Oregon Citizens for Justice Stand Up

‚ÄčWe need an "Oregon Push Back" movement against the tyrranical Democrat powers and unions that are ruining our state and undermining all of our liberties via bogus legislative acts and bogus judges and lawyers. The Republicans are not a good Push Back Movement and never have been on a local, state or national level. We are also seeing many municipalities refusing to follow laws such as NOT cooperating with ICE agents. This is clearly happening in Portland and now in other smaller cities like Hermiston on the east side. We must  demand accountability so illegal aliens are not allowed to harm legal citizens and receive many benefits wrongly and illegally. The food stamp requirements and the loop holes to be corrected, recently initiated by Trump are a good starting point, although just a first step. We must demand responsibility from any officials that refuse to cooperate in removing criminal illegal aliens and hold them responsible when these aliens commit more crimes like rape, assault and or murder. As well many that drive with no license or insurance and guess who pays for that, you do in your rates, in case you have not figured that out yet ? A recent comment by Hermiston Police chief Edmiston was published in the East Oregonian on July 18th, who says police will not assist ICE in any effort, except when they are in distress. So even here in small town USA we are beginning to see this kind of sanctuary junk pop up in our governance and news outlets that go along with it as just fine and accurate actions with little if any questioning of these actions ? The article is not linkable or I would put it up. It seems to me an excuse to say they are too busy or a lack of funds ? Most assistance is only administrative not field bodies. Again this can only come from the mayor and city council, and not much different on this issue than Portland ! This raises a very serious question ? Are the police , Mayor and city councils responsible for future crimes committed against legal citizens when they take stand down and or sanctuary type perspectives ? The video below raises many valid questions. Portland and Seattle are little if any different on many serious matters and it all starts in small increments and bogus thinking and bogus policies from our supposed leaders, judicial and law enforcement entities. It is NOT wrong to question what they are doing, in fact it is quite right !  When the police chief of small town USA, like Hermiston says his office will not assist ICE, it concerns me greatly for many valid reasons !  It is wrong minded and helps create a mindset of weakness and lawlessness not unlike what we see in Portland and Seattle. This needs to stop and be reconsidered ASAP ! Notice Hermiston is being over run with illegal aliens in this last round of the invasion ! Go to Walmart and see how many Guatemalan and other out of country women are either pregnant or have small children in tow ? And how many indios are milling around looking totally bewildered and confused in their new setting in brand new clothes from their $1000 visa cards issued upon arrival here in USA as well all the other freebies , like dental care veterans do not receive ? And guess who is paying for them and those children ?  Yes it is all out of control and needs to be reined in seriously and chief Edmiston's  actions will not help going forward. Who will be held accountable when serious crimes are committed by these people and others in the hordes invading USA today ? 

Same as above is happening in Portland, no different  at all. Mayor Ted and his city council along with any in the entire police department who have stood down all need to be fired and some prosecuted for their crimes as well and some judges and many politicized lawyers all over Oregon not just in the Portland area.


Kate signs the moronic climte bill for the children of course, as optics are everything to the control freak demorcrats in Oregon and nation wide. This is NOT about controlling YOU and your childrens future ! Note how many latino children in the photo op ? All except 2 are some form of latino or at least not those horrible white people ? 

Recently a group was created to "Flush Kate Brown" in a recall effort. As soon as that group got some traction the Oregon Republican party ignorantly filed a similar action with the Secretary of State to also recall Brown when they should have enjoined the Flush Kate Brown action so there would not be two different petitions and actions that will require two separate ballot measures and therefore two different votes for the same issue ? So are the REPs actually the smart guys or are they seemingly helping the DEMs maintain their strangle hold on Oregon because they always seem to be very slow thinkers or better said, simply stupid ?  I cannot make any sense out of their actions to create two different initiatives ? They continuously do these kind of nonaction actions that are counter productive and dumb. I can never determine fully if they are simply led by fools or just a part of the two party sham ? I suspect it is a bit of both. They seem to always be slow to react to anything and never have a good plan worked out ahead of time.  Recently they did take leave from the legislative session to make a valid point, but should have stayed gone longer and ended up caving in. But it was a move in the right direction finally. I did go to Pendleton and supported them on that issue on June 27 and had a photo up at East Oregonian of me holding my sign that read "Vets before Illegals and REPs stay gone" ! So I will support them when they do a good job and follow thru accordingly and effectively. I consider myself to be a Conservatarian.  A conservative thinker in the truest since of fiscal policies and a big supporter of the Bill of Rights and Constitution as written with 1st and 2nd amendments intact fully !   This seems to me the only logical and fair mentality in todays world where political correctness rules many matters as well as identity politics and the lies and distortions from the left. So I believe there is a better way to fight back and change the GOP to something worth having. Until they realize their main position of being the Chamber of Commerce cheer leaders and the lackies for the corporatocrcy that has been created and put on steroids, largely by Obama and crew,  is NOT the best position, they will only continue to falter and fail on many matters. This kind of thinking is precisely why they have become the status quo shills they are perceived as.  And the recent wave of RINOs being exposed like McCain, Flake, Amash, Ryan and others proves this point in spades. We now have some actual leadership in DC , so lets get some here in Oregon finally ! It all starts here in Oregon with Recalling Kate and realizing the unions are their breeding grounds to hold power as well as more illegal alien voters. 

Here is how it all works nation wide. Too many people are afraid of being called a racist or some other false narrative.  Wake up people and stand up ! 



           More to come as it develops and rest assured it will heading into the 2020 !  

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