Leonardo was perhaps the finest genius of all time and creation on this planet. I have stumbled onto a 5 part video series of his life from the 70s. It is an Italian production which seems quite fitting given the subject and it is rather excellent in my view.  Largely because it does seem to cover a much wider scope of events from birth to death of this truly incredible man. So how did Leonardo transcend the limits of thinking and living that most of us humans seem to be besieged with ? That is the main question to be asked and pondered as I see it from this entire page and I will try to give some answers and explanations along the way as these videos progress thru his evolution. As well one main question always shouts at me in the background of what we call our consciousness ? Have we really progressed in all ways as we seem to insist to think or have we actually been very destructive to ourselves and the natural order of this planet in some ways ?  Is our water pure and healthy to drink ? Is our food nutritious and healthy for us to consume ? Are the oceans being destroyed along with the air we breathe and the soil we grow our food in ? Are we already starting to pollute outer space with space junk ? All valid questions in my view and there are many more to be sure. Do not think for a second I believe at all in the false created nonsense called Global Warming as it is presented. It is of course just another control mechanism being created and forced on you to control you by the elites who actually do control us. They all control us by using our tax dollars as they see fit. Let that sink in. Let us continue on this journey !   

Leonardo was born into this world as a bastard man child at a time when this created great limits for any person who was deemed illegitimate ?  It seems clear this station in life affected his social interactions greatly as he was truly a loners loner to a large degree. But did this serve him well ? I think it did on a grand scale because he was never quite as consumed in the many distractions of life as his peers and therefore was capable of devoting much more attention and focus to the things that motivated him greatly, like the natural order that we all live in.  This all seems to be the constant theme all through his life. He was very confident in what he thought and his own discoveries along the way. This was his own Inner Journey unfolding that never ended  ! 


Leonardo's  genius in many skill sets using both left and right side of the brain seems unmatched to my understanding of mankind. I have long been mesmerized and pondered who this man was and how he came to be who he was. Now I have a much deeper understanding of him. This adventure in this 5 part video series is quite remarkable and gives many answers as well as raises many questions also. Something has always shouted at me from all of the pre-modern ages is that none of the most intelligent and clear thinkers in all of mankind were educated in what we today call institutions of higher learning quite as we have today ? They were in fact nearly all self educated. Let that sink in because it is a very deep insight to be sure ! And it answers a very serious matter in todays world, like the question, what exactly really is education ? I will expand my thoughts on this and other matters as we go along in between the videos with some commentary and ideas that have come up for me. Another issue that has shouted at me for a long while now is how much has been lost to mankinds knowledge and understanding of many matters ? Like Leonardos unfinished works of his many skills and the libraries at Alexandria burning and all of that ancient knowledge destroyed forever. How much did we lose and would we all be much better off if we had we not lost it ? Some such events are simple fate it seems and some are quite deliberate. None the less these concepts and questions are very interesting matters to ponder. We live in a time when few people actually have many if any real skills and most are consumed in what they call technology as their work. One way or another utilizing devices to do all their thinking for them and produce what ever their product is. I find this all very annoying and disappointing at the same time for many valid reasons. When we look around we see 70+ % of our population are either fat to the point they suffer great health maladies from their physical condition or are simply obese and killing themselves even if they do not realize it. What a dichotomy of events hey ? to think back to Leonardos time of life and then come forward one must ask yourself have we really progressed or regressed in many ways ? No doubt we have progressed in some ways, but certainly not all. Yet we insist we are well past smarter than all prior eras and must continue our insane domination of the natural world around us at any cost to ourselves. As well 70 K people a year are dying from drug over doses that are all self inflicted insanity. Also about 70 million unborn have been murdered willfully via state sponsored abortions ? So again I would ask are we really progressing ? How many people do you know that are truly happy and healthy and fully capable of enjoying their lives ? And ponder this tidbit that came to me with these videos ? In Leonardos day they did not have mass abortions at will for all or he likely would not have been born as a bastard child  ! So that raises the obvious question, in our supposed modern times how many Leonardos have we never allowed to come into existence and is that actually progressing ?  A slightly different perspective on our history of events when we look through a clearer lense, hey ? So by extension of these many thoughts lets see where it all leads us with Leonardo as a new reference point in comparison to our own existence !                

Leonardo Da Vince an incredible life 

I have always been totally fascinated and intrigued with Leonardo and a few other incredible minds from the past for several simple reasons. The main one being how did these highly intelligent people get so incredibly intelligent in what we all consider times of ignorance only because we arrogantly think we are smart ? We have some idea that humans have moved forward in time with what we call technology and supposed science that have brought us intelligence. But is that actually a real and valid premise and assumption or is it really just another form of mans hubris and arrogance from a lack of understanding many matters ?  Or perhaps even some forms of the many illusions created for us to control us,  maybe a little of both, Hey ? 

When we take a more realistic and critical look and a longer perspective over time, have we really advanced everything ?  Are people really happier and less anxiety ridden and frustrated ?  Are people healthier and really smarter and more physically capable or are they fat and obese and rather miserable in most aspects of their lives today ? None of these legitimate questions have truly simple answers but some of them do. In some ways we have elongated our life spans. But how many people live a good portion of their lives on more or less life support, via pharmaceuticals, that also bring all manner of destructive forces and misery via side affects and their quality of life is horrid ? Last year here in USA 70K people overdosed on drugs ? Is that a healthy and advanced society of intelligent people ?    

Below are the balance of the 5 videos in this series. An incredible adventure. Realize this page is under construction and I will be offering more of my own insights in between the videos for your perusal and considerations

It seems to me Leonardo was clearly one of the few people at the time who was NOT consumed and controlled by the religions of his day. He developed his own work arounds to avoid many complications so he could devote all of his attention to other matters and events. So we must wonder what kind of limits did that place on him and could he have had even greater experiences and revelations had he not had such limits and can any of that still affect us greatly today from various forces we live under ? Not just by religions but governments ?  Just a thought to consider, ENJOY this journey.