I speak a lot about our own healing powers because I learned how to tap into this myself. We all have this ability but most of us are so caught up in the wrong things and distracted, we never learn this. And it is very simple stuff. This guy helps explain it all , a very wise man indeed !

Here he explains what is wrong with what we call our health care system and I also have further explanation on the "Health Care" illusion page  


Learn to pray and meditate !

All of the above will work best and have the highest good resultif you get on some kind of regular workout regimen and create a high heart rate regularly, at last 3 days a week. Every other day is perfect at least 20 minute high heart rate. could be running, bicycle, stationary bike, wind sprints, hiking with some weight, whatever ? The secret is to get high blood rate flowing over the brain , liver and kidneys and all organs regularly and staying well hydrated and sweating a lot !  Also a detox regimen at least twice a year is very helpful.

The Fitness pagehas more info and links toboosting HGH and testosterone naturallyand many other very helpful ideas that simply work !

I also consider these videosas new cutting edge info regarding how to greatly improve your overall health and well being by fixing your gut biome. These guys have a lot of good info but I still eat dairy and white carbs but with limits and defined purpose for energy and fat/sugar balance.  Yes I still carbo load as necessary for specific intense workouts like my winter 3 day, 50 mile over nite hikes in the eastern Oregon wilderness I do annually. This is my ultimate test of overall fitness and capabilities in the field.    

​I offer personal consultations to good health for very reasonable rates based on donations. I offer specific ongoing guidance on physical training, nutrition, weight loss and overall well being and methods for good sound sleep. Most people only require two consults and they are good to go with only an occasional question, that I do not charge for if minimal. Basically I teach how to acquire all of the above items on this page rather easily and that is how you heal yourself. The initial consult is largely info gathering and analysis to get your parameters established. I also have access to all the necessary herbs at excellent prices you will greatly appreciate and all are completely organic. Some I grow and some I procure from special sources. Most clients learn to balance their endocrine system and hormonals with the herbs and increase HGH , testosterone and or estrogen.

Simply phone me,  Steve  @ 541 656 1091 and I will guide you to purchase time easily.  The rates are all based on what you think you gained. Also if this site helps you, donate below to keep it all going !

​​​​​​​​​This page is in conjunction with the  Fitness page and the Prayer Meditation page.I believeit is not possible to achieve ones fullest potential of a healthy state, unless you are regularly involved in some sort of physical workout regimen. The reason is simple, additional  blood flow ! Flowing more blood through all of our organs , especially the main ones, the brain, liver and skin are critical to our overall health and well being. That is also an increase in oxygenation and detox. By creating the sweat thru our skin, the largest organ, we are cleansing our self and detoxing. Most people in USA today are very toxic because they live a very physically lacking sedentary life style and constantly seeking any way to AVOID any physical activity at all . Like hiring an illegal alien to mow your lawn or must have a self propelled or riding lawn mower ! Just one of the many examples of how lazy Americans have become to the extreme to avoid any physical work at all and think sweating is a bad thing ? So a regular physical  regimen of some sort is a very good thing indeed for our health. Embrace the sweat as it is an excellent tool to good health and overall fitness and clarity. I am going to keep it very simple, but functional and realistic. On the Fitness page I mention there are really only a few factors to gaining and maintaining control of ones weight or body fat percentage. Our nutrition is one key element and our physical regimen is the other. Nearly every other so-called component is some form of hype ! The only other components that I know of that are important,  is  your mindset, how you think about your health is critical.Also staying well hydrated with good clean wateris a critical part of the overall equation to good health !

1.Good nutrition. All that really means to me is simply eating what makes me healthy , real food ! And in a way that is not glutonous. So I only eat 2 meals a day at most, with numerous snacks along the way to maintain my blood sugar and overall energy and and focus. I always feel full or satisfied and rarely eat too much, or that I feel too full. 

Another important issue is what NOT to eat. If it isn't real whole food, don't eat it. Never eat processed or "manufactured" supposed food products like cheez-wiz or fake meats and other fake foods like boxed foods and most frozen meals. Two problems with fast food ,they have a lot of fake food in them, also fat and salt are off the charts ! Many of those secret sauces are just chemical concoctions that have little if any real food value. And most all of it is laced with a potpouri of chemicals as a preservative or freshness enhancer. EAT ONLY REAL FOOD ! Which means you will have to prepare it from scratch to include chopping or cutting your own vegetables and other ingredients from fresh materials !  In fact I would highly suggest that you grow as much of your own food as possible ? For one simple reason, then you know for certain what you are eating. Realize that a lot of foods sold as organic or healthy are NOT ! 

2. Mindset about your health. This is critical. How we think about our health as an extension of our overall intelligence ! This determines our actions toward our health and also gives us confidence in our ability to heal our self. I often mention our"Inner Powers"and how to tap into these powers to heal our self. This comes from the mindset and going inside our self and asking honest questions. Meditation and prayer are a very big part of this process. It simply works and answers will come to every question ! I teach how to do this on an individual basis.

3. Good Hydration.   Drinking sufficient clean water to maintain a well hydrated state is also critical. Most of us do not do this . I sometimes spazz on it a bit and find myself not hydrating properly because I was drinking a bit too much coffee or herbal tea. So I have to stay focused on drinking more clean water. Caffeine drinks are not hydrating at all in fact they are diuretic,  so take that into consideration.  As well alcohol. I drink all of the above but in limited quantities except water ? I drink it as much as I can. On a hot day it is rather easy to do. On milder days it is easy to forget or not follow thru ? so make it a habit ! Keeping our cells well hydrated is a critical component to overall health and well being in general !  Here is alinkto an excellent article on hydration, written by an excellent doctor. They are few !

4.Regular workout regimen.  No matter what your current state of physical capabilities, you can start some sort of workout regimen on a regular basis. It is NOT necessary to start at a level that is beyond your current capacity. But it is necessary to start ASAP ! Just be honest with yourself so you do not defeat yourself or hurt yourself. Simply realize you will make progress and you will feed off of that progress going forward. There is no reason to get in a rush or push yourself too hard at first. No matter what your starting condition is, it will get much better as soon as you get started and have patience !  This regular regimen is a key component to understanding how to balance your metabolism ! Without it you will still have a retarded metabolism. The good news is, it happens very quickly and then the real fun starts ! I help people formulate their own physical regimen to guide them to a healthier state rather easily, so you do not defeat yourself or injure yourself. That is what the first consultation is all about. And always embrace sweating.

5. Good sleep is a critical component and is easily done with the correct mindset and living habits ! 

6. Lastly it is very important to maintain flexibility and be limber. I have developed some excellent methods that are very easy to incorporate into your regimen  

In this 2018 photo I was at 12% BF and 165 pounds. I am now at 10.5% BF and 160 lbs again and did that as various experiments in the last 5 years to find the perfect balance for myself. Each year I chose a different set of parameters to achieve and play with.  Anybody can do the same rather easily. I will be posting the new updated photo very soon. I have not updated this for a reason and that was to show we can regulate and control our HGH and Testosterone as we desire, even as we age !  This is critical information for anybody over 40. It means we can avoid and deter some of the aging processes and greatly enhance our fitness and overall health as we age ! As close as it gets to reversing the aging processes and in fact actually accomplishing some of that without a lot of time spent on any of it. I spend between 30 and 45 minutes a day to stay super fit and healthy because I have found many secrets and my photos are the proof over time ! Awesome way to live and age to be sure.    

I have posted several links on the Fitness page related to health issues. I came in contact with some medical folks some years back who are in fact trustworthy and their intent is to actually help you gain your health back and heal yourself !   Here is alinkto Dr. Kelly Brogan and an article she wrote about Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. She speaks largely about women's health, although all of her ideas can be used in men's health as well. I have read and researched a tremendous amount about our real state of health care in this country and can say this woman is highly knowledgeable and has good intentions. I highly recommend reading her and following her ideas and concepts. I certainly do. Also I stumbled onto this website  a few years ago that I like as well for all manner of general information that is honest. Here is a  link to it also. I consider both of these resources as cutting edge information. Top of the pile info to be sure !  Here is a very recent article that is critical information to understand 

Also consider that we live in a very toxic environment these days, world wide. Chemicals of some description have invaded our air, water, soil, food and what is called medicine ? So it is critical to good health to be aware of this and to detox regularly as necessary. I do a liver/kidney detox, an intestinal cleanse and a heavy metals detox (EDTA chelation)  twice a year. As well I am very aware of what I eat to try and eliminate some of the toxic affects. I also use my coconut charcoal weekly to help remove radionuclides (radiation) before it can pass thru my intestinal tract. Today this is a very important step indeed and all of the above is very easy to do !Also realize it is very easy these days to have an imbalance or lack of certain nutrients and minerals. Our food is nutrient/mineral lacking unless we grow our own and know whats in it. An example would be Iodine ? Many people in the USA have a major shortage of iodine and it causes all manner of affects like thyroid issues. And once the thyroid is out of balance your entire endocrine system will suffer as well. This is where most maladies come from , various imbalances of the endocrine system which lead to many other imbalances like the lymphatic system and immune deficiencies. It is also critical to maintain a strong immune system and that too is easily done via these methodologies. Balance is the secret to all of it with a dose of patience and common sense methodologies !

Here is a link to an excellent article about healing the thyroid and other related issues of polyunsaturated fats

Health a simple approach to overall well being