FREE Assange !

The prosecution of Assange is a very bad idea

unless Donald Trump wants to lose nearly all of his support and create many millions of dissenters !

Let me explain in great detail with the obvious. We now know that J. Brennan and many others were the driving forces behind the many leaks during the election run up and after the election to undermine Trump. Also we know Comey has proven himself to be a liar and completely untrustworthy and he should also be under investigation for prosecution. Seems beyond obvious many government agencies were in collusion and many are seriously corrupted from the inside out.  There never was any Russia connection or any other actual investigation, it was all contrived and simply a lie and another false narrative created by and promoted by the crony criminals inside our own government and PRAVDA/MSM. And consider the A. Weiner case which has been sitting there and nothing done at all ? There is a mountain of evidence he is well past guilty and he would involve Ummah and Hillary and many others ?  We must also consider the crimes of Holder in F&F and many other events , Lerner and Koskinen at IRS, Lynch at DOJ as well a host of many other known crimes that need to be prosecuted and seem to be stalled out ? And of course BHO  himself committed many crimes that can be proven. And why is Soros not being investigated for RICO crimes which can also be proven ? Why is this happening and why would it be more important to go after Assange than the many real criminals that have committed real crimes when Assange showed us all just who these people really are ? He showed us who the real criminals are in spades !

Recently it is clear what is going on here and it is exactly backasswards. Sessions is a fool. Trump will create his own night mare of backlash if they do not go after the real criminals and the stupid focus on Assange as some sort of sacrifice to the masses !  If anything Assange is a hero who showed us all the truth of many matters ! This is beyond ignorant to me because they will seriously shoot themselves in the foot in a very big way and lose all credibility and support almost instantly. We see many crimes right before us that we all know are far more serious yet this is being floated out there as some kind of solution to what ? This is plainly stupid and I cannot go along with it at all. In the end Assange showed us all how seriously our own government spies on us illegally and how seriously corrupted the government has become at the very highest levels. I consider him a hero and teller of the truth, not a criminal by any means !  And if you do your own research you will find he never raped anybody and all charges/claims were contrived for this very reason by our own government in consort with other governments !

Bottom line is this, do we have before us much more serious and obvious crimes right here in USA to attend to inside our own government entities  ? Seems abundantly clear that we do and for whatever reason it is all being stalled or swept under the rug and Assange is a head fake or sacrifice to the masses ? I urge you all to contact the president at the WH and Sessions at DOJ and tell them how stupid and wrong this is and how they will seriously harm their own credibility and lose tremendous support almost instantly ! Here are the links to do so.  And yes at this juncture I realize Sessions is likely a lost cause and will be fired soon !



Also there are petitions to free Assange, although some have been taken down by the Hillary forces and Google control freaks online as well. HiIlary and Obama both know Assange can ruin them as well as all the DSA we are all now aware of via the corruption at DOJ , FBI and other agencies. Without Assange we would not know any of it ! I urge you all to contact Trump directly as the best source that seems to be available today !    

Petititons for Assange Release !

Another petition to President Trump to sign here 

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article from ZH about PRAVDA/MSM and the matter of Assange 

article from ZH on the matter of assange!

This article is a very good source of information regarding the assault on free speech and the Assange house arrest !                      

Sessions is a dupe and a fool. And I hate to say it, but if they continue down this insane road they will lose my support and many others  who got DT elected via our many blogs ! Either we stand for the truth and what we know is right or we don't,  simple as that. So please contact them both and tell them what you think as well !


                                                                                                Keep truth alive !