We are in a war, this is NOT a game , this is very real indeed !

Most people here in USA today have not fully grasp the many illusions we all live under that were created for us to control us. Now as we see many criminal acts by our own government being exposed, it is all becoming much more clear to many people that they have in fact been living in these many illusions for their entire lives ! Unfortunately for all of us and the nation in general, a guy named Barrack Hussein Obama came along and put all the illusions on steroids to control us even more as the objective of his regime ! But in the end their many crimes and horrid policies actually worked to wake up many millions of people who were already skeptical of big government. This happened largely because they took it all too far and overreacted to their power at the time. They also thought Hillary would be elected and they could never be caught or held responsible for the many crimes they committed mostly in the last 2 years leading up to the election of 2016. Now of course it has all backfired and the Mueller sham has actually exposed their own crimes even more as the Fake Russia sham has completely failed, leaving the DEM/RINO/DSA criminals exposed for many crimes themselves . What an irony, Hey, they dug so deep they found themselves and proved the guy they were trying to hang was never anything they claimed  !

The first line of defense

I will not go any deeper on the Mueller sham matter because this site already has pages about those subjects in great detail and clarity and it has all been clearly shown to be a sham now . My purpose for this new page is to bring clear thinking minds together to share ideas and analysis, thesis and possible solutions. People who think outside the box and realize the many illusions are my goal to reach and share such thinking processes with. In some ways we must unite as a force of mental and perhaps physical strength and clarity. I see this as the beginning of the only real solution to the diatribe of lies and deception we get from both red and the blue thieves and con men who represent illegal aliens more than they represent us legal citizens. I have had enough of the bullshit and will focus on calling any politico out who continues to represent illegals ! That is not only not their job, but it is a form of treason and treachery  ! The best way to fight it is to clearly expose it all when and where you can and as publicly as possible ! Go to local town hall events for your local politicos of both red and blue and point out when they do this crap in a public venue ! Ask specific questions and demand specific answers and thereby expose them ! Do not yell or get mad or obtrusive, just use facts and common sense and you will get the job done effectively ! The illegal aliens are of course just one of many crimes being committed against all of us. So do not be shy about exposing other bad acts or crimes. The next elections will be critical going forward , so realize we are in a critical period and our input is completely necessary. Also realize these politicos work for us , not the other way around ! So lets get out there and let your voices be heard and seen !  

The power of Boycotts and Protest

For what ever reasons most conservative types seem to think boycotts or protest are for somebody else , not them ? I have never fully grasp this backwards thinking. What I do know for sure is that boycotts work, just as the Costco boycott worked a few years back almost over nite in the book sales event.  We actually have all the power via power of the purse, our purchasing power ! But many have been afraid to use it. People need to realize we are NOT in what used to exist, we are in a war for our nation and society ! Barrack Obama brought us to this new perspective and there is no other choice but to fight back or lose all ! And we can fight back legally and very effectively with specific plans and measures to carry out in a cohesive manner. As I said it is time we unite and share ideas and a common mindset to take  our country back from the maniacs who have destroyed it ! As we can all see, DC is a sewer of corruption and the more we can expose it all the better and the more minds we can win and help regain their own powers. See the page below for the basic instructions of boycotts and how easy it is to do effectively and it cost nothing , it is FREE !

Citizens take back America !

I am completely open to hear any and all ideas, answer questions and feedback, so simply contact me at the contact page via email or phone. And encourage others as well. This is a simple way to stand up and fight back, so get on board and get proactive so the coming election is our success and a good future outcome !   Most all of it is actually fun with the right mindset like a UFC fighter !   But also remember to be prepared for any and all events as well going forward.  I imagine we will see fireworks and likely physical confrontations going forward as the prosecutions and firings heat up !  So consider getting fit and strong and healthy to fight back, both physically and with your mindset. Consider also joining 3% ers or Oath Keepers ! 


                                                                                         Do not be like these guys


                                                                                              Keep it all going in truth


Join a Tribe of Thinkers and Doers

And set yourself  Free !