Now let us turn our attention to Antifa.   This article   points out clearly the underpinnings of who and what Antifa actually are.  It goes on a much deeper dive to the many players and roots of the various tentacles all across the nation. Note all the various links that identify all the players. It very clerly identifies all the players in NYC and raises some very serious questions about the FBI and other suppsoed DHS related agencies who have been well aware of all of it and all the players for the entre time they have been in existance. We have a series of events and players and of course Governor Cuomo and Mayor Deblasio both participate in facilitating these criminals as they deem necessary to further the democrat agendas. It becomes clear the agencies, not just FBI, have been going along with all of it and turned a blind eye until recently , yet they still do nto arrest these known criminals. Why is that. These people identified in Brooklyn and the Bronx are some serious criminals and they are straight up terrorists ! 

The Revolutionary Abolitionist movement in NYC is a key player in NYC that has been spreading their distortions all across the nation recently with the help of the DEMs and of course PRAVDA/MSM, their propganda arm. Mos peopel ahve never ehrd of some fo thes tentcle groups of the Antifa under pinnings nation wide. So be sure to peruse the linked article above for the full meal deal amd all the tentacles . It also points out a group and location called the BASE ! Reaiize all of these splinter groups are funded and created by various Soros groups and other DEM/DSA funding mechanisms and so far have been allowed to operate freely to help create all of the chaos and insanity we see daily here across USA. Again I would ask why has FBI director Wray been allowed to ignore all of this ? The same question applies to CIA, DHS and all the other supposed security agencies we fund in the $ trillions ? It is clear they have gone along with undermining Trump and the nation in the ongoing coup.

Another main player from within involved directly with facilitating Antifa is Keith Ellison of Minnesota. He is  also a criminal who got off on serious crimes in Minnesota because the DEM/DSA is in control of Minnesota as well as many other states nation wide. Washingtion state, Oregon, Kawleefornya, Illinois, MIchigan. Missouri, Virginia and others in various degrees of dominance, by distortions and coercion. Realize nearly all the young minds at every level of supposed education have been 100% propagandized and indoctrianted to the insane theories these groups promote. Also realize Antifa and BLM are not only interelated and interconnected but they are just the front groups with many more underlying tentacles. This is all setup this way to obfuscate who they really are and complicate any detection of their true purposes. As well realize there is a paid cadre of both groups that are the key players who incite all the other fools into criminal acts regularly. Antifa and BLM as portrayed on TV are in fact simply symbols created by the left to let the maniacs identify with a cause via their indoctrination at our schools, no matter how insane that cause is !  These are 100% mind fucked maniacs who believe the garbage they have been spoonfed their entire lives and you PAID for all of it ! That is their secret power, using your tax dollars against you in myriad of ways 24/7/365. 

In the photos above Ellison has openly avowed his support for Antifa. Ellison is now the Attorney General in the state of Minnesota . Does that raise any serious questions as well when he is in a photo with the known Antifa activists from the Portland area, Louis Marquez.  And by the way how did Marquez travel to the Minnesota state fair where that photo of them was taken to meet with Ellison ? Who pays Marquez, who has no job , but lives quite comfortably ? How can he afford to travel around and collaborate with these known criminals within our own government ?   

Something is very wrong within our own government to allow all of this to happen and continue ! The video above of Marquez was taken just shortly after Andy Ngo was atatcked in Portland and the police stood down and watched it all happen ? Clearly the DEMs are fully engaged in all of these criminal acts and continuosly enable both Antifa and BLM to break down USA by any means possible.

After readng the article I linked at the top of the page and perusing all the links to the many tentacles and what I have shown you about the Antifa hierarchy connected to our own government , it should be clear who and what they all are. As well all the players, some within our own governement.  They create all of these events with the help of the DEM/DSA , the DNC and of course PRAVDA/MSM their propaganad arm.  And yes Ilhan Omar is a player and also a serious criminal who has never been prosecuted for her many crimes as well that are also well known. Why is that in both cases of Omar and Ellison ? Is it now because Ellison is the AG or is it because the feds simply have refused to get both of them ?  Or maybe both ? Something is very wrong in USA today as it all continues and these two are just a few of the many criminals within ! Yes you are paying people like Ellison an Omar to destroy your nation and society in a consortium of these maniacs working together. The only good news is, all of it is being exposed for what it is, serious crimes masqueraded as social engineering and social justice, whatever that is ? 

And here is the nail in our coffin for all of us if we do not pay attention and destroy all of these maniacs before they destroy us and the nation !

More as it becomes available.    

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How BLM and Antifa were created via lies and distortions 

This recent article linked below and the comments as well with many links , explain how George Zimmerman was railroaded with a false witness deliberately and via the judges and lawyers that were completely politically correct players of a massive fraud on the courts and the nation as a whole ! Read it and the comments and you will see what actually happened and how this story and the little Mikey, "hands up don't shoot" false narrative,  both helped create BLM under the Obama and crew DOJ ! It all goes back to these sources of false narratives that were created deliberately. Here is an article by Jack Cashill that helps explain it all  and opens up a deep rabbit hole of truth to explore.

Note the various links in the article comments as reference points for you to follow up on as well. Here is my comment in that section. 

"Excellent read and expose' . I hope others will pick up this story as it is greatly needed to help stop the current insanity that was all CREATED by these left wing maniacs I will be adding on a page at my site, DowntoEarthThinking and passing this on to Tucker and others as well. 

I would also add as a side note that something was quite wrong in Florida back then. Remember the Broward county elections official Grimes, that was caught deliberately creating fraudulent votes 8 times in 12 years and caught on a massive scale in the 2016 ? Pam Bondy was the AG and she and the governor at the time did absolutely nothing about any of it for over a decade of serious voter crimes . Yet now both appear on Hannity regularly and get passed off as real conservatives which they are NOT ! These people are all opportunist and observe all manner of crimes and do NOTHING ! They don't want to be called names you know, or actually fight the left false narratives ? And now we see the results of such non actions as the nation burns and police are being destroyed nation wide and all for a lack of TRUTH and any resemblance of courage ! Also realize the stand down police brought some of this on themselves by their DEM unionist idiocy and following orders that were illegal and directly violated their oath ? So this is all very convoluted and a mess that is not going to be resolved by political jaw jacking or niceties ? Supposed conservatives must look in their own camp for the real answers of any resolution to any of what we see before us. They are all afraid of PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA and that is the real underlying problem ! 

There is no systemic racism nor do police set out to harm or kill people of color on a regular basis. This is all just another creation of a false narrative just like "hands up don't shoot" that never even actually happened, just created ! We all live in many such created events and illusions !”

The video below also helps clarify the real story and all the players involved and how it all morphed into and metastisized into the current insanity we call BLM and Antifa ! All simply political tools of PRAVDA/MSM the propaganda arm of the DNC and DEM/DSA. It was all a created false narrative that is used to this day on steroids now. All the supposed schools of higher education and all lower schools jumped in and helped it all get pumped up into the hysteria we see regularly now. Not just with the false racism junk but the virus as well was another created event and massive over reaction and manipulation ! We do all live under many illusions created for us like Hollywood productions ! Pure fabrications and story line creations of propaganda and interrogation of young minds.   

Also realize there are many forces at work here and nearly all of it is from the extreme dishonesty, treachery and distortions of the DEM/DSA and DNC in conjunction with the RINOs that joined forces with them later to create the Mueller sham and all the other shams along the way in the last 10 years and more under BHO and crew. BLM and Antifa are legacies of that regime and were created to be used as tools for political manipulation and to gain power over YOU !   Now of course we see the many crimes they committed and how they used the agencies and courts to get their way and distort every event all along the way. This is why they have created the Trump hate !  Because Trump was willing to point out their crimes and distortions !

After watching the video above it is quite clear many people were involved in and participated in this massive hoax. It also clearly shows how all these hoaxes are created and how easily many people can get caught up in the lies and distortions and just go along with it all to be accepted and recognized.  No doubt many were white people who have also been totaly mind fucked by PRAVDA/MSM and  the over whelming PC present today and the real racist so very prevalent among us, the race baiters who all benefiit from these insane acts and many times tragedies. After watching all the evidence I think it is clear the ending of the film is accurate in the summation by the author/producer, that Trayvon was just a mixed up kid who had been totally mind fucked by our seriously broken system of governance and corrupted courts and legal/judicial system. It is also clear many in the hood are on the gov plantation from cradle to grave and  that keeps them incredibly ignorant of anyhting worthwhile or even resembling anything that is real or even relevant to life. They all live in the many illusions created for them. But the truth is we all do, one way or the other and to some degree or another ! The task at hand is to find our way through all of the illusions to find any truth at all. 

When you reflect on these events with hindsight and up to current events , it puts it all into a much more honest and factual perspective of what has been taking place and why. How many of these racial hoaxes have happened and how have they been perpetrated ?  Big Mikey, Trayvon, Jussie Smollette, Twanna Brawley and many more , all proven to be hoaxes , yet many people including many whites still buy into this garbage from PRAVDA/MSM and their DEM masters with their ongoing dubious schemes for political power and control over YOU ! In this broader perspective  it is totally clear all of the scemes including everything related to Trump is all 100% interconnected for the sole purpose of removing Trump so he cannot point out their many crimes and schemes.  Clearly all the Trump hate was a created and fabricated event just as these other events were created.  It is all about maintaining positions of power and control and the massive corruption is at every level of our social structure and governance !  Very simply we are continously being manipulated by these forces at hand working against us 24/7/365. 

The recent video below also adds some clarity to who is behind BLM and Antifa. Clearly they are allied and interconeencted by the common denominator of the DEM/DSA and DNC who use them as tools to do their dirty work to undermine our social fabric. This black guy points out clearly that the many white fools who have atken up the BLM mantra are in fact supporting and donating to Marxist extremist who's agenda is to destroy our nation and has nothing at all to do with helping any black people any where on the planet.  That is simply the facade used to garner greater fools to participate in this ruse. It is all about power and control over YOU and you tax dollars ! 


With the help of PRAVDA/MSM,  the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA and the DNC