And these morons are allowed to vote , what could go wrong ? Well past pathetic and very good evidence for a voter knowledge or basic understanding law. Not quite so much humor here, but it is, what it is

This guy is one of he funniest men in my life time. He is right up there with Richard Pryor and Rodney Dangerfield

I hope people will realize we have gone way too far with PC and maybe we can actually get back to some basic reality and the ability to laugh at ourselves. 

more to come

A large dose of plain old common sense and what a liberal actually is

Humor is not Dead !

In a state of insanity we can find some logic and reason if we simply look for it and a reason to see the lunacy and laugh at it !

 I will be posting a few gems that I find as we go along this journey of madness with political shenanigans and economic fiasco's. All that have great affect on our society and culture. We must be able to point out the madness for all to see and call it what it is. As crazy as it may seem, there is a sort of perverse humor in all of it, simply because it is so whacky and many times over the top of ones common sense. But we all know how serious it actually is. Maybe we can restore some common sense and demand accountability from our so-called leaders with some humor pointed in the right direction now that BHO is gone and we have a chance at some reality again. But realize we are not out of the woods simply because D. Trump was elected. We still need to be sure correct boundaries are intact for the new crew as well. I hope we do not go too far toward the corporatocracy which could also be a serious problem going forward. Enjoy and pass along to others. Scroll down for some  hilarious VIDEOS and images and feel free to copy them and reuse them.

This video is not YouTube so I cannot put it up quite the same , but it is also a good piece of anti-liberal humor from a hottie ! Reminds me of why we should bring back Andrew Dice Clay " I was standing in line at the bank one day and this chick in front of me "   see video below of Andrew !

                                                                                 I find the Bears and the E trade babies hilarious


                                               Our government agents at work keeping you safe by spying on you ?


           Left victim thinking of the mind effed fools                          Amnesty for any crimes Obama may have committed