to do so or we can go on our own Inner Journey to find and tap into our own Inner Powers as best we can ! Part 1 and 2 of the video below are also excellent and there are many others relating to Shiva, Shakti and other concepts and realizations. This one caught my eye because I like the meditation he explains and goes thru.  

The incredible bass of Mohini Dey and another excellent video from Sadhguru at the very bottom of this page

continued from above

To fully grasp meditation and everyday life as well, you must realize that we all live in at least three different levels of consciousness available to all of us 24/7. We all live in the everyday workaday world of physical/material consciousness daily. But beyond that is the sub-conscious and that is where dreams reside and much wisdom and understanding as well. Beyond that is the super sub-conscious and that is where ultimate knowledge resides and total freedom ! I think most of us have touched on these places and simply cannot remember it or recognize it for what it is or was ? And we can all go to all of these places any time we desire 24/7. And that is what meditation does, it brings greater understanding and knowledge by opening up your own "Inner Powers" to comprehend and remember ! H.P. Blavotsky said in the 19th century, " there is no religion higher than truth" .  I think that reduces it all down to the most basic and simplistic reality we all face . And I see no need to complicate that simple reality at all ! Truth is the arbiter and our guiding light in every matter and many times it is hidden from us very deliberately for the benefit of other men. Also realize meditation is simply removing yourself from all the distractions we are inundated with constantly.

As I said above I do pray to Jesus/Yeshuwa. Mainly because, from those prayers I have received many answers. But I also realize there have been numerous other messengers sent to us like Brahma, Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Abraham, Enoch, Melchezidec and many others of lesser and greater import.  Christianity actually descended from Egypt, Persia and various Middle Eastern sects, all blended together over thousands of years. So our true history goes back much further than most begin to accept or acknowledge. Nearly every sect along the way has spoken of the Gods coming from the sky and falling to earth via some sort of battle or struggle among the hierarchy of Gods and Angels, or also referred to as the  the Archons and the Aeons. That is the common thread that supposedly explains how Satan came to be here on this planet ? But I will suggest to you that both good and evil are within each of us and is a choice , by our own free will as individual beings. We are all exposed to all manner of distractions and potential acts of wrong doing daily. That is a given. But how we respond to all of it is what is important.  That is what defines us and what we all have to deal with going forward. We are on a soul journey and our purpose is to understand that part and try to improve as we go forward. And how many people actually grasp these concepts today here in USA ? Not many, so there in lies the problem of our lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding. We have all been setup to not only fail, but certainly to NOT ask any questions about our true identity !

Supposedly we must have a go between to get to God, per the religions/churches ? Apparently because we are not capable of reaching God or knowledge ourselves and the appointed ones are ? And if you question any of that you are a blasphemer and against their religion. I do not believe any of that for a second, although I understand how and why such would come about over 2000 years of blind faith ? These men are simply a different flavor of control freaks, no different than the government control freaks that have gained far too much power over all of us today !  There is a far better way to know God and yourself as well as this world we all live in !  

The so-called churches and men of the churches of today have greatly misinterpreted and not understood the Bible we have today. This happened because they were told that to question any of it was a major sin or an act of blasphemy. So it has served these powers well for almost 2000 years to keep people from actually finding out many truths !  The best example I can think of to make this point is the book of Revelation. It is not at all about the end times or any apocalypse. It is about each of us on our own inner journey. The transcendence from more or less ignorance to a higher consciousness and ultimately to the highest states of awareness. It correlates to the 7 Chakra's as well.  As we understand more we ascend to higher levels of knowledge and dealing with those forces that we are all endowed with and how to use them to a good end, simply by understanding them !  Rather than letting the forces control us, like the lower 4 chakras that are largely carnal forces. There is a tremendous amount written about this subject from various sources, Barbara Max Hubbard,  J. Everett Irion,  Edgar Cayce's works as well as others like Rudolph Steiner and Emanuel Swedenborg.  They all come to the same conclusions as this excerpt, "For the visions, the experiences, the names, the churches, the places, the dragons, the cities, all are but SYMBOLS and EMBLEMS of those forces that war within the individual in our journey through the material world"  

We are all on our own individual journey. Each of us in a slightly different aspect and place, based on our own life experiences and our prior soul experiences. We are fully responsible for our actions and that is what karma is all about, our decisions and actions. It is a never ending journey of experiences and actions on our part and to understand this is the secret of secrets !

Everything is about understanding and balance. Also the concept of macro to micro is a constant throughout the universe and cosmos. We see it here on this planet in both directions, largest to smallest and in reverse. Just as we see duality like good and bad , right and wrong, evil and righteous, light and dark. The relationship of the largest objects, like other planets and our Sun, to the smallest on the cellular level, down to atomic size and even down to the level of the energy that this matter is made of. And we keep finding ever smaller components and larger on the other end of the scale. So there is a relationship between this observable duality, which seems to be simply an opposite, or for every action there is a similar reaction. We can also observe what is known as Phi and Pi and fractals ? Mathematical equations or ratios, throughout all life forms which is also part of the mix. So there is some kind of order in all living things and matter, a balance. All life is dependent and connected to these systems and they seem boundless in depth in both directions, larger and smaller. And we humans live in a point along these ratios where life forms, as we know them in our conscious state, can maintain a balance or equilibrium to facilitate our existence on this planet. Balance in all the outlier forces of the universe and our solar system is what makes it all happen and gives us the necessary platform for life forms to thrive !  I suspect this planet is a very special place indeed, but not alone in it's ability to nurture life forms !

And now mans ego and out of balance character is killing many life forms and himself as well on this planet. We seem to believe that we can control all of the forces of nature or the natural order via what we call science and that simply is not the case or possible. Especially since science has become little more than a political religion or control mechanism used as a tool to control people. Our so-called science is now doing great damage to all living things both plant and animal. We have helped destroy our oceans, water, soil, air, food and what we call medicine with chemicals and compounds created by science. As well we have insisted on such events as Fukushima and Chernobyl. And we have many more of those facilities that will one day melt down. All by the good judgment and graces of what we call science today ! So it is no wonder we have destroyed our health and compromised our immune systems. We are now a very weak link in the chain of living things and may pay the ultimate price for such arrogance and stupidity ? And all the while convinced we can control nature or the natural order that exist !

We would be much better off to understand the natural order and tap into it's powers and capacities in a harmonious way that expands our abilities and consciousness. Previous societies have done this and we can as well. It is a decision and a choice. We have become so incredibly entrenched in our materiality that we have nearly completely forgotten and lost sight of what is actually good for us and who we really are ? We readily trade health and well being for trinkets and gadgets. We have also become almost completely disconnected from our spirit and many do not realize they have a soul ! We have simply gone too far in one direction of materiality and disavowed other important matters of our existence. A lop sided equation that harms us in many ways. We willingly give away our own powers to think and are easily controlled by those we give our powers to ! Those forces are the elites and the governments of the world and certainly here in USSA today. This is why we are where we are today, a lack of understanding and a lot of apathy and laziness. A place where illusions have replaced reality. We let the control freaks run amok and do exactly as they please, in exchange for a form of false security and all at our expense. When the truth is, they provide no such security and what did exist is now failing rapidly and being destroyed deliberately. So we have a part in our own demise as well as destroying the planet and all living things because we all stood by and allowed it all to happen. The elites always say one thing and do something entirely different and we allow them to continue unabated and we do this willingly by paying taxes to harm ourselves ! Yes, we are in fact paying to get deceived severely everyday !

Each of us can easily step out of this insanity, simply by understanding it all and realizing the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today ! We must look inside ourselves and be honest and take our own Inner Journey to find the answers which are readily available. We can and must all take this journey or lose all ! It is all part of our soul journey and our true identity and will release us from the ignorance and fear that binds us.

I offer a very thorough reading list as well with my consultations based on the individual. I recently went back and started re-reading Cayces works to absorb more of it. I also re-read Alan Watts book "The Taboo against knowing who you are" I read that book in the mid 70's and it stuck with me and started me thinking outside the box in many ways. Now I realize both men have profound messages for all of us and I would express it all this way. " Alan Watts works show us the secret room or secret place. He takes us to the door of that room so we can open the door, go inside and clean up the dust and cobwebs so the new room is usable and much cleaner, clearer and accessible. While Cayces works turn that room into an incredible library of new understanding and knowledge of your soul, your own being, your consciousness and your highest purpose to exist. A new labyrinth of rabbit holes of knowledge/undertstanding that will last for a lifetime and never end. It will also make complete sense of many riddles and enigmas of all religions and give clarity  you never thought possible. You will realize a new reference point in this universe and cosmos and understand far more than you ever imagined or considered. You will find great peace and balance in all things".  I am quoting myself here.


I want to leave this as a few questions to ponder? Why is it that so many people like Enoch, Melchezadec and Mary are barely mentioned in the current Bible yet were very important figures in early history and Christianity ? The Book of Enoch was discovered in Ethiopia in 1773 and returned to Britain where a scholar of ancient Jewish text translated it. It tells a some what different story than we see in our current Bible, just as the Essenes and Gnostics told as well, prior to the councils that censored the Bible of today ! And who wrote the book of Job ? Excellent questions to consider, they are very important indeed !

And this from my friend Vivek in Bangalore !   Vivek has experimented  and created his own brand of Guitar style and it is very unorthodox and unstructured. I like it , check it out !  It's a good thing. Good on Ya Vivek,  check out Jeff Beck at this site as well , excellent stuff ! You really are a free spirit. 

check out what these guys have to say , interesting concepts at the least and likely very useful for all of us !

Below you will find some music that will help you enter an alpha brain wave state. I use music a lot for this purpose and here is a link about brain wave states. It is just sound waves at a certain frequency to help you get to different levels of consciousness like Jesus and many others have mentioned for eons. Some of the mantras and mandalas work well also for various different outcomes or purposes. Also some other thoughts and practices for your reference are below by several fellows. Experiment with it all and see what works for you,  so you can let go of the noise, relax and go to that secret place ! Some of this music will touch your soul as it should, maybe all, Enjoy ! Each window will open another rabbit hole .

I consider myself to be a modern day Gnostic and or Essene of sorts. At a minimum a student of both practices. So understand, some of the concepts like reincarnation and our soul journey are rather new to me as well as you, perhaps. New in the sense that we were not raised on such ideas nor is it engrained in our culture. I will attempt to explain it for those that are a bit more in the dark than myself. I make no claims of complete knowledge as I fully realize it is a life long endeavor for each of us. Right out of the box I want to make it clear that I firmly believe that nearly all the established religions of this earth are polluted and perverted by men NOT God, that seems abundantly apparent. And have been for almost 2000 years. The new testament is NOT a complete work, it was censored deliberately by men NOT God. Many books and ancient knowledge was deliberately left out of the current Bible during the time of the councils of Nicaea  and Laodicea  and of course Constantines arrival as emperor. As well much of the Bible was borrowed from the Sumerian clay tablets and the early Egyptians. The complete history of these events is available for all to read today in various printed format, now that these matters have been released after many years of study and likely deliberate withholding of such since 1945/47 era. I would also point out that Edgar Cayce died in 1947 so he was not fully aware of the massive information that was soon to come forth to the world. At least not specifically by name or finding ? Although he did speak of such things coming into our possession clearly. I find it quite amazing that his death and the timing of the Dead Sea scrolls and Gnostic Texts (The Nag Hammadi )as well as other ancient text all became available after being basically buried for nearly 2000 years. The fact that all these events happened and nearly at the same time is very intriguing to me. And is a sort of sign that offers credibility to Cayce and my own theories and conclusions.

I would also point out that we are actually a soul entity having a physical experience here on this earth, rather than simply a physical entity that happens to have a soul !  That distinction is rather critical for truly understanding the concepts put forth that I now believe are completely valid and will greatly benefit each of us. Lets start by defining God. I am convinced what we call God is a small part of each and everyone of us. A small slice of everything and all life that exists in the entire universe or cosmos, the Law of One. And that each of us has free will and a soul and our growth is determined by our own actions and decisions. We can choose to do good or maybe not so good ?  But we are all on our own merits and demerits as the case may be ? I do not think in terms of "SIN" any longer , only good decisions and acts and bad decisions and acts and we are completely responsible for both that we partake in. Our soul journey is the most important aspect of our lives and our time here in this plane or planet. We can improve ourselves or stay the same or maybe even continue to get worse ? But it is all up to us and our understanding of these matters and realizing that state of consciousness. It is all about our free will and our understanding and our actions. The only way to fully grasp any of it is thru brutal honesty with one self. Going inside and taking a look around and counting cooh on our life, our experiences, good and bad acts and even our hurts and damages.  We all have hurts and damages to be sure, whether real or imagined ! So these things must all be looked at to get to a place of complete honesty to go forward in our understanding. Realize we have all done good acts and bad acts . We have all lied. We have all lusted and every other event one can imagine. It is all part of being human and living on this planet in this reality and physical/material world. That does not mean, or am I saying, that murderers and rapist's are acceptable ? I am saying we are responsible for all our acts and we can change any and all behaviors with knowledge and honesty.  In a way we are stuck in this physical world in these bodies.  We have all manner of distractions and illusions that keep us more concerned in the physical world of daily life than our true identity or spiritual being / higher self. We are stuck in an ego controlled body and an ego controlled world largely. But there is a way out. And that is what the Inner Journey is all about, understanding and gaining more knowledge of such matters. I propose to you that the ancients, the Gnostics, Essenes, Brahmans/ Vedics, Egyptians and the followers of Zoroaster and Hammurabi of what was then Persia, were all very aware of these secrets or knowledge. And that means we can do the same. Realize that the body , soul, mind, spirit are all interconnected. And we can find balance in all. We just have too realize they are all there available to us. And that is the secret wisdom the current forms of religions wanted hidden ? The fact that you do not need a church or Popes or anybody else, or any kind of man made hierarchy to find God or experience God on the deepest levels possible. It is all within yourself and we are a piece of God, the universe.The churches have become businesses and little more than control mechanisms. Most are based on the incomplete current Bible and mans distorted interpretations in the last 2000 years have been added all along the way to the current state. In fact you can aspire to be just like God or Jesus and that is what you are supposed to do on your own soul journey ! That is the whole point of even being here, just as Jesus was an example and messenger although there have been many others along the way over eons. So we can bring goodness and joy to this existence via our own growth and actions/thoughts and realizing who we really are and our "Inner Powers" ! As well to stand against what we know is darkness and wrong doing by our actions and not simply by words. To be an example of how to live. To do this we must simply let go of the illusions we all live under and have been forced on us for millennia. Here is an example of how the Bible has been greatly misinterpreted/represented

                     see more on the Kabbalah at bottom of page

Our physical body is our temple and should be thought of that way.You may have already noticed I am very big on fitness and health. Part of that is because it was all taken away from me for almost 10 years and I was actually a cripple. Fortunately I was shown how to heal myself. It was a long  journey and it all started by going inside as I have mentioned. That is where all the secrets are, if there actually are any ? Seems to me it is more simply just understanding and knowledge one acquires via the honesty and going inside I describe. Prayer and meditation is also critical. And anybody can learn how to use both. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for what I have been shown and given. But I will try to pass on what I can. It all came from grace and not simply from me. Anybody can do the same thing.  I urge you to read the other pages at this site, as they all go together for a deeper understanding of the points and matters I will convey. Bottom line is this "all the answers are already inside YOU" ! so smile and enjoy it all. It is just our life journey and God and others are with you. We all have assistance from higher powers and we simply need to know how to tap into those sources. Some of that power is innately already with us and some comes from other sources. Michael, Uriel, Halaliel, Gabriel and many others. All have different purposes and domains. And none including God are white haired guys floating around in white robes in the sky ? Those themes are simply constructs of men that serve to keep you afraid to know your true identity and guilt ridden. They are really all forms of pure energy, the light and a collective consciousness that we can all tap into !  So lets look at the basics of Meditation and prayer. Simply put, prayer is when you are talking to God and meditation is when God is talking to you ! This is also the essence of Kundalini practices, pretty simple Hey ? There is no perfect way to pray or specific guidelines or rules. Just pray in honesty. Here is what I always ask for, Strength, Courage , Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. I also ask for grace, loving kindness, mercy and forgiveness, so I can hope to really understand those things and pass them onto others. I pray at various times of the day or night. No real fixed schedule or requirement for me at all. Just when I feel like it. And I almost always pray in private. I always think of it as a conversation with Jesus/Yeshuwa, because that is who I pray to. I am simply opening up a dialogue and asking for various forms of guidance as it is necessary. This brings up the next issue of meditation, because prayer is the perfect entryway to meditation. I almost always lay down on a specific couch to meditate and I cover my eyes and get the room a bit dark. I can easily go into the right state now , but to get started I would advise that you attempt to focus on your breath or the number one, as in law of one or oneness with life. Get very relaxed in a place where you will have NO distractions or outside noise. Realize you are going to go away for a short while or however long, as if on a short trip or a sort of excursion ? and also realize that meditation is simply leaving the physical everyday distractions behind and unwinding into a higher state of consciousness. Letting go of all the distractions and letting all manner of things to simply be set aside and laid down.  A deliberate action of relaxing the mind and letting go of its ego/Maya control of your daily activities and physical worldly actions. It may take a bit of practice to let it all unwind and calm, but realize first that our mind is an extension of our ego. And it is constantly trying to deal with the outside physical world. So just let it relax and slowly fall back in the background. There are many articles on various forms and practices of meditation and whichever one may work for you is the best one !  Enjoy the very relaxed atmosphere and with just a little practice you will find that prayers will be more readily answered thru meditation as well as much more information that will come like magic ! Continued below with music to create alpha brain waves. Realize we all live in two worlds, the Outer physical world and the Inner world within us ! This is the most important basic understanding.

These videoa are the absolute best thesis of Our Inner Journey and realizing the ego, I have ever run across. It is quite excellent and very real.  Whoever wrote this experienced it all first hand and knows exactly what they are talking about in spades, excellent work indeed ! This is the first part of 6 parts and all are quite excellent. This will take you to a new level of understanding of many matters in your own life  ! But realize there is much more and it all goes deeper in our soul journey. 

What I am going to speak about is my own opinion based on massive amounts of reading/research and my own personal life experiences, prayer and meditation. You can consider these writings a sort of basis of information much of which comes from The Gnostic texts (Nag Hammadi), the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Mahabarata and other ancient text still to be read and pondered from Persia.  Recently I am delving into the Upanishad and other ancient vedic writngs and prior knowledge.  As well,  reading the works of E. Cayce, C. Jung, Theodore Nottingham. PD Ouspensky. Rudolf Steiner, Emanuel Swedenborg, HP Blavatsky, John L. Lash  , Samael Aun Weor, Santos Bonacchi and others. A list of reading sources is on the Our Inner Powers page. I would urge you all to throw away your smart phone and watch all these pages on a PC with good speakers and a much larger screen than any hand held device. Realize those devices are simply part of your own indoctrination and propaganda being directly fed to your brain 24/7/365 ! I speak about that as well in great detail onanother page here   all the underlines above are links 

Religions, Prayer and Meditation

With some history of then and now and a bit of help to get started.