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Here is another that is very specific about who and what the Obama regime was really all about. Kind of prophetic , Hey ?

So do we all live in many illusions ?

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Bill Whittle on the current Obama paradigm ?  and a comparison to GWB ?

And these charts and article are about as clear as possible that we are in a nightmare that will unfold one day.                                                                                                                    

This link is about consumerism and how it affects a society. Very interesting stuff to be sure .

And the simple truth about Ferguson and big Mike from a black woman !  We really do live in many illusions , Hey ? Well past time to call bullshit on all of it just like she does, Good on Ya girl !  Hands up don't shoot never even happened.

This seems very appropriate , the lyrics especially. I have always had a special memory of this song ? Not necessarily a good memory but a very powerful one. I first heard it in RVN and thought I would die that very day, but I didn't !  Now the lyrics seem to apply to the times we live in even more so than then. And no question the music itself was and is still astonishing and powerful !   So let us stop talking falsely now , the hour is getting late ! "   It is surely all interconnected isn't it .                                                      

Here is an excellent article  that clearly breaks down and describes the realities of the federal reserve . IMO this is a must read for everybody even if you know all about it and are familiar. Because it is an excellent resource to pass around to those who are not as up to speed and aware. There is also an excellent in depth documentary on you tube called "The Money Masters" that is in even more detailed and incredibly enlightening. Once people understand the reality of our system , you can never go back to being hoodwinked and just another sheep in the pasture !  There are actually many other resources on this subject but the one above linked is very to the point and precise ! The other is far more in depth. Knowledge is your power and freedom from oppression and the control freaks tyrrany ! The simple truth is we all live in massive illusions and all are control mechanisms.


A look at some history in this one even Keynes would be shocked at today's stimulus and  spending insanity .

The Bears explain everything and then some !       no inflation at all

Perfect example of what is wrong in USSA . The crony capitalism is very real and very out of control ? What would happen to you if you did any where near theses acts or not even close to this. Your life would be completely destroyed by this system and it would be called JUSTICE ? So do double standards exist for the elites? Think Corzine, can judges be bought or swayed ? It is all a giant ILLUSION

More insight from the Bears   and how massive debt is being created , but will never have to be repaid   

Found this in an unusual place?  If anybody thinks all is well in USA ? I imagine this might scare or concern  you , it does me . Because it clearly shows that just by being on this list twice , something is very wrong in USSA and the supposed recovery and all is just another illusion as the country falls deeper and deeper into self destruction.

Detroit Bankruptcy is a perfect example of too big gov and gov policies failure over the last 4 decades and union demands gone wild ! A clear sign of where Obamacare will take us and it's end game result of collosal failurein the not too distant future . This fiasco won't take 40 years to come to fruition .   

And this link on Detroit comes full circle with Keynesian mania

Is the deficit really shrinkingas claimed or is it just another slight of hand manipulation and deceit . Perhaps it is just smaller spending in an already bloated spending spree budget and no cut at all ?  I am not a huge FOX fan but sometimes they do get some of it right.  I do think they are not quite as bad as most outlets . But all seem to be part of the new PRAVDA/MSM to some degree and many have clueless people making absurd comments as though it were all real. FOXs biggest problem is that they have not figured out the so-called conservatives are NOT really conservatives at all. Break down that word   conserve - ative , do you see these guys conserving anything , or pandering just like the Dems do ?  Both have let the government grow into an out of control monstrosity . The few at FOX that do get some of it right are muzzled by their fearless leader !  All the while they spew utter economic nonsense not much different than the rest of PRAVDA/MSM via commentators who are somewhat clueless to the realities. So Houston , we do have a problem.

An excellent articleon the mentality of Yellen and the other central bank numbskulls.  And where we are headed in the massive printing illusions . There are also other excellent articles attached

Frank/Dodd and Volcker rule simply shams to fool the public and good dose of ignorance thrown in for good measure !

Gov spending is always a debit not an asset.Simply because it is based on spending from a nonproductive asset called TAXATION ! Isn't that where all gov spending comes from and not the gov feel good fairy ? Government produces nothing except spending of your assets. All the agencies and so-called watch dog  agencies like SEC and EPA and IRS and Dept of Education and FDA etc. are complete and total failures and simple illusions of ever larger government that feeds on itself. The many agencies have shown complete incompetence and malfeasance especially under the current regime. But they are all well past top heavy and we could actually dismantle most of them and nothing would be harmed and likely improved by free market forces instead of the continuing behemoth.

New Housing Bomb being created redux 2008 ?                

New derivatives bubble much bigger than the lastand rising interest rates started ?       

The above housing and derivative issues are signs of the past coming back to haunt us, but even grander this time.  Take a look at the derivatives and how much it has all grown and you will see a definite parallel to the massive QE that has driven the derivatives to unheard of leveraged numbers , 740 trillion.  Nothing has been fixed or resolved as the indexs all rise on NOTHING but gov BS/QE cyber dollars. It has all just been leveraged out there ever further. The numbers from the banks show just how insane it all is. SO what happens when interest starts a steady rise and gov can't pay even the interest alone ?  What a mess and few even realize any of it exist ? I think the greed monsters have seriously out done themselves this time because they have surely broken the bank and the golden goose ? Truth is it has been broken since 2008 and just held together with cyber money glue and lies and of course massive illusions perpetrated by PRAVDA/MSM, the gov propaganda arm. Nothing new really just bigger numbers of debt. Pretty weird to understand that money issued, is in fact actually debt and the massive printing is the grandest illusion of all time in this era .

Here is an excellent article on how to secure your communications and free download  download is in first article about "nothing to fear"

Let's design a product that doesn't work, and then force everybody to buy it !Now we see the failed Obamacare machine collapsing before it can even get started, why ? Because it was totally flawed and a complete lie and manipulation from the get go. It has nothing to do with healthcare and simply a grand control mechanism and taxation scheme that cannot work for numerous reasons. The demographics will not work so the plan is in fact doomed. The website glitches were just one small issue and the Trump win is the final nail in that coffin. The control freaks have outdone themselves by believing their own lies and putting it into law. How whacked is that ? These people are completely incompetent and the worse liars of all time and the Reps just sat and watched as it has all unfolded and do basically nothing. Because they too are stuck on maintaining their own status quo positions as elites just like the Dems are doing. The new upstarts like R Paul and Cruz and a few others were demonized, when in fact they were the only ones speaking even a resemblance of any truth. So PRAVDA/MSM does their best to undermine them and guys like Orielly go along with it. Way beyond obvious, we the people have little if any representation of any kind when illegal aliens have more rights and representation. Veterans benefits are cut and illegals aliens get free tuition to colleges ! And you are forced to pay for it all. Consider this, do we work for the over sized government or do they work for us ? 

I will be posting articles / links and comments below to spur your thoughts and likely stimulate a few smiles. Some of it is so absurd you can only laugh and poke fun at the insanity and of course some simply pisses you off and presses hard on your common sense .  So we have to call a spade a spade ! The only other option is to accept this distorted form of Socialism/Communism/Fascism that is being forced down our throats against our will, and that IS SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION.  We must ask ourselves, are our so-called leaders serving us or themselves ? That is the only valid and good yard stick we should be using.

I referred to ZERO HEDGE in the Rabbit Hole page as well. I get a lot of my info there but certainly not all. Most of my comments are simply my own opinions, based on years of experience in the business world and the rabbit hole I went down from 2007 forward, in learning about the markets and how things really work, with assistance from some within the machine. So I will start by asking you a simple question. No matter your age, since when has our economy depended on gov stimulus and manipulations for its very existence ? The short answer is NEVER, prior to 2007. So realize that we are in fact in a place where we have NEVER been before ! Both in our economy and finance as well as our social fabric. Everything we are seeing and experiencing is a constructed illusion to try and hold the status quo together and embolden new agendas. So with that in mind it will make my remarks and conclusions much more clear and understandable as we progress. If you don't already fully grasp these concepts, you likely need to do some reading and research and that is part of what I am hoping to provide you with.  I fully realize many people are confused and frustrated with what is taking place in our country and one of my goals is to provide some clarity and depth of understanding going forward. All for the purpose of helping you make good decisions and attaining some peace of mind through that understanding. No doubt I hope D. Trump can undo much of the damage, but we shall see !

I want to start by explaining what I believe are the two most crucial issues we all face. Many of the so called conservative elected officials are not really conservative thinkers at all and the populace has been dumbed down considerably to the point that many simply cannot or do not attempt to think for themselves.  I will explain and give a common example. I live in a small rural area of Eastern Oregon. It is nearly 100% dependent on agriculture and ranching . In 2012 we had local elections for mayor and city council and county commissioners and such. I went to all of the so-called debates which really were not debates at all but simply forums for the candidates to give their spiels and sell their wares to the gullible . One of the mayoral candidates has been on the school board and a Chamber of Commerce kinda guy and is an eye doctor. During his tenure on the school board it was put into action that we would start teaching high school students how to fill out welfare and food stamp applications. As well I asked him how much of his business was dependent on the Oregon health plan and he admitted to 30% ?  In my experience, having a business plan that is dependent on gov largess (gov tit) is not exactly a conservative talking point. Much less teaching high schoolers how to fill out gov tit applications. As well, at one of the so-called debates the eye doctor had a friend of his show up and conveniently raise his hand and say that we need to be mindful of the latino presence in town and a diverse approach was in order ? Of course he jumped on that since it was a  'setup"  and it opened the door for further comment in what they deemed to be the right direction for latino consideration/support/activism ? Pretty convenient and spontaneous hey ?  Of course farmers in the area are all for the illegals and latino labor,  but they never admit it. My point is that all of these guys claim to be conservatives and you will see this kind of double standard at every level all across the country. It is all about protecting their own and simply garden variety greed to get their cut of the gov tit largess ! Nothing new, but it certainly has gotten far worse at every level and in every city and town across the land. It is the very basis of all the corruption that we all see all around us in nearly all events ! So don't think the conservatives are gonna save you, because they are NOT. They are pandering just like the democrats and guys with glowing resumes like the eye doctor are taking advantage of such at every turn by seeing to it that they can steer things in their direction and get some of those tax dollars into their coffers. The farmers and ranchers are not far behind either looking for those windfalls. So is this little story any different than what Obama and crew do ? Not really any different at all , just a different flavor of the same thing . But it passes the smell test for some because if you have a resume of grandeur and are supposedly successful then you must be smart and somewhat right ?  RIGHT ? Never mind the items underlying mentioned above, Not exactly as it seems really , once you look a little deeper and have any honesty about the matters we all face today. Many claim to be conservative thinkers and are nothing of the sort. Of course there are some good hearts and people with some integrity and ethics out there and I suspect these guys are just caught up in their own games and don't really realize what they are doing exactly. Because they haven't really thought out all the implications and ramifications quite right. Money is many times a blinder of good judgment, I have made the same mistakes and perhaps worse. And to be clear I am NOT anti latino or Mexican, just the illegals. I grew up with Mexicans and know them well and have friends locally. Many of them are anti illegals.

When you sit down and think about it you cannot actually remember all your mistakes or simple stupidity. And that applies to all of us, since there is no perfection in people. But it is important to keep improving oneself and being aware of where you are and what you are really doing.  Real conservative thinkers are not planting their friends at meetings to interject and raise issues for them and their business plans are not dependent on 30% from the gov tit. They simply have good ideas and principles.  Stop and think about that 30% ? Most businesses do not make 30% profit or have a gov windfall of 30%. So what I am pointing out not only makes complete sense, but it should be an imperative of what NOT to do, or expect. Unless we are all willing to just roll over and accept some distorted form of Socialism and Fascism as our new form of governance. I guarantee, if you look around in your community, you will see the same things and much worse. These guys are just caught up in and stuck in the status quo syndrome and of course money as the main motive and justifies all things ? They are simply a bit misguided unless one thinks money is the only motive for all things. And that my friends is a huge part of our collective problem, no accountability except to the corruption already built into the  system. It is like a cancer and it is everywhere. We have lost the idea of "the good of the whole" and that is a major malfunction towards any freedoms and liberties in a republic !  As I mentioned the other issue is the people and how they have become completely acquiescent and dumbed down. Many are glad to let the gov do their thinking in trade for a few trinkets to keep them at bay and not asking questions ? And that too is a major malfunction, stupid people, not paying attention. The middle class which is a very wide spectrum these days, gets hosed from the top and the bottom because they have to pay for it all. Only in Amerika do we give fat people electric chairs to go to Walmart and buy more junk food to get ever fatter on welfare and food stamps and then we have to pay for their bad health issues on top of all the other insane ideas these politicos come up with. Does any of this make any sense whatsoever ? So what can we do about it ? Well we can start by demanding accountability from all our elected officials and contacting them and expressing our outrage at so many absurdities. Personally I like Rand Paul. I admit, not too many years ago I thought he and his dad were a bit off ? But I now realize both of them have been trying to wake us all up, for a very long time. I also do not agree with everything he says, but much on the grander issues like Obamacare, IRS and Fed reserve and the spying on US citizens. So we can support people that make sense and attempt to tell the truth of the matters. Another major thing we can do is to speak up and expose all the garbage we see when ever and where ever you can. We can also simply not feed the beast ? By that I mean don't support certain companies that are actually working against your beliefs. An example would be Progressive Insurance or AARP and many others like GE. Progressive gives millions to all manner of agendas like tax dollar sponsored abortion and many other issues, I simply cannot agree with. As well AARP does the same crap and is nothing but a giant sales mechanism that hoses all the older people that are not paying attention and they don't even realize it ? I'm not picking on older people, I am one ! So to be sure, we do have massive economic power and we can use it easily ! And lastly, I have noticed that many churches have begun doing all manner of politically motivated schemes to help illegal aliens and further some off the wall issues with support from the pulpit. So beware and take your power back from all sources !        also see Citizens take back America page