And is PRAVDA/MSM and the DEM/DSA behind it all as a new political weapon to take down Trump and divert all attention away from the DEMs own crimes that were exposed by the Mueller/Russia sham and the potential prosecutions of those crimes ?  As well how many other failed shams did they try before this one ? 

Lets start with a simple dissection of events leading up to the current situation of more or less insane panic and over reaction. Does it seem an incredible coinciidence to you that the many schemes to take down Trump all failed and many backfired and then all of a sudden this virus shows up and dominates all news outlets and all narratives  ?  Let that sink in. Is this all an incredible coincidence ? And are we being told the entire truth of the matter ? Realize as soon as the Durham grand jury was formed and leaked, this new sham erupted big time !

Is this virus far worse than the annual yearly flu or is that being greatly hyped and distorted  ? These sources point out the real numbers and none of it adds up to what we are being told daily ad-nauseum. As well much more info is leaking out that points to a deliberate act and how certain forces/entities in USA and China players were involved even if unwittingly. Many DEM/DSA and RINO types were helping China grow and selling off US assets, secrets and methodologies for a decade and more as everything in USA was and is for sale to the highest bidder. And that is most likely what is being covered up bigly. It is all finally starting to sink in what is really going on and why. And be sure to see the videos at the bottom of the page.


A look at some obvious schemes being created by DEMs to hype this virus and to instill more money to be wasted out of FEAR !

In Washington state recently a Seattle area municipality purchased a motel with taxayer county funds with zero input from any taxpayers or any votes. This was done via the hype that has been created and is just another scheme to be used to garner more tax dollars to be used against you. This time they are combining the homeless sham with the virus sham for a double whammy effect . Clearly a move to keep both events alive and well into the coming election and beyond . This is what the DEMS do, create  problems out of thin air so they can garner more money to be wasted as they see fit ! Also it all helps to ramp up the hysteria that is deliberate and not at all as is being presented 24/7 now. Note Kawleefornya just copied Washingtons hotel sham and that too will end up in a fake homeless scheme ! How many ways are states and municipalities helping create and reinforce panic and more absurd fear ?       this developed into the next link in 3 days like magic with zero input at all by taxpayers     and this was the almost immediate outcome of the newest DEM insanity in an effort to get their hands on the new 8.3 $ billion. The guy was supposedly a homeless guy so this ties the two scams together clearly. This is what DEMs are all about. More schemes and undermining Trump daily ! It all flows like water.      So how many die in Chicago and other US cities by DEM policies and direction for many years now every week and nothing is said at all ?       And how many real crimes like this have fallen by the way side very deliberately because PRAVDA/MSM refuse to tell them as they are ?

and this over 3600 deaths nation wide from CV  ? and many more from the common flu. Just what can the military do to make this sham better or does this just ramp up the hysteria ?    Are NY , Kawleefornya, Washington state and Oregon and many other DEM states all part of the insanity being promoted in spades ?

They are on a roll now bigly with unbelievable over reaction, lies and massive distortions non stop  !  This doctor from Germany of all places, is pointing out the obvious shams being perpetrated on all of us by the supposed experts ! 

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​This video is the most critical piece of information available out there today beside this page you are now on.  just click on the underlined 

We are also seeing a lot of over reaction by many in the supposed health care system who call themselves professionals. The verified numbers of how many have contacted and died from the normal annual flu versus the numbers contacting the virus and dying from it does not match up at all with what we are being told by these so called professinals. Hard to know all of their motives, but who wants to go against the many false narratives PRAVDA/MSM is putting out and look like a naysayer or be labeled a bad guy or be called a name for heavens sake ?  See how easy it is to get these supposed professionals to go along with the garbage ? But there are more starting to speak out finally !  Here is just one of them. There are more showing up daily now

And here is one more source that clearly shows we are NOT getting all the real info, not even close.  As 50% of all cases  reported are people under 50 years old and much younger. The reason is a  simple one. This virus can only affect people with weak or impaired immune systems and many younger people have weak and impaired immune systems world wide and certainly here in USA today !

The real issue is not age necessarily, although many older people have weakened immune systems. But many much younger people also have weak or impaired immune sytems today for many reasons, mostly ignorance and lazyiness. as well many older people simply gave up on their health at around 45 or 50 and let the doctors ruin their immune systems with antibiotics that were handed out like candy for decades and many other forms of pharma as they have become dependant on it all out of their own ignorance. There are many millions of older people who are very strong and healthy far more so than many much younger people who eat garbage daily and take drugs a well as various foms of pharma. So this is NOT a one size fits all scenario at all related to older people only a we are being told daily.    

So when Fauchi says this virus is more than 10 times more deadly than the annual flu, yet many more are dying and getting infected from that annual flu, who is talking double speak and putting out bogus information ? I do not believe that for a second because it is not correct or even close to correct at this juncture and we have been in this supposed pandemic for several months now yet so far only 100 people infgected in USA  !  There has been plenty of time now for it all to come to fruition as claimed and it is NOT happening as claimed. Some of the links above clearly show the real death rate of this virus is around .65% of 1% , not 3.6 % that has been reported wrongly and deliberately. Fauchi has helped put Trump in some of this disinfo mess. I have no idea what his motives are for putting out bogus info , but we will surely find out ! Many times as you may have begun to notice, these supposed experts are not quite the experts they claim to be on many matters. And then we have people with their own interest helping hype this like Mike Adams and Alex Jones to sell their wares. 

Here is just one article that raises many serious questions about these so called professionals and why some of this is just not as valid as is being claimed. Realize in some ways science is being manipulated in many aspects just like the supposed science surrounding global warming that is clearly largely bogus. This is no different at all. Supposed science us being manipulated and used as a political weapon, just as our fed agencies have been as well ! 

Again the same question keeps popping up ? Why are far more people being affected and dying from the annual flu than this supposed CV pandemic ? The questions asked and answers given in the article above answer that specifically as well as the videos below. The supposed basis of the new virus and the testing methodologies are 100% bogus. None of it holds up to any scrutiny at all but fits the hysteria criteria perfectly !  As well the two well known remedies have been greatly played down or ignored by the supposed experts and HC professionals, why ? Vit C and Quinine have been available the entire time and only just now being considered, why ? So are these supposed experts and professionals really experts and professionals or just agents of deceit ? 

Now in just the last 3 days this showed up and it is VERY disturbing to say the least ! Watch for your self and please tell me how is it possible on one day we get massive reports of all hospitals being over run, especially in the hot spot NYC and one day later there are no lines, nobody being tested and the hospitals are in fact simply shut down completely nation wide ?

Clearly an effort to ramp up more hysteria and take down all commerce and the economy as we are being lied to massively on a grnd scale !

And this source of the same events at many other locations nation wide   Clearly we are being duped BIGLY via massive deceit from PRAVDA/MSM the propghanda arm of the DEM/DSA ! Something is very wrong here in USA today people.​

This new video explains all the manipulations in great detail, not only of the supposed corona virus, but many other serious matters and manipulations as well here in USA today and world wide. All of it by a CIA operative speaking the truth of many  matters. He is not the only one for sure speaking out on the insanity present we are being inundated with 24/7/365.



​If you do nothing else with the information on this page, I urge you to watch this video and realize the deep state and NWO are all 100% interconnected and very real. It is not just a grave concern for people here in USA but world wide. Ukraine is now being integrated into the Euro NWO system of the corporatcracy and technocracy that rules over all of us. Ukraine is just the most obvious current operation just as the Middle East was and still is. All pieces of the puzzle being taken down like dominoes to install total power and control over all. Most of the serious matters and crimes in Ukraine were helped along in the recent past by the US State Dept , CIA and other criminal bad actors under BHO and crew and of course Russia with a slightly different perspective and twist of motives. They now at least have a chance to avert all of it with their new president Zelenshy hopefully, same as we do here in USA with Trump

This page is under construction as the events unfold daily so more to come as it develops. Let some common sense prevail people, THINK !  We are not getting the truth of many matters                                                                      

In the very first sentence back then I said a"Yes this virsu is real" ? But since then I have confirmed there is no such thing as CV 19 . It has never been isolated and does NOT exist as claimed and never has. As well there never was any Pandemic except for the vaccine itself causing all the deaths. It was all a created event and now exposed as such and that is why they are backing off and trying to distract you with Ukraine. More than 10,000 doctors an scientist worlwide have come foward and verified everything I am saying on this page.  You were all scammed big time ! I knew from the very beginning it was all a lie as the dates of publishing show.  I will update more as it comes. Just realize we went from one main event to another without pause and all of it is just lies ! We do not have a legitimate government any longer , let that sink in.   

Is the CoronaVirus being manipulated as a poltical tool  ? 

This page was published 3/15/20 and will be updated as events unfold 

Yes this virus is real, but so is the common cold and the annual flu that kills far more people and we never see these kind of over reactions to far less numbers of deaths or hospitalized ?  Why is that ?