Lets establish some recent historical events that have transpired here in Oregon in the last few decades and consider those events as a base line of real and valid information, simply because the events actually happened and are easily verifiable.

I will start with Neil Goldschmidt as an example of Democrat corruption.  Goldschsmidt raped a teen aged girl for years , got caught and was allowed to resign as mayor of Portland. No legal charges were ever brought and the Republicans did absolutely nothing to demand accountability.  Here is the story and this is from a left leaning news outlet in Oregon !  This kind of event is exactly the same as what we have seen in recent years with the many crimes of DOJ/FBI and other fed agencies. If you own the agencies you can get away with any crime and it is no different at all here in Oregon. Same is true in Kawleefornya and Washington state. Realize in Oregon all of the agencies and judicial are owned by the extreme DEMs that run the state. So just as we see many crimes in DC , they exist here in Oregon in spades as well. This was just one of the many.

Lets fast forward to 2014/15 and John Kitzhaber, governor of Oregon at that time and his wife who was his fiancee at the time. This regime did not last long and they got caught in all manner of shenanigans and crimes. It all started with Johns new woman, Cylvia Hayes, shortly thereafter to be his wife. Here are some links to the various schemes that unfolded in a  span of a few years.

Cylvia seemed to have a very sordid and strange past. She married an Ethiopian in a sham marriage so he could gain citizenship and was paid $5000. Some of her previous love relations have come forward and exposed many nefarious dealings as well. Here is a link to those events and it is from a very left leaning outlet to be sure 

And then many questions arose about her dealings/contracts and her one person consulting business as Oregon first lady  

And if that does not raise serious questions of personal ethics and culpability as well as simply good judgment, the coup de gras was the $305 million of fed money that went missing,  Supposedly $78 milion was spent to setup a website for the new Obamacare exchange but that was also never fully investigated or proven. There has never been any final analysis, investigation or explanation where the rest of the money went ? not to mention $78 million for a website is quite absurd.  And guess what, the site never did work or function correctly !Here is a link to that info as well  Kitzhaber was allowed to resign, Kate was appointed governor and the many schemes and crimes simply covered up and continued to this day. The various forms of corruption and incompetence are quite obvious and insane, yet DEMs get reelected by the unions and various special interest that buy votes with your own tax dollars, both state and fed. The many schemes have proven to be endless in Oregon via DEM manipulations  

Also the Oregon workers comp schemes are an incredible tax and spend scheme sold as a good deed to the masses for decades now !

Here is an excellent read on how Oregon has morphed into its current state of insanity in Portland


There are more DEM schemes and cover ups and I will be posting those as well as this page unfolds going forward. This is just the beginning of the crimes covered up. My point in this page is to show people how the sausage is made in Oregon and all DEM controlled states. I used to think John was a reasonable DEM and it is now clear he let Richard do his thinking for him. The greater point is how it all gets covered up at every level within the DEM crime syndicate we call our government !

                                                          Much more to come, as this page is under construction

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Many events have unfolded in the last few years that have brought serious attention to the state of affairs here in USA today and the many crimes that have been committed against legal citizens and within our own various forms of governance, both Federal and states. Oregon has been exposed as one of the left coast centers of insanity for many reasons. It seems the DEMs try to "out do" one another with their extreme positions and comments. Some maniac from Kawleefornya or Washington state says it is good to release a known illegal alien criminal who immediately goes out and commits more crimes and Oregon follows suit like Pavlov's dogs and or tries to one up that insanity as if it is rational. It is well past out of control in all three states and the only difference in any of them is the number of people and illegal aliens present and represented more than legal citizens are represented by our supposed government leaders in their respective legislatures and in congress ! 

Yet in Portland Antifa and Black lives Matter are allowed to harasse and attack people seriously and direct traffic right in front of Portland police who stand down deliberately. And all as the governor and mayor of Portland only give praise and justify such events as if it is all good ! Beyond clear there is little room for truth or any form of reality in the current Democrat governance in Oregon especially on the I-5 corridor insane assylum run by the inmates of said assylum, in Salem and Portland

Oregon current state of events

How the democrat super majority has dominated the masses for decades and actually gotten away with murder. 

At the recent Rally against Oregon HB 2020 in Salem, these people were called terrorist and ignorant extremist and worse. Also note that K Brown, governor, used these same exact tactics of leaving the chambers in 2001 over redistricting.No hypocrisy with Oregon  Democrats, Hey ? They are of course all about the children, LGBT, environment the tooth fairy and other fantasies they create to fool the masses.  Same as the DC Dems on steroids.