Preparedness and other Internet Shams

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published 6//14/14 an updated 

I have spent a tremendous amount of time reading on the internet in the last five years since I started my own site.  And I have come to several interesting conclusions. Much of what is out there is no better than what we are spoon fed at the regular PRAVDA/MSM sites. There are some good info sites like ZeroHedge (ZH has declined considerably in the last few years from what it was) , PCR, and a few others for general info of current events. And there are some good sites for specific topics like health and fitness and others. Some are linked at this site.  But by and large we are inundated with junk that is little more than parrots repeating each other en-masse via the internet. One issue that shouts at me is that most people have no idea they are simply being used as click bait ? They concentrate at sites that are of interest to them and never seem to grasp they are feeding the game being played on them ? I see this in spades at prepper/survival/ gun type sites as well as some health related sites. But the prepper/survival/gun related  sites stand out as the worse for group reinforcement and as a form of massive chatter and little more than an echo chamber of not necessarily good ideas. Not much actual thinking going on, just reacting and jabber. I am very much aware of the importance to be prepared for any and all events. That is a given, but I am seeing a lot of junk out there and simply wanted to say it, as I think it needs to be said. Time to ratchet up your game in some practical and useful ways ! There are a few that put out some good info , but most are near worthless and simply repeating what others have said long ago.  After looking into many of  these sites I also found that most of the people running them, supposedly knowing what they are talking about, are simply self proclaimed experts and have little if any actual real life experience in most of what they talk about or promote. Guys that talk about health and fitness but are obese themselves ? A survival guy in Texas has done that many times as well as many other issues that he promotes that are not even close to what is claimed or even practical ? And much of the advice given on numerous subjects is near worthless, yet people will actually pay to hear it. Go figure ? Join our club of insiders and you too can be smart like me, what a fucking joke ! But this country is full of salesmen and good talkers. Our last President was and still is one of them as well . Pure hype and rhetoric. In all fairness the guy in Texas does put out some good homesteading info to be sure . But most of the rest is junk, although he is not alone by a long shot. The prepper/survival/ gun thing is full of poor or misleading info and marketing schemes like Permaculture certificates (pay $1000 for a certificate that supposedly shows you how to grow a garden? in a special way, a kind of secret only they can teach you ?) and other such nonsense. Of course this is all just my conclusion and opinions. But all based on a very serious and time intensive study of all of these sites readily available today. As well as many years experience in what would be called preparedness matters first hand , NOT from premises of others.  Also having dealings with some of these folks first hand who are supposedly at the top of the pile. More like a pile of crap than much that is actually useful or practical.  Over the course of several years it has brought me to these simple conclusions. It reminds me of the issues raised about normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance on another page at this site. People can easily buy into the many illusions created for them if they get into the group think, mind thing. That phenom is very present and powerful at many of these sites.  A sort of identity based on group reinforcement and the opposite of actually thinking and then taking the necessary actions.

Another issue that shouts at me is that so many of these outlets look like they were made from a cookie cutter template. Not only are their sites very similar, and many times near identical, but they all sell the same crap ad-infinitum. They all have the very same adverts and popups that are way past annoying and incredibly distracting. Beyond that they all have some form of a conversation board that is inhabited by a group of self reinforced folks that can only grasp what they want to hear and little else in their own echo chamber of ignorance. So very little thinking is ever taking place. Mostly just regurgitating what they have been spoon fed by the site operator and others.  So I would urge everybody to STOP and step back a bit and rethink some of these facts before blindly buying into the current established scenarios and paradigms of these sites. Countless people have spent a tremendous amount of money on bad or useless information, gear and methods of supposed training. And most are not even physically capable of using those items in a real emergency scenario. I have seen this countless times in person and online. People that have all manner of gear and firearms and could not run 100 yards without having a heart attack or some other severe outcome, yet they insist they are prepared and ready to rock and roll ! Many have been bamboozled and misled and many others have simply bought into their own fantasy about such events. Believing your own bullshit is usually not a good idea as you will come up short when action is needed. All you have to do is go to any of these boards and do a bit of reading and it is beyond obvious most are not even close to fit and are over weight or even obese guys living in fantasy or worse.  In fact 73% of Americans are either over weight to the point that it affects their health or are simply obese. That is a startling number and the reason for nearly all of the supposed diseases or maladies like heart attacks and other respiratory maladies, diabetes and arthritis issues. Nearly all of what we call diseases today are related to this one underlying issue ! Yet many talk as if they are King Kong with an AR15 and ready to rumble ! Interesting how whacked things can get when  people can hide behind a keyboard and live out their fantasies. Personally I sincerely wish they would get their shit together so they would be a force to be dealt with and not victims of what they talk about. Most could not fight their way out of  wet paper bag ? But to hear them tell it you would never know that part. I urge them all to get off the couch and get fit and healthy ! Although I urge everybody to do that for obvious reasons. There is no negative, only positives and you will enjoy the many benefits  everyday no matter what happens ! We have entered a time that our safety is going to depend on our physical abilities and our mindset. Talk and false group reinforcement are NOT going to get the job done ! There is a much better way and it is not difficult to do.


                                                              results are all that matter, everything else is a waste of time, energy and money !

So why am I pointing all of this out ? Very simply I am sick of the double speak and hypocrisy of all the marketing shams. Fake webinars and the new or current term of a "SUMMIT". That is simply a marketing ploy to supposedly bring together a host of professionals in any given field. We see this at prepper/survival/health sites very frequently. It is actually people that pay the site who is sponsoring the "SUMMIT"  to get your email via the "SUMMIT" so they can market you, like a herd of sheep ! Problem is most of these people have zero real life experience in anything they claim to be pros at ? And the doctors and other supposed professionals are not fit or healthy themselves. They are simply marketers and little else as well. And of course we always have those adverts for this "weird thing you must have" to save yourself and family and a long winded video to go with it that is beyond ridiculous and time wasting. My only comment to all of it is wake the fuck up people and get your shit together while you still can ! Again I would strongly advise everybody to look for people who actually have hands on real life experience in whatever endeavor you are interested in learning or becoming more proficient in. And people who actually "live" what they are talking about. That is always visually obvious. People that talk about something and are not that themselves are simply phonies. And they are very easy to spot. When all is said and done all that ever matters is results . So look for people who have created results in your endeavor of interest ! Do not be fooled just because a site has had a large following or appears to be  the real deal because they have accumulated a lot of click bait followers. Realize that internet marketing is all about click bait and little else and it is purchased in the end. The best ideas and information are rarely at the those sites, if ever.  So use some common sense and make your choices count ! There is one site that I prefer because of the sources of information they put out but even that site is run by a guy that is not REAL. Look for yourself and you will quickly see some name are not a real people. So you cannot see who is behind that curtain ? But most I do not waste my time any longer. Numerous of these sites are run by fake front names or created name de plumes.   

Another point about gun sites, is going to the range ? What most people do not grasp is that the range is a good place to site in a firearm and teach newbies how to handle and use a firearm and the basics of safety. The other side of that coin is that the range and a bench rest and all manner of gear,  rangefinders etc. are not at all how any real life scenario will play out, more like a fantasy. The people in the above photos are simply practicing rote skills in perfect conditions, nothing more and there is more ! So depending on that experience alone is not a good idea at all as your only source of training. Target acquisition in any possible configuration or event is far more important than putting rounds into a stationary target at any distance under perfect conditions.  Some form of obstacle course or something where you need to move and be agile is a far better source of training. Front Site would be a good example of such training and I teach you how to accomplish this YOURSELF. It does require some degree of physical fitness, strength and physical flexibility to be proficient. Nearly all gun sites do NOT make this valid point or distinction. Again it is all about group reinforcement and click bait ! So do not make the mistake of this being your only training and mindset. It is a trap far too many have fallen into. As always results are what is important and the range can only give you limited results in specific ways.

My other motive is to help folks realize they need to get a better focus on what matters and what works and what doesn't. Talk and group reinforcement are quite worthless when action is necessary. All that matters are results and capabilities. And your health, fitness and mindset are the key issues in every event toward those results ! Without these points you will not have satisfactory performance in anything.  It is all positive, there is no negative at all, so get fit, strong and healthy and enjoy yourself today and everyday, no matter what happens or doesn't happen  !  In some ways much of the current prepper paradigm is just another of the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today ! No doubt we should all be focused toward preparedness on every level, especially the parts that will actually matter. Focus on sites and information that give practical and useful methods and answers you can use to make your life better and not live in fear. Fear is what is used at many outlets, instead of real answers you can accomplish yourself. Get out there and get started on your own training like the guy in these photos ! Notice how he blends in with the surrounding vegetation ? That too is part of the training and experience.

We are at a critical juncture here in USSA today now that we have a new regime. But that does not mean we are out of the woods on every issue by far ! My hope is that enough people are actually paying attention and not just living in fantasy ! I know I train considerably harder and more often than most , but I am at a point and level where I enjoy it and need it physically ! Anybody can do the same thing and relax with it all and enjoy it daily ! There is no negative, only positive, now and in the future, no matter what happens !