Is what we call our current health care system real or just another illusion created to fool us  ? 

I urge every citizen to realize this entire event is a fraud and deliberately created event by psychopaths within our own bureaucracy and government as well as some NGOs. The evidence of this is overwhelming and you need to realize the depth of what is taking place as a massive crime ! None of these people speaking out are doing so for any reason except that they know the truth and that this is a giant scheme. It is clear this is at least a two fold purposed event. One is to destroy our economy to try and totally undermine Trump, the other is clearly to install mandatory VAX and have 100% total control over your health and physical being by these control freak maniacs of the DEM/DSA ! The next step is to undermine and take down the food supply and that is also already in motion by nefarious means behind the scenes !

I will be utilizing many videos as sources that are all very recent and the most cutting edge and current valid information available as of today. There is of course a tremendous amount of disinformation created as well ongoing to keep YOU from knowing many truths, so please have an open mind and look over all the info, as well my own musings and make up your own mind if what you have been told is accurate , honest and factual, or just a giant set of control mechanisms and propaganda to control you and dominate you !

I will start with a set of videos by Dr V.A. Shiva, he explains the underlying motives of the people involved as well as their incentives and specific actions that are in fact horrendous criminal acts.  This first one above came from Twitter, so I can only link it but the others will be video addresses intact and hope they are not taken down by YouTube. Just click on the underlined above to get started   Note 2 videos YouTube has deleted in their censoring program where they decide what you can see and hear !  

BIll Gates has a very specific set of agendas.  He is now focused on mandatory VAX and it is NOT for your own good to be sure. He owns companies that create vaccines right now that are never publicized and he owns a patent on this new supposed Corona Virus vaccine as well ! Let that all sink in because the real underlying agendas are NOT what you are being told and propagandized with daily. Just as Gates is not who and what he claims to be, the videos above at the top of this page clearly define and show who he really is and he is not any kind of genius, just another rich kid elitist geek who is actually just another control freak DEM ! Note in his early days how similar he and Zuck the cuck look like each other, control freak twins or clones ? Very strange to say the least. Consider how much insane over reactive praise all of these suppsoed tech giants have received in recent years , same as Apple and of course Steve Jobs, who was also just a salesman and no engineer at all, just a pure hypester marketer ! All of these people created their own images with 100% pure propaganda from moneys they stole from you and your own tax dollars via their foundations and companies. Exactly the same as the Clintons do and did for decades. They are all criminals in fact and make their own rules/laws you must live by but certainly not them !  Note Gates is no doctor nor does he have any kind of special edcuation or degree in anything and he is ruling over many millions of peoples health and supposed benefit based on what exactly ?  Something is very wrong here people so pay attention and get proactive against these control freaks to save your own health and well being !  All of these people are part of the ongoing coup to get rid of Trump, as well as bring about total control over YOU !

Here is another video on Gates insane agendas and the VAX movement to control YOU ! We have all been lied to for decades now about many aspects of what we call health created here in USA today. Also note  the video "VAXXED" has  been taken down by YouTube. You are not allowed to see certain information very deliberately. Consider how many supposed diseases and or extreme conditions like autism and all manner of auto immune dysfunctions on a grand scale. And it is all about population control and control of that population not just by the numbers of population.

In closing I leave you with a serious yet simple thought, face what you must face in life. You will always benefit from this perspective and prooactive mindset in every event and matter ! 

This is a video interview by Brian Rose at LondonReal with Dr. Rashid Buttar   this  page gives you access to Dr. Buttars site on a button to the rignt side of the page and there is much more excellent information there . Note a drop down with 5 videos that will get you started on another leg down the rabbit hole ! Buttar is very well versed in the current matters with this insane virus fiasco and a leader in what is called the Advanced  Medicine movement                 This video is not in You Tube format, just click on the underlined highlighted link above

This video is the most recent interview of Dr Buttar by ​Brian Rose at LondonRealtv 5/21/20  a consensus of thousands of doctros being suppressed to voice against all vaccines. He explains how the pharma/vaccine companies bailed out these insane companies that have killed milions of people. And all of it is 100% untested, beyond scary and insane  !  

This is a video interview by Brian Rose at LondonReal with David Icke  it is also a very detailed look at the Corona Virus and the connection between 5G and the virus

                                                                                                         This video is not in You Tube format, just click on the underlined highlighted link above


Is the Corona Virus what it is claimed to be or something else ? 

Let's take a look at some evidence and facts and see what we find.                                                                                    published 4/20/20 and updated ongoing 

Note all the videos of the empty hospitals were taken down, deleted , censored and the nurse that came forward on the NYC hospital over whelmed sham that never really occurred and just another created event.   So why is it necessary to delete and censor and who gets to do this censoring and make these decisions, FB Twitter and Google ?  And why are the deaths reported being skewed extremely and death certificates being issued falsely and deliberately ? 

Next is a series of different sources showing that the same day after all media outlets bombarded us with false and totally misleading info that all the hospitals were over run with CV patients and a kind of war zone, we find numerous people went to the hospitals and made video documentation they were all quite empty of any CV patients in massive lines or any other patients for that matter were even present. Later videos, very recent ones show doctors making claims hospitals have basically been closed down for anything except what can only be described as fake CV patients who died not from CV, but all manner of other ailments that were in fact prior comorbid events and maladies yet their death ceritficates were fruadulently altered to read as CV deaths to raise the count of deaths ! As well as Dr. Shiva points out these hospitals and doctors are receiving payment for going along with these scams and also for using ventilators that are NOT helping to heal anybody and have already killed many ! So yes this rabbit hole gets very deep indeed and very distorted and grotesque as we consider all the people and unfortunate souls who were fed to this horrid scheme as fuel for the fire.  They have taken down some of his videos as well in the last few days so there is a serious concerted effort to suppress the truth of it all and many others being censored greatly and deleted.​                       


                                                                         Doctor Mikovits speaks out !

Here is the most recent interview wit Dr Mikovits by Brian Rose at LondonRealtv 5/20/20

Here is the most recent Interview with Dr. Mikovits by Brian Rose at LondonRealtv 5/13/20 

Here is the Mikovits video "Plandemic" it was taken down at Youtube as well but I am finding ways to recover many of them censored  

Here is another actual real account by professional peers regarding who Fauci really is and his modus operandi ! It also clearly shows his slant to politcal partisanship and the exact opposite of any actual scientific approach to anything. It is all about accomplishing specific agendas and purposes of power and control over YOU ! Fauci is not who or what he claims to be at all and all of our government agencies are full of these bureaucrat criminals and maniacs who are unelected and have far too much concentrated p[ower over you. It should be well past clear Trump got sucked in by these supposed experts and heatlh care professionals who are nothing of the sort. They are simply just more control freaks in power  Theior PHDs and MBAs alllowed blinders to be put on all eyes and ears ! Click on the underlined above and below as these videos are not on You Tube

And here is another recent documented article on who Fauci is and what his agendas are ll about.

More info from peers on Fauci in this video   not allowed on YouTube

To start this process I will ask the question if we live in illlusions that seem to determine our thinking procssess today and are these illusions many times created for us by others  deliberately ? I am convinced that answer is a resounding yes ! Most people today do not realize this fact, but it is abundantly clear if we simply pay attention and do NOT get absorded in the daily spoon feeding of the Hegellian dialectic and dsytopian info spoon fed to us non stop by what we call the media outlets. I refer to them all as PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda outlets of the deep state apparatus that today is largely dominated by the democrats but with the RINOs as well, who are simply status quo shills of the current systems of corruption !  These are all just control mechanisms and propaganda outlets and nothing more, so let that sink in and it will likely make total sense of the current nonsense and insanity we are all living in and being subjected to. Previously I published  this page  about the pure political and economic motivations behind the supposed Corona Virus phenom we are now engulfed in. My intentions with this new page are to dive even deeper into the rabbit hole for even more clarity of this insidious event and its true origins and insane purposes as a control mechanism over humanity as a whole, not just here in USA  !  I hope to show how PC and the ongoing massive suppression of free speech has also affected all outcomes and thinking processes of the masses ! I will rely on people far more technically endowed of medical practices and training than myself, although I openly say I do not put much faith in many for those endeavors under the current systems we are realizing are in fact failed systems for many valid reasons ! Simply understand there are good people out there in those professions who are trying to speak truth to the insanity present and deliberately created 24/7/365 ! And they are being repressed and censored as much as possible by TPTB in these schemes. 

Some seem to think there is no valid reason for hospitals and doctors to be sued ? The fact is sometimes there are very necessary reasons they deserve to be sued for totally valid reasons. And yes there are ambulance chasers as well, but ask yourself why does this organization even exist for the sole purpose of handling claims for damages to patients that are seriously harmed or killed by vaccines ?  Health Resources & Services Administration, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  ?  As well why would a bogus law like this one even be considered if all was fair and no real underhanded issues concerning the supposed Corona Virus, so well structured and placed in motion as FEAR PORN to create hysteria ?

Also realize as Dr, Buttar explains in detail, the difference and bogus reasoning between how and why some claims are never made because they do not fall into the right circumstances of their origination and are deliberately setup that way and funded that way from the get go ! A vaccine can be held liable and a virus cannot ? So the creation of a virus as an obfuscation for the medical problems with 5G is exactly what ww are seeing done here in spades as more control mechanisms.     

Here is one of the videos from the Bakersfield doctors that was saved by an independent outlet similar to LondonReal ?  click on the underlined blue link as I got it back up again froma another source. They pose all the right questions for sure and call bullshit in public on all of it from their own first hand experience as clinic owners and operators and doctors directly involved with many kinds of patients. They clearly say they were coerced to change or alter all death certificates if possible to CV  and yes they were offered payment and a much easier time in their business dealings  !  

Is a very clear picture of what is really taking place beginning to form for you ? I had this up and as I was working on it and they took it down like magic, so here is Tucker talking about it in his April 28 Intro and a short clip of what was said embedded in his content. It was much more in depth, why does YouTUbe get to decide what is OK ? This is all a very seriios matter and must be resolved, so why are Trump and most REPs allowing this blatant censorship to tak place regularly on a grand scale now now ? I have no legitimate answer and can only ask the question ? As you cn see above I did find another source for the Bakersfield doctors video eventually. 

I will be updating this page as things develop and information becomes available ongoing, consider this page under construction, I will be adding info about the massive censoring taking place that has already started here and elsewhere from YouTube and so many other outlets out of control with such events that must be stopped !   

                                       If this page helps you in some way please donate to keep it all going with simple truth

I Just found this today. It is a nurse that is exposing all the crimes in the hospitals in NYC. She videoed many accounts of mass muder taking place. And her expose' is well past shocking and disgustingly brutal , but very real.  She also points out how money is being made off of these deaths. 

Professor Knut Wittkowski speaks out on what is really taking place and very simple conslusions and resolutions

Here are the new videos from Professor Knut Wittkowski. He totally exposes and discredits this phony virus for what it is , a control mechanism deliberately created to control YOU or kill you !  5/19/20  5/18/20

Brian Rose at LondonRealtv has been hitting it out of the park on exposing all the lies and distortions of the Covid 19 sham in spades !  

Here is the recent interview of Dr Tenpenny by Brian Rose at LondonRealtv 5/14/20 

This is the most recent video interview by Brian Rose at LondonReal with Robert F Kennedy Jr. Kennedy completely exposes Fauci, Gates and all the other pharma shill criminals as well all the bogus agencies like FDA, CDC, NIH, John Hopkins Hospital and other supposed prestigious frauds for who and what they all really are as well as the insane vaccine industry here in USA and world wide !                                                          This video is not in You Tube format, just click on the underlined highlighted link above

This is the most recent video interview by Brian Rose at LondonReal with David Icke 5/3/20. This goes down the "supposed Covid-19" rabbit hole to the bottom of the hole ! It is a rather simple clarification of Dr. Andrew Kaufmans expose' of how the testing being done is 100% fraudulent and the entire supposed scientific basis of the virus itself is also 100% fraudulent. All of it is just a giant control mechanism that was totally created by the deep state maniacs and PRAVDA/MSM. It also exposes the massive censorship taking place so no other stories can be known to counter act the lies and massive distortions taking place by what we call our health care system and scientific community. It is all a giant fraud and nothing less ! So simple yet billions of people have believed these massive lies and distortions forced on them via straight up propaganda. Icke clarifies how the fraud of Global Warming and its scientific fraud is th same exact script as this fraudulent virus sham that jhas been created out of pure propagannda and zero scientific basis. As well references to many doctors now coming forward and pointing out th many fraudulent practices in motion like paying doctros and hospitals to list CV deaths and diagnosis for payment from the govetnment agencies that are all 100% corrupted exactly as DOJ and FBI were in the phony Mueller/Russia sham ! It is all the same thing, a giant propaghanda scheme to create and maintain a false narrative as if it is real ! It is all a created control emchanism based on FEAR and nothing more. ​                                                                                                        This video is not in You Tube format, just click on the underlined highlighted link above

This video is an interview by Brian Rose at LondonReal with Dr.  Andrew Kaufman 4/30/20  he holds multiple extensive research degrees and is a practicing MD and psychiatrist with an indepth micro biology background. He gives  proof positive this entire virus is a sham and not real as advertised at all ! This is critical information for every American to see ASAP !  You are being 100% lied to and totally deceived by maniacs and psychopaths inside our own government and many NGOs !

                                                                                                       This video is not in You Tube format, just click on the underlined highlighted link above 

Time to rethink all we thought was real and good !

It should be abundantly clear it is also quite necessary to talk about the massive censorship that is taking place and clearly ramping up in regard to this virus and of course the coming election. DO NOT think for a second these two phenom are NOT interconnected, because they surely are in spades ! As well all of the entities doing this censorship like Google/YouTube and Facebook , Twitter and others are of course all interconnected and all major players in PRAVDA/MSM , the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA ! So yes they are all directly interconnected to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and yes even FOX and the rest of the bunch. The only one that seems to be actully free from their tentacles now is OANN. You may have noticed recenty President Trump has been mentioning all of this and said OANN may be the way to go forward and I agrree on that totally for many obvious and valid reasons. It seems the perversions and political incest and PC at all the others has reached peak idiocy and partisanship ! So I imagine this expansion and rebooting of OANN would also be a great investment tool as well going forward for many as well as a platform of sanity, the opposite of the incessant echo chambers available today. FOX is not totally gone , but it is clearly fading in many respects since ownership and control is changing hands recently.

A very dark hand is now spreading over the nation and world and it must be stopped . The only way to stop it s to simply recognize it and undertand it for what it is and thereby take away all of its power by simply boycotting all of it into total destruction and bankruptcy.  Some years ago I explained all of the basis of these entities here so take a look and let it all sink in because it is all very real and likely not as you have been conditioned to think of it all. Finally Tucker and others are beginning to talk about it all and what I described over 5 years ago. Simply realize the many control mechanisms that were created deliberately and then ask why ? You will see it is all 100% interconnected ! You will also see your smart phone and what we call social media are bith tools that give direct access to your BRAIN and of course your childrens brains  like a direct hotline to what you think and therefore how easy it is to condition you mentally and even spiritually !

I am also going to point out some of the main players in all of these curent schemes of censorship and massive propaganda. Bill Gates and his foundation is a leader of the pack as well the Clintons were in the past and still are altjough muted to some degree now compared to prior years. And of course Obama and Holder and their crews of criminals are also very present and working feverishly begind the scenes to accommodate the massive censorsdhip and ongoing lies and distortions. As well we have a consrotium of medioal professsionsls and experst hwor are niothihg iof he soet in relity , like Fauci and crew who sent the Chinese this program in the first place as well 3.7 million seed money to work with and get it all rolling. So this virus goes back some years to its inception and origination and it is all well documented from University of NC and NIH records ! Which means this virus did in fact originate here in USA under government conrtrol and was all overseen and run by Fauci and crew in conjunction with Obama and crew !