Another interesting concept is where did we come from and what is our real history ? I started reading Zacharia Sitchin, Klaus Dona, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval and a few others about 10 years ago. Right after I got injured in the winter of 2006-07. I saw a place in Africa that Klaus Dona had taken some photographs of, a very tall cliff of basalt rock. A face of a woman was carved into the cliff in such striking detail of flowing hair and her pleasing appearance and all at a height that it had to be done with some form of technology that we are simply not aware of today. The statue carving was huge. In this video (about 53 min)with many other very interesting anomalies. I realized at that moment that our history is not even close to what we have been told because the site was dated at least 12,000 to 17,000 years ago ? Since then, there has been all manner of research and now even TV shows about such things and linking it all together with aliens or time travelers ? Much of which seems to be pure conjecture. But the archeological evidences of Klaus Dona and others, all over the planet cannot be easily dismissed, if at all. It certainly does approach a lot of questions for sure. And I am completely convinced that at a minimum, our history and the history of previous civilizations on this planet, have never been completely known or revealed. It actually makes sense and answers all manner of questions . But it would not necessarily mean there is no God or whatever God is ? It would simply mean that the entity is simply much grander than we have imagined and been told.  Again, Edgar Casey seems to have a lot of answers on the subject of our true identity. The only thing that seems certain to me is that there is much more to the story of who we are and where we really came from. Since I do not really know for a fact what is real in this dilemma, I hang with my own results of prayer and meditation that has served me well. I pray and meditate a lot and somebody has always looked out for me. And yes I pray to Jesus even though I do not know for a certainty who and what it all is ? Seems abundantly clear that Jesus walked on this planet for sure ? But he did say numerous times "I have come from the father" and "I am NOT of this world " So who can say for sure what is ? All I know is that I can't, but I still try to stay in touch with what seems to be the right stuff. I do think there is much more to it all than any of us realize. I have found that prayer is the best doorway to meditation. Prayer does two very important things. It keeps you in touch with a higher plain of thoughts and that helps you fend off some of the junk around us in every second of everyday. And it allows you to enter a meditative state nearly at will. So you are walking around already half way to a much better thinking process and filtering out a lot of the junk, distractions and illusions.Cayce said praying is when you are talking to God and meditating is when God is talking to you !So prayer and meditation are very good and powerful practices to be familiar with and utilize in your daily life. I pray numerous times a day and ponder numerous issues in that process. Also realize we all live in two worlds at a minimum, maybe 3 or more. Most will not grasp that. We need to be aware of the compulsive state of the physical world we live in and realize it is part of our problem and that the solution is to be aware of it and change from that compulsive state to a conscious state of thinking and then acting accordingly. This is a critical point of understanding 

I also went down a rabbit hole with Terrence Mckenna's work and Edgar Casey(Cayce was an incredible man I am still reading his works) and got way into some dream related issues of other levels and states of consciousness.I also highly recommend reading Rudolf Steiner, Emanuel Swedenborg, Helena Blavatski, Gurdjieff and of course J Krishnamurti and  Alan Watts as references.I found out that our dreams are incredibly informative and you can actually go to a different level of consciousness inside your dreams. In fact there are three levels of consciousness. Our normal state of everyday consciousness in the physical world we live in which is the lowest state, and the sub-conscious where we file information and our dreams originate and the super sub-conscious which is void of external distractions and seems to be unlimited in bounds. That is why it is more difficult to reach or let come to us, because many people cannot reach the necessary level of isolating out all the distractions around us. But it can be done if you simply think about it and let it happen. I actually got to the point that I could control my dreams and go from one state to another basically at will, to some degree. I could go to sleep almost instantly and I knew I was going back into the dream I wanted to visit. It was a very strange experience that lasted for about a year at that level of intensity, but still continues to a lesser degree. I plan on going back there even deeper. I am still not sure if I ever got to the super sub-conscious or not ? Maybe Mckenna was there ? I don't really know for sure. Although I am sure Cayce was. I m goung back there and and deeper now but you must be in a very specific state of mind, very relaxed about it, but quite focused at the same time to let go. Which means no distractions and a completely clear mind available for the experience or it won't happen. I loved my sleep then, still do, and that is when I healed myself a lot, during that period. I also learned a tremendous amount.  So we do have Powers that we are not always aware of and it is awesome to explore those areas.

I still remember some very vivid and powerful dreams from that period as though they just happened yesterday. One, where a cobra snake came to me and gave me a warning. He came right up to me and had a huge head and I thought for sure he was going to bite me, but he didn't. He just stopped me and let me know who he was and gave me the warning and left any decisions up to me. The entire time I knew he was in charge and could bite me any time if he wanted to. The entire dream was quite amazing and powerful and it stayed with me for a very long time until I fully understood it. And it is still with me. That was a huge learning experience for me on numerous levels. You must write down your dreams as they happen, so you can learn how to remember your dreams in your normal conscious state completely and in detail. Then you can review at will, as long as you are in the right frame of mind. Then you will be able to go into an elongated state of meditation that can last for days, if you want to ! I even woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down my dreams as they happened and kept a log of sorts. It works to get you in the right place. I also had a dream about a very powerful bright light and music emanating from the light. It was pure positive energy, both the light and the sounds/music. You could not turn away from it, nor would you want to. It was beyond beautiful and engrossing pure organic life force energy. I let it pour over me and bathed in it and it felt incredibly healing and empowering, yet very relaxing. There have been 6 other very powerful and revealing dreams as well that are all connected and revealing on a very deep level, 7 total.  Also Mckenna had all sorts of dream experiences and information about such. But he was heavily into Ayahuasca and pretty well tripping on it. He spoke of spirits that he could contact and actually converse with ? I never went there, but I do think I got to the doorway of that place and I was afraid to go in but I did go in . And even without any conversations with spirits, I was given all manner of information that led me down numerous rabbit holes for several years. Probably the biggest things I learned were of the ILLUSIONS we live in and the 3 powers that we have in our possession . These things became very clear to me as though a spotlight had been shown on them in my consciousness. It is also very interesting that all things seem to be aligned in systems of 3, 6 ,7, 9 and 12 ?  I do think we can all reach that altered state, of the dream world (subconscious) , but only if you disavow all outside interference. Which means quiet and isolation from outside events of the everyday world and letting go of it all. The dream world (subconscious) is a very amazing place and quite real once you have been there and know how to go back. It is like another layer of  consciousness ! I suspect it is full of all manner of information and perhaps tapping into all information/wisdom/knowledge/discernment. The Akasha, I  have been there on some level and just to be perfectly clear, I did not take any kind of drug or other substance and I doubt I would have had as successful an experience if I had. As I said, a clear mind is a total necessity and realize we produce our own DMT from our own brain. Drug users are getting high on whatever substances, just for the sake of getting high and NOT for any other higher or shamanic purpose. Theirs is a never ending endeavor that always requires more and ever stronger use.  But they don't know that and insist on fooling themselves otherwise. They are caught in a never ending circle that is always self defeating and self destructive. I find it far better not to, especially for getting to the right place for such events. I imagine to many "new agers" out there, that will sound backwards, but it's not. "New agers" do not realize what they are calling new, is really ancient knowledge and practices. and some of those practices do involve plants and other hallucinagines. The issue is how they are used and why ! There is much more detail and purpose to the dreams mentiond above that I will not reveal here.

When I was much younger I smoked too much (both cigarettes and marijuana) and some how realized early on, it was not really a good thing for you. Now, there is all manner of research that prove both quite harmful in many ways, especially for regular use smokers. As medicine ? But what about all the toxins present in that medicine smoke ? Reminds me of numerous people I have known who constantly were talking about pollution and other evils and being mellow and such, while smoking a cigarette ? As well I have known a lot of people back in the day that completely scorched their brains and took away all of their ambitions and drive to accomplish anything except getting high.  But I imagine it is no different than just about anything, too much is not good and we can overdo anything.  I don't hardly drink any alcohol any more either. Same reasons. I really like being healthy and strong and centered and clear. I always kind of chuckle to myself about a friend who drinks a lot of diet soda and thinks it is just fine, no problem. Truth is he would be much better off to drink a beer. But he may never get that part. So as I said, we can OD on anything, even diet soda. Over the years I have seen numerous people destroy themselves for various reasons and alcohol and drugs are the most common destroyers. There are many though, take your pick  food, alcohol, drugs, sex, power, sedentary lifestyle. Of course there has to be some underlying major malfunction or nobody would do such to deliberately harm themselves in excess. But many never get that part and destroy themselves thinking everything is cool (whatever that means) and all is well, not considering balance in all things. We have all been hurt or damaged in some way or many ways just by being alive and living on this planet. That is inherent in life and association with other people. And until we go back and examine those hurts and damages we tend to keep ourselves insulated from growing or really facing many of the wrong thinking processes within ourselves. Because we are damaged we let all manner of poor thinking into our lives and next thing you know we are unhappy and not living quite right and letting the damages and old hurts rule our lives and thinking. Caught in a circle of bad thinking and basically bad living. Because we are not living in our own truth, knowing who we are and why we are, what we are ? We can actually go inside and look at all these issues and heal ourselves. So there you have it , life is a dream of sorts , and you get to choose and mold the dream, so choose your dreams wisely ! The video below explains this all in great detail, an excellent work with 5 more parts that are all incredible information. 

And recognize your Three Powers ! the power of creating life, death and our ability to think and make rational decisions in all things. Edgar Cayce once said you must lose your "self" to find yourself ! What a profound statement on the ego and truly understanding oneself. Why we are what we are, and do what we do ? We can change or be aware of all of it, if we choose to understand it ! An incredible man to be sure.  And never forget we are all flawed and can change that part as well, it is a choice for all of us ! Also most new agers think ww must lose all egon that is total bullshit because without ego we could never accomplish anything. The real issue they do not understand is simply being aware of ego and not letting it control you, but you controlling it ! Therei are are many such fallacies today accepted as fact and are not by delusional people who know nothing at all butbtyhink they do because people on Facebook and Twitter agree with them as greater fools ! 

Check out these videos,  Jeff Beck @ Ronny Scotts in London,  excellent indeed. I had them up with you tube and they took them down for legal reasons, but I figured out a way so you could see them. I think this performance was perhaps one of the best of all time for anybody, every set was incredible.

Jeff Beck and Imogene Heap   "BLANKET"  we all make our own blankets, now don't we ? And some hold us back. The bassist is Tal Wilkenfeld , she was sixteen when this was made.

Here is Tal, on the blue tab below, on an incredible solo run, many more on Youtube . The look on her face and reactions at the end of her solo are priceless,  Pure joy !  Took some fiddling around to get these up for you, enjoy as they are NOT on You Tube any longer.

Both of these songs at Ronnys in London are beyond excellent in every way by all ! The ongs "because we ended as lovers" reminds me of a very special person and brings tears to my eyes everytime. I only listen to it every now and again Ms. Julie !

And it does always come "down to you" in all things    Joni Mitchell  and  lyrics here  , she is a poet of human experience !                                                                                          

Santos Binocchi    is another guy that has a lot of good information . He is all about Astrotheology and he is keen on the many illusions we all live under from the control freaks we call government and other leaders. He is well worth looking at and caused me to rethink many things. He speaks of how astrology and science are actually interrelated. I suspect he had some sort of falling out with Christianity and he seems a bit over reactive on some issues, but I can relate to some of that, as religions can be very domineering to say the least and not consider many facets of human beings . You must think this or that and all else is wrong or simply not tolerated. I had never considered astrology and reincarnation as valid issues until I started reading this guy and Cayce. Now I realize both are completely valid. In fact the ancient Christians believed and preached reincarnation prior to the councils of Laodicea and Niceaa , the Essenes, and Gnostics were purged from all early Christian doctrine. And Santos, I am not on board with the flat earth thing atv all.

About 20 years ago a man much smarter than myself said to me "Steve , if there ain't no God , there sure ought to be "and that started me down a very long rabbit hole ever since. So check this guy out along with all the others I will mention on this page and start reading and learning of many matters and answers that have been hidden from you for at least 2000 years very deliberately. Recently , within the last few years(2010-11) I started reading the Dead Sea scrolls and the Gnostic texts because I wanted to know more about the books that were censored out of our current Bible.  What I found was an incredible history that has been withheld from all of us for nearly 2000 years and it has all validated what Cayce and Santos are saying. That in turn brings up all manner of other sources to read . Such matters as the many conflicts and turmoils between the various factions of the Jews, what would become of Orthodox Christianity and what would become of the Catholic Church and the many off shoots of Christianity we see today. They were not fully formed back then. It was a very intense power struggle by all these parties and the Roman rulers at the time were certainly part of the complex dealings that transpired. The Romans persecuted many early Christians and Jews as well, but the early Christians took the brunt of it for several hundred years as they started to gain followers just prior to Jesus and there after his demise. Fascinating stuff to be sure when you have all the information and not just a partial story of what actually happened and why. Jesus's main message was to look inside yourself and you will find God and all the answers to every issue. That specific information is NOT given today from Christianity and that is the biggest flaw of the current churches. Instead they claim that all the answers come from the established churches and the current Bible and sanctified men.  But the current Bible was censored of much of the actual real information of all the parties involved at the time, so it is only a partial work or partial information.  And it was all done by men of the churches, NOT God. That is what I discovered and it is all there for anybody to see for themselves. It is crystal clear and will set you free ! So check it all out by reading what these guys have to say and perhaps the DSS and the Gnostic gospels/scriptures/text as well as many other ancient text and current writings on all of it.  The Book of Mary, Enoch, Thomas and many others were censored out of our current Bible and that is why I say we only have partial information, because it is simply a fact. Also consider Constantine actually was the single biggest force in bringing Christianity to the forefront. As he was emperor and dictated such. As well consider the incredible loss of knowledge we endure to this day, by the burning of the Libraries at Alexandria. It is all interconnected and very fascinating historical data to be sure !  Also see the Religions page , there really is much more to the story. 

I mentioned above that we all need boundaries to live by and that brings up the ten commandments. I think they are the most valid laws that we have. I also think humans have created far too many laws and made it all far too complex for political reasons or simply used as control mechanisms to control YOU ! Consider how many laws we have in the USA. It is mind boggling and many are redundant. As well many are not enforced for political reasons or for the benefit of the elites we call government and or corporate entities . But elites none the less. In other words many laws do not apply to them but they do to you and I. Egregious double standards abound and undermine all justice. We see it in many forms and venues everyday. And the answer to fix this dilemma is smaller government and fewer special interest crony dealings. Which really means enforce the existing laws. The point being, we have too many laws that are really stumbling blocks and roadblocks to be used against you as seen fit by the elites in any given regime. Government has grown into a monster and must be reigned in and smaller !  They have actually destroyed our good boundaries and replaced them all with legal wiggle room to give the lawyers and the system a stronger hold on controlling YOU and your tax dollars, to be used against you, in a myriad of ways everyday. Lets simplify it and go back to what works and is good for humanity. We can do that in our own personal lives without permission from anybody and it will be an example of how to live and think.

We all have three profound powers given to us. The power of life, the power of death, and the power to think and make rational decisions for ourselves and all living things. So the only valid question for me is , do we use these powers correctly and wisely ? I will explain a bit. The power of life is given to us in our sexuality as procreation. This is not disputable. We have that power, we can create other humans with that power and do we carry that out in a responsible way that is actually considered when we enter into a sexual experience ? Largely, no we don't. We are simply focused on the sex act as its own experience and we are disconnected from the power of creation of another human being that we have at our control. We are largely only concerned with our own gratification both males and females, with orgasmic bliss as our goal not realizing the sacred Kundalini powers associated with our sexuality !  That seems to be the truth of the matter and most people NEVER really deal in such reality or consider it in that perspective. Surely many people are responsible in this matter but many more are not. Think of the entire world of 7 + billion ?  So sex is very powerful and I fully admit, I was and still am to some degree, some what of a heathen in these matters of human experience and dealings and still realizing my own powers and how to balance these sacred forces. In fact I would say that in my youth I was largely completely controlled by these forces. And it seems most of us are to some degree at one point or another. All I am pointing out is the underlying truth of the matter so we can all start to consider those truths.  And one truth is that we have allowed abortion to become a form of birth control. Combine that with other forms of birth control and we have separated ourselves from the power of creating a life and rarely think of it that way. We actually can create another human life, very powerful stuff indeed ! But we do not think of it in that way, as a power and respect that power as we likely should. Everything is all about how we think. And that is really the only constant I see as valid. How we think and then act . 

Next we have the power of death. Humans can kill one another and we do in a myriad of methods and ways ! The above photo is an execution by Mexican drug lords. This video is of Syria .  There is extreme violence taking place everyday. So is there ever a rational or justifiable reason or purpose to take another humans life ? Yes there is, how shocking, hey ! But consider all the possibilities and circumstances. The above circumstances are certainly not even close to any valid reason. Lets examine my thoughts a bit further. Self defense is the first and most obvious reason. That includes you and your family. A few years back there was a guy named James Couey who abducted and murdered a 9 year old girl from across the road at her home. He took her to his room in a mobile home and proceeded to molest her for days and then decided to murder her and dispose of her body. All the while there were three other people living in the mobile home and none did anything to stop the horrific acts of Couey nor were any of them charged with any crime for not doing so, or at least reporting such to the proper authorities. In my thinking they were all guilty and there is no question for me that Couey should have been executed for such, and quickly. He confessed and there was no question as to what he had done and who did it. So exactly what is the purpose or benefit to let such an animalistic subhuman stay in our presence ? I see none whatsoever. He is still in jail and on appeal I think, and exactly what does that accomplish ? We do have to give him his rights ......RIGHT ?  So what about that little girl Jessicas or any other sexual predation victims rights, what about that part of the story ?This is the perfect example of how our society has gone well too far in overreacting to a perpetrators rights when the victims rights are completely disavowed and the perpetrators rights are completely amplified. We have lost the good boundaries to live by as a decent society in many matters and events ! 

About 7 years ago some guy kidnapped a 4 or 5 year old little girl in southern Kawleefornya from her home or babysitters, I can't remember which, and took her out into the desert and brutalized her, not unlike Couey's deed. He left her in a very obscene position that suggested what had happened to her and the authorities found her in that position. I do not know where he is now, but I imagine he is in a jail in Kawleefornya alive and well on the taxpayers dime. My only question would be......why ? There are many such stories of the same kinds of insanity. Again, what is the point, or good going to come, from allowing this monster to breathe another day ? Most people do not want to talk or hear of such things, but it is actually important to see all the double standards and insanity that plagues our society and how we think about such matters. Of course we should not take a life of another without valid reasons, but the truth is, there are actually VALID reasons. And the offense mentioned warranted death IMO and not coddling or extending their chances of committing such horrific acts again. Which of course happens quite often. I think the judges and prosecutors or any in the system that create excuses that allows these monsters out and they commit more of the same horrific acts on new victims, should be held accountable. And guess what, most of it would stop, if we demanded accountability and sliced thru some of the established legal mumbo jumbo. Again it is all a giant illusion and has morphed into a nightmare that is not at all fair or legal or any form of justice. It is just a system that has become an out of control monstrosity in and of itself and little justice is the outcome for various reasons. We do allow the system we live under to make very horrific decisions for us and we simply muddle along and watch all manner of horrific events take place in the name of justice. What is wrong with this picture ? Well, it is people , you and me and HOW WE THINK ABOUT THINGS. That is always the bottom line, the buck stops there, with each of us, and our decisions and how we perceive everything around us. For those who think they are NOT capable of taking a life, I have bad news for you. Given the right stimulus you will likely do so ! So be honest, if either of these little girls were your daughter and you could get your hands on the guy what would you do ?  It is no different in a war or so-called war. With the right stimuli you will kill and in most cases of war, but not all, survival is the stimuli. When the other guy shoots at you or blows up your friends bunker with him inside, the stimuli has been applied and you are quite capable of taking a life. I am not saying wars or so-called wars are a valid reason for anything, much less killing, I am simply pointing out the realities that we never seem to consider in the overall events. My point of both issues is that we delude ourselves into thinking how good and righteous we are by bestowing so many RIGHTs, even if the people do NOT deserve such rights by any standard or have forfeited such by their bad acts. We do this to fool ourselves into thinking we are good and moral people and this has gone full circle and eroded the correct boundaries in our society. I am not saying we all do this, but we have allowed our so-called leaders to go down this road by proxy and it is all happening everyday all around us. Again all that matters is that we are aware of such things so we can keep it all in a proper perspective to apply the right boundaries and not let the illusions dominate our lives. IMO much of our so-called legal system has morphed into just another giant illusion, one of many. Our thinking is what really matters and the only force that can stear us to the correct ways to live and carry out our dealings and have any peace of mind and clarity.  When all is said and done, it all comes down to the boundaries we set and live by. And who is setting those boundaries these days ? Largely it is done by the elites and special interest that dominate us and every facet of our lives. This all ties into the other issues I have raised on other pages on this site and you will grasp it all far deeper and more accurately if you read those items as well.

Our ability to think and be rational has already been covered as our first POWER. The POWER of LIFE and DEATH are the other two. So I ask you to ponder these concepts and perhaps incorporate some of it into your own life and thinking. It is all about BALANCE in all things. I will be giving more examples and comments as we go along, and I hope I was able to explain my reasoning for all. Makes complete sense to me. Our Power is in knowledge and understanding and the actions that come from those thinking processes and endeavors.  And we must have boundaries.  As much as many so-called progressives say otherwise, it is a simple fact. The best boundaries are our own, not those imposed by some elitist creating laws that are not even enforced or that come into creation for purely political purposes. We have far too many laws and most only complicate the existing circumstances and many are actually REGRESSIVE, the opposite of the so-called progressive thinkers false paradigm. The power of life/death and rational thinking and acting are always with us, we just have to be aware of our POWERS and expand and explore them ! And these guys explain it far better than I possibly could.Rupert Sheldrake and  Graham Hancock .It seems genetics are NOT as dominant and pervasive as we thought and have been told by the mainstream academics. Scientific disinformation has been exposed and it seems there is a sort of commonality of all prior knowledge and experience floating around in what they call Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance. Incredibly interesting stuff. These articles also have several videos attached that have been banned by the so-called science establishment and TED. Wonder why they would do that ? Perhaps because they don't want any other thought paradigms to overcome their own. Truly incredible stuff. Must be similar to the Akashic record Edgar Casey spoke of. Knowledge is a power but must be earned it is not a given ! Also check out this video of ancient Gnostic wisdom's. It talks about sacred geometry and the numeric equation Phi, not just Pi, incredible stuff most people have never heard of.

We are the only living creature that seem to be able to think and reason and that is by itself quite incredible ! Some would call this consciousness. I believe that our body, mind, spirit, soul are all completely interconnected but many of us don't consider these as such and we should. We also have our free will, that allows us to make choices/decisions. The challenge is to make good ones. We consider these as separate parts of our whole being, without considering balance in our lives and the powers we possess. Further, many of us don't consider them at all and simply go about our daily lives reacting to the world and all the outside stimuli we receive from countless sources. The TV, smart phones, our jobs and making a living, being consumed in some form of materialism like a certain automobile or house or clothes or what tattoo or many other distractions that many get consumed in. Some of these things are necessary to some degree, but mostly not nearly as much as we allow ourselves to get caught up in, or not at all. Basically all are outside/exterior forces of stimuli (physical world) that we allow to overtake us and become far too important and consume our lives and energies, keeping us from connecting the dots, to a bigger picture on the inside. Our inner self, our spiritual being, who we really are inside these bodies. But we do have the ability to direct our thoughts and energies to whatever we choose ! All of the above things mentioned are actually choices we make and nothing more. The trick is to gain balance in all things and focus our energies on much more productive purposes for our overall well being. To simply let go of all the outside stimulus/distractions that we let control us and thereby gain some peace of mind and clarity. But nothing really controls us, except us and how we THINK.  It is all about choices  that we make. This is what separates us from all other creatures and living things. We can make good choices if we want to and are aware of such. So, are we using these powers in a productive and beneficial way for ourselves and others and all living things  ? When I look around the entire planet and here in the USA it is quite apparent that we are not and we could do much better, easily. Simply by changing how we think and relate to the world and making a few decisions to take charge of our lives and let go of many of the illusions and distractions we accept as normal, but in fact are simply illusions and distractions ! We do this to ourselves freely and willingly and that is how the governments and false religions of the world can control us. We GIVE OUR POWERS away in exchange for some perverted form of what we perceive as security and NORMAL. Of course none of the illusions are real but we BELIEVE it to be real because they are forced on us in every aspect of our lives by PRAVDA/MSM. We are spoon fed all manner of distractions and illusions, much of which we willingly accept without even considering if it is real or actually good for us. So, are all the above distractions I mentioned simply constructs of men and do they serve us well ? That is what we must all ask ourselves and then decide. Is there more to our existence than an I-phone, texting, tattoos, 3 cars and a big house? Is there a better way to live and think about our world and our lives !  Pretty simple stuff actually, but most of us do not consider these things enough, or at all ? I know I spent much of my life wandering around ruled by all the outside stimuli affecting me and thinking it was simply NORMAL and therefore that is how I should be living and thinking ? Another way to say it, is that I was not really thinking at all ! I was simply reacting to the illusions and stimuli and that realization was a huge turning point in my life and thinking processes about twenty years ago. I realized I could set myself free from most of it and set about to do that, simply by changing a few thinking processes and false beliefs.

Our Inner Powers

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The song below is about your Inner Powers and how we can all go inside to that secret place !   Translation :

"Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One. Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru. "

God is within each and everyone of us . Just as good and evil is . It is all about our free will and our choices ! In a way we are each a small piece of God and do not know it because we are consumed in the many illusions of the physical world. This is why the Inner Journey is the greatest journey of all ! To know who we really and to gain that simple understanding is our true freedom and how we learn to tap into Our Inner Powers.

published and updated ongoing 8/12/12

And here are some very important messages as well, from excellent sources of knowledge and understanding. Another great rabbit hole to go down.  Our Inner Journey is the most important thing we can do in this life time.

Humans are different than every other species of living creatures on this planet and that in and of itself is quite incredible !

We all have three Powers given to us explained below. Those powers are spoken of in the Nag Hammadi Text/Scriptures in the writings of Zostrianos. He also speaks of the "Living Waters" and the powers of those waters. And all is accessible to each of us. We simply must awaken from a long deep sleep and recognize who and what we are !