Health and other potential uses of Coconut Charcoal

Coconut charcoal has been in constant use for many remedies and purposes for  thousands of years. 

I am going to give some links below to many resources of the uses of Coconut charcoal and I will be writing about my own results and use as mentioned on the main page and elsewhere . So consider this page an ongoing discussion and informational outlet. I will be expanding the information as I get it and understand it . Some of the information I am new to as well , beyond the capacity to filter air and water to a high degree . Although I was aware that Coconut charcoal has long been used to extract poisons or toxins from the body and is commonly used for such purposes world wide. Some of the other uses I was not aware of, like extracting radionuclides from the intestinal tract before they can be fully absorbed by the body . Apparently in Ayurvedic medicine , Coconut charcoal has been used for all manner of purposes to detox numerous compounds from the body for many thousands of years . Also there are many uses as a poultice to extract all manner of poisons and  draw out inflammation and absesses.  It is a must have for snake bites and many insect bites as well. I now carry it with me hiking always. Last year a rattle snake almost got me ? And where I go hiking, if you got bit by a rattler you had better have a way to get that poison out fast. Because hiking out would likely kill you ! You eat some internally and make a poultice and apply it directly and of course get a turniquet on it ASAP as you do your treatment. I would lance the wound and open it up and apply charcoal directly with a rag or T shirt like a poultice. There is specific info below and in this  link. Poisonous snakes scare me for sure. You can see his head and rattlers below in center of photo and he was in the second stage of rattling !


                                                                                                this is the guy that I almost stepped on crossing a rocky gully, I took this photo in 2013

So it does have a lot of excellent uses as well as a simple detox. But you still have several phases and types of detox's. I do my intestinal tract, then my liver, kidneys, gallbladder and then heavy metals in a 3 step method. I follow Dr Hilda Clarks methods pretty much. So you still have to do specific detox's. At least I do twice a year. I grow my own dandelion root and harvest wild Burdock and Milk thistle and Juniper berries for this purpose. So far I can simply say I do feel better, but the real test for me, will be if I can get off of thyroid medicine. I have been fiddling with it for a long while , so we shall see if this helps that effort ? I was taking the equivalent of two capsules daily as a test and now am taking 1/3 teaspoon every other day. I was crushing it into a finer granule , but have since just been taking it full size. To see if any negative affect is apparent ? And so far I have seen none at all. I do think it could affect your stool and cause some constipation issues but I have not seen that yet even on larger doses. Probably because of caution.  And I do stay well hydrated always ! I am trying to establish a kind of "baseline" for myself. One article suggests that it can have a constipating affect because it can dry out your intestinal tract ? Which kinda makes some sense , but I have not experienced such and have used it for quite a while now. It will take time to find out the possible issues of intestinal drying/constipation ? I suppose the other side of that coin would be, that it could be used to stop diarrhea and that is mentioned in some of my reading as well ? It can also extract certain medications , nutrients and minerals. So you must make sure you are getting adequate doses of these items. That is why I cut back on my dosage. So we shall see with first hand use over time and various dosages. I am just now starting to do my complete detox and starting a new workout program and will be putting on more muscle and we shall see how the depletion thing goes? I have never noticed any such thing, but I am watching.  Anybody who already has more experience and more information on these uses is encouraged to contact me . I am also learning the many varied uses and purposes myself !  

Here is a current article on Americans that have succumb to radiation induced cancer while serving in the Navy at FUKUSHIMA disaster. And yes , we are all getting an extra dose above and beyond background levels here in USSA and even more so on the west coast. This has not gone away as many think. I have been taking it now for 9 months. And had no ill affect at all. But I imagine you could take too much and have a scavenging effect.

Here is an update on FUKU and some information with a great video not usually known by the public. We are being radiated and it does accumulate in your thyroid ! That is just a simple fact. But there are many more issues and facts that we are not readily told so paying attention seems quite prudent . The exposure from FUKU is far worse than all prior test combined.  2053 above ground test were conducted between 1945 and 1998 all over the world . The video below shows them in a sequential order. Personally I do NOT want anymore , so I use my coconut charcoal regularly to help. Cheap and easy protection  

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Some poisin's and metals adsorbed   (there is a difference between adsorb and absorb ?)

Here is an excellent review from an alternative medicine/health site I really like

Here is a recent article 12/2015 by Kelly Brogan MDthat is quite incredible

Remember you can simply run this charcoal through a coffee grinder or use a mortar and pestal to pulverize or powder it to whatever density you want or need for any purpose so the larger granule is superior in my opinion, gives more flexibility

I recently learned of uses for livestock and chickens ? Charcoal will detox them as well and can help with foundered animals like horses by cleaning up the gut which is related to hoof health . Chickens and other birds will start laying again if they quit once they are detoxed and better overall health returns . Pretty incredible stuff actually .

I just found out about using Coconut charcoal as a soils amendment and a method to retain water.  video here there is  much more information on any search engine. It will also remove unwanted chemicals from soils. Marijuana growers are usaing it a lot as well. Again amazing stuff !


I did just start brushing my teeth with a mixture of ground charcoal and bicarbonate of soda and then rinsing with apple cider vinegar so we shall see if any good affect or whitening occurs ? My teeth are OK , but basically wore out from almost 70 years of intense use, so I am undecided on implants or simply go to dentures of some sort.  Just imagine if you did have issues and had all your teeth drilled in and metal studs holding all in place and there was an issue to remove them? Many people do have problems with implants and some dentist remove them and some will not even use them. Not convinced on that at all as a cure all or perfection ? But I openly admit I do not trust many of the common practices of any of the so-called medical experts in any field or the pharma so freely given or suggested. Just me , because  I have been misdiagnosed too many times and darn near killed several times. I do go the Holistic or natural ways as much as possible and have healed myself of many maladies. If you have more dental info please contact me. I know Coconut charcoal works for lots of uses and gives many great health benefits. In other countries and cultures it is very commonly used for all manner of purposes but few even know of it here in USA .

Here is an excellent source of interesting natural tooth repair/dental care and general health. The site is actually about using herbs/plants for health and well being. You know I am a herb kinda guy !

I offer consultations to good health for very reasonable rates. The initial consultation is $150 USD or two hours of time purchased. $75 per hour after that for follow up and specific ongoing guidance on physical training, nutrition, weight loss and overall well being methods for good sound sleep. The initial consult is largely info gathering and analysis to get your parameters established. I also have access to all the necessary herbs at excellent prices you will greatly appreciate and all are completely organic. Some I grow and some I procure from special sources.  Special pricing on coconut charcoal is available to all who get consults ! and I highly recommend every family have at least 5 or 10 pounds on hand at all times because it has many health and medicinal uses as well as water filtration and is very cost effective .

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