Both of these men are being used as tools to get a specific resultand outcome and prosecutors are NOT supposed to use such illegal tactics, ever for any reason or event ! The man behind these actions is of course Mueller, but his henchman is Andrew Weissmann. Read the links below on Weissmann's history of crimes and serious malfeasance to get the results he required in many prior events wrongly. It is all the exact opposite of any form of actual justice , his actions are simply crimes and these current events are no different.   See Weissmann  here    and here    and here as well and these are just a few of the facts about Weissmann. He is more a Gestapo, KGB or Stasi agent than any sort of legitimate attorney or justice seeking  prosecutor. He is a political animal unleashed for a specific purpose and that is simply wrong ! 

In the case of Mannafort we also saw the excessive force used in several ways as well as what happened with the Stone arrest. these excesses and especially the fact that Mannafort is being held in solitary confinement are not only out of line and not at all proper or within any correct boundaries and normal actions of jurisprudence , but are in fact deliberate actions to break down Mannafort to get one of those results Weissman desires and demands. To get Mannafort to compose something against Trump, the real and obvious target of this entire charade ! It is clear this man will take all manner of bogus and illegal actions to get his desired results and I say that based on his own history and prior actions, not just my opinions. It becomes well past clear Mueller has deliberately helped create and orchestrate all of these bogus events and willing to seriously harm people wrongly by use of these horrid tactics to get a prescribed outcome. We have seen many crimes committed by many of the members of the Mueller team and the resistance they represent . They are in fact the FOXES watching the Hen House for two specific purposes. The original purpose was to cover up their own crimes we are all aware of and those of Hillary and Obama and crew. This is precisely why you never saw any actions taken on Fast and Furious and Benghazi or the entire scheme of weapons out of Libya to Syria. It is also why you never saw any actions taken against the Uranium One sale and all the transactions surrounding that fiasco. And yes Mueller himself was involved in that scheme. Realize all of these events have simply been covered up by the FOXES guarding the Hen house ! With the help of PRAVDA/MSM, their propaganda arm, they have been able to cover up any event they desire and create any false narrative, exactly the same as the old Soviet state did circa 1950s, 60s 70s and 80s, before it all collapsed. It is no different at all ! And realize  most people here in USA today do not fully grasp those connections and or the true power of the deep state via PRAVDA/MSM and their many tentacles. These examples of excessive force serve to strike fear into any who would expose these out of control criminals or point out the many flaws and crimes being committed daily.  It is all about coercion and power over others.  And of course to undermine D. Trump as the long game, now that he won the election and exposing their schemes along with the DNC and the totality of the deep state apparatus that includes some RINOs ! 

I am NOT saying,  or in any way inferring Mannafort has not committed some offenses and is necessarily a good man. But I am saying so far his treatment , given the process crimes he is being charged with are well past extreme and in fact inhumane. Those involved in these matters are in fact committing much more serious crimes than Mannafort has committed, so he is being used as a tool for a specific purpose and that is wrong and his extreme treatment should stop ASAP ! I think he has grounds to be pardoned on his extreme treatment alone and the obvious manipulations taking place that are in fact inhumane given his purported crimes versus the actions being taken against him wrongly outside of any legal boundaries and parameters.

These matters bring up another serious question. Why are the FISA court judges and the SCOTUS that oversees them not taking actions on the phony Dosseir matter that they were clearly spoon fed and lied to about ?  Now that some time has passed and much more factual evidence and information has arisen this raises several serious questions.

Why are the FISA judges not demanding answers from the members of DOJ and FBI who participated willingly in these events ? Why are they NOT bringing them back to their court and holding them responsible for obvious crimes, not mistakes or errors , but the clearly crimes that have been committed ? As well why has the SCOTUS and specifically justice  Roberts not taken action  given the obvious crimes ? At this juncture it is clear we are seeing more FOXES guarding the Hen House of what we used to call justice or that supposed  system here in USA today. This is also a mockery and a serious crime of omission for NOT upholding the law and carrying out ones sworn duty ! All of these people including all of the FISA judges are now complicit in the crimes being committed daily. 

Stone himself may have committed some error of memory or other process crimes may well be created as has already happened in all of these phony events. But it is undeniable his arrest and the methods used were for the cameras and the media impact it might produce for the Trump hater maniacs within PRAVDA/MSM. The force used was more than for many real physical crimes, like drug dealers or assaults of various flavors. It was a show of force for a reason, and that reason was clearly coercion to any watching. We will get you and we can destroy you. It cannot get any more obvious. It is clear there are some serious flaws concerning Stone as a Russian agent or provocateur ? Otherwise they would charge him for such now wouldn't they ? But not unlike every case prosecuted so far they are all just garbage created events and have nothing at all to do with the supposed mandate of the Mueller sham. There has never been any real predicate of a crime regarding Russia in even one of these phony prosecutions so far. As well they knew the actual Russians they charged would never be actually be prosecuted or show up.  All of it is a charade at the highest level of our supposed justice system, which is now a serious bad joke at every level.  The truth is those that have participated in this charade are the real criminals !  

I urge President Trump to pardon both of these men for many reasons and I urge you all to donate to their defenses and sign petitions for their releases. Both have been treated beyond egregiously and inhumanely for many bogus and wrong reasons and it all needs to STOP,  ASAP !  Arrest and prosecute the real criminals at DOJ and FBI for starters.

Roger Stone defense fund 

So far there are no petitions for either of their releases , but they will show up any day now because of the focus suddenly being realized on the egregious acts being committed as well as the various courts obvious complicity at every level. I will likely create them if not. 

Also see the current FREE Assange page at this site as well and help out what you can for my efforts to keep some truth alive !  The prior pages for the Bundy crew   and Joe Arpaio were both successful although both took a few years even though they were both started during the Obama regime,  on this site.

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FREE Roger Stone

And release Paul Mannafort from solitary confinement immediately !