As well many other control mechanisms in the last two decades. By now my followers and readers fully realize I speak often of the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today. This thesis is explained on several pages at this site in great detail for a good reason. I fully realize that until we all grasp the depth and full power of the illusions , we are more or less doomed to be ruled by them. They give the elites their power to dominate us in such a way that most people are not even aware they are being controlled and dominated as well as completely manipulated like Pavlov's dog in every event and matter !

Recently I stumbled onto this important article  and was mesmerized by the indepth and detailed information provided in a lucid, yet revealing historical context. It is a long read in two parts and I believe it is the best information to date, that explains much of how we are controlled in this country and world wide to some degree. The hubris and deception is off the charts. TPTB have created these false paradigms very deliberately with purpose and it has all played out to current events and easily used to create such matters as fake news . Problem is the fake news is actually created by the very sources we call the news outlets. Unfortunately they are little more than control mechanisms and indoctrination methods sponsored by the state apparatus or better said "deep state apparatus". The "Cog Dis/ Normalcy Bias" page also goes along with this page as further and additional explanation of the above events. Between these two pages and thesis and the one below, it will be crystal clear how we are controlled, as well as why and who created these illusions to be used as control mechanisms.

I also stumbled onto this important article as well. This one is written by a man who worked for Google until recently as an engineer. His job was to figure out ways to mind fuck the populace in such a way that they do not realize they are being mind fucked, and simply think reality is what Google and others say it is and spoon feed it to the populace ! Between these two articles and the Cog dis page above you will fully realize how it all works. This is likely the most important reading you can undertake in your own search for knowledge and understanding and your ability to set yourself free of the many illusions created for us all. I consider these three pieces critical reading and an imperative to your sanity and clarity. As well I found this article regarding Twitterwhich also goes along with these other pieces of info and how all social media is manipulated to a specific end result for political outcomes and to be used as simple control mechanisms.

Of course most of us thought that a few very smart tech guys came along and did the normal build up and gaining financial backing for their new startups. The articles above point out clearly with names, dates and places as well as agencies , some of which you have never heard of, what really happened and why. The degree of manipulation and favoritism is off the charts of any rational thinking or form of fairness, reason or ethics. The purpose was to create the control mechanisms at any cost or illegal act necessary to do so. No doubt many of the people mentioned in this expose' were quite bright as far as their tech savvy, but the lack of ethics and principles is beyond sickening. Many were and still are completely consumed in their power and of course simple greed. Some of the players are the CIA, NSA and other entities created as well as Goldman Sachs and many shadow individuals who are not familiar names. There are many think tank type groups and organizations that are sponsored and paid for with your tax dollars in various unseen ways and methods. The depths of the many acts of devious purposes is off the charts even to myself and I knew some of it, but certainly not all.

I have long realized that the many electronic devices (trinkets/gadgets/widgets) and social media are really just another form of control mechanisms. Most people are consumed in these devices and spend far to much time glued to them. I see many women (men do it as well) walking around saying nothing except worthless jabber, not at all aware they are allowing their brains be sucked out of their heads by powers they are not even aware of  !  I see it all as a form of insecurity by these people who seem to have an extreme necessity or compulsion to be in contact with someone at all times even if they are saying nothing except the smallest of small talk ? And I see that as the ultimate control mechanism.

Another way to consider the overall affect of what is happening is that these entities, which were helped to be created by these many agencies, are in fact attempting to create their own Akasha or Akashic record to be used as a sort of new reality and control mechanism. By gathering every possible piece of information about it's servant's and subjects to be dominated and controlled. Just look around and see how many people are totally consumed in their phone and other gadgets and think the Alexa device is to be worshiped even more than an I-phone ! People are having their brains, common sense and thinking capacities sucked right out of their heads and very willingly, completely conditioned just like Pavlov's dog or a herd of sheep !  

And here is the latest truth on the massive spying on all of us as well as Donald Trump ! This is all part of the entities above, it is all interconnected and part of the giant control mechanism created by our own government to control all of us and be the eye of big brother ! Also see the War on Donald Trump page for more interconnected information

The economic impact and correlations to these created entities is also very important. We now refer to the FANG entities in market and trading parlance (Facebook,Amazon,Netflix and Google) as a force within the NASDAQ. And all were created along with others with the help of various forces behind the scenes. Create an economic entity that will control people and you will be very rich indeed , just have to sell your soul for the deal to the control freaks and criminal system of spook agencies and corrupted psychopaths we call our government and of course PRAVDA/MSM ! 

Now that Comey was fired and his bogus testimonies that were really all about creating the new fake investigation of Trump for obstruction of justice (better read just-us) , all of the pieces of this corrupted puzzle are becoming much more clear to the public or average person. All of the spook agencies and certainly FBI in the lead domestically are 100% politicized and corrupted for the elites and very much leaning toward the democrat flavor of criminality. The web of control mechanisms and players seems never ending , well entrenched and very convoluted !

Although we now have more indepth information, of course there will be much more to this story to be revealed and I will add to this page as it all unravels, as well as other matters that may be associated and connected to this phenom. More to come !

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Our Government helped create Google and Facebook

And many other entities for a reason.                                ​Published 3/19/14 and updated

This video. from a CIA agent. explains exactly who the deep state and the shadow government actually are. After reading my article below and watching this video you will have no doubt what is really going on here in USA today and how it has all morphed into a criminal enterprise and giant control mechanism. It all remains to be seen going forward how the many criminals and control freaks destroying our society are exposed and prosecuted. Help us get the info out there for all to see. These matters and events are all interconnected and part of PRAVDA/MSM the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA and the DNC.