published 8/10/12 and updated ongoing

                      2021 photo                stronger than ever at 73 and yes I have       found some very serious secrets  

The photo's below are September 2014, 2015 , 2016, 2017 and now 2018  back at 12% BF and 165 lbs. I have found that to be my optimum weight and easy to maintain with little effort. I am lean and strong with lots of stamina and not carrying any excess weight at all. Also very flexible and agile. So a very good balance indeed. Everything is all about balance in our life. I deliberately stay a bit on the thin side but can easily put on more muscle any time I may want. These photos are to point out how you can learn to balance your metabolism, endocrine system by using ketosis and understanding your glycemic needs per your output. Very few people understand this or even know what it is, much less how to use it for incredible results. Photos moved to this additional page 

blend in rather well with little effort, hey ? just pay attention, it is free ! 

                                 2013 photo                                                                                       2018 photo        

 This larger photo is the culmination of 12 full years of healing and various efforts. I am stronger and healthier with more stamina and endurance now at 72 than ever in my entire life. So I imagine I am doing some things quite right ! Anybody can do the same easily. Just gotta know how and then do it ! My training is very much like MMA training with more focused nutrition and use of herbs.

I speak a lot about our own healing powers because I learned how to tap into this myself. I have in fact found some incredible processes and modes of healing oneself and actually reversing some aging processes.  We all have this ability but most of us are so caught up in the wrong things and distracted, we never learn this. And it is very simple stuff. This guy helps explain it all, a very wise man indeed !

I eat this salad about 5 days a week. cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, olive oil, balsamic and tarragon vinegar, Feta cheese, raisins and sunflower seeds. Sometimes I add Arugula and dandelion and all ingredients are from the garden when possible. Excellent and very nutritious ! 

Fitness and Health over 60 should be fun ! Photo below is me June 2014 at 10% BF. My picture at top of page is at 12% BF in 2013 and recently in 2017 August. I deliberately lost 15 pounds over the winter from 167 to 152 and now putting on pure muscle at the 10% zone. I will put on 8 more pounds of muscle on shoulders and arms then stop at 160 lbs. It is actually easy once you know how to control and balance your metabolism and endocrine system.   Anybody can be fit and healthy ! Assuming you can't because of your chronological age is a HUGE mistake, and loss.

Another tidbit of info is that my Coconut charcoal has been a very big part of my healing and helping me regain my fitness and overall health. It is almost magical stuff actually. I am continuously amazed at all the uses I keep finding for it !                                     

Here is a meal I eat regularly, usually my first and largest meal of the day at about 11AM. It is sort of like machaca. Potatoes and onions sauted in coconut oil with some bell and jalapeno peppers, ham and mushrooms. Then I saute very lightly some greens(arugula and dandelion) out of the garden and sprouts. Mix an egg with cottage cheese and milk and pour the egg mixture over greens similar to an omelette and cook lightly I usually top eggs with 1/2 of an avocado, two small pieces of toast (my own home made with special flour and ingredients see recipe below with more foods) I wash it all down with green tea with mint out of the garden. And my own salsa on top ! For me this is a near perfect meal with all necessary nutritional ingredients. I usually do NOT eat a breakfast but sometimes have my banana shake/smoothy at about 8AM and I have been up and around for 2 hours or so by then. If I do need food I will have some kind of veg or maybe some cottage cheese and an apple or whatever? There are many days I do not eat any where near 2000 calories and some days I may eat no more than 1000. Just depends on my activity level and what I feel like doing and some days I may eat 3500 calories.

So, throw out all the BS you have heard about diets and different secrets to lose weight. There are only three components to weight management and fitness that matter, to get started. The amount of calories consumed, the amount of calories burned via exertion/exercise/physical activity and the type of foods consumed to gain those calories (glycemic index comes into play here). So lets isolate and simplify it down to the first two and the most basic common denominators, food taken in and energy expended to burn that food as it is converted to either fat or muscle. No reason to complicate a simple thing ! You will be able to complicate it correctly at a later date once you have changed your metabolism, balanced your endocrine system and made some progress. We can help avoid the body fat by simply more exertion or regular exercise and paying attention to what we eat. So instead of eating a big dinner and then watching TV until you go to bed, throw in a walk or a run or even a good workout or a bike ride . Also eat a smaller dinner ? I have started to eat a bigger midday meal and smaller evening meal and that works very well. I actually only eat 2 meals a day with some other snacking tossed in there to keep blood sugar up all day as needed. And one of those 2 meals is not very large. I eat carrots and other vegs and humus or an avocado or maybe an apple, orange or banana thruout the day. I also make a yogurt (Nancys plain) and banana shake in the blender with almonds, plain sunflower seeds, oatmeal, wheat germ and raisins or dates with whey plant protein (not soy) added as my breakfast, but not everyday. Tastes awesome and easily digested source of instant energy. Here is an excellent  Body fat percentage resource, scroll down the page a bit to help you determine your body fat %. BMI is a complete waste of time as a reference for many reasons. The picture method is IMO the easiest and best method without getting into technical testing which is quite uneccesary unless you are all about wasting your time and money to accomplish nothing ? As I say above, just be honest with yourself and you will find yourself in one of the pictures and it will be very close and certainly close enough. Here is another measuring methodand between the two you will find your own condition. I will be posting some specific fitness goals below so you can have a gauge to go by and to achieve.  My photographs above are at 12% and I was at 10% and more coming soon at 10%. I have been down to less than 10% and feel much better around 10-12%. And that is rather easy for me to maintain. I am currently at about 10% and will likely stay there as I am NOT at all about body building. Just Functional Fitness with a purpose and that is to be flexible with great body core strength and massive endurance and stamina. Basically the exact same training and purpose as an MMA fighter. The lesser weight and bulk helps a lot also. Shortly after I had my accident I was around 20-25% and will be posting some photos of a sort of before and after thing ? I do not suffer or do without anything in any way. Nor do I spend tremendous amounts of time and effort on any of it. I simply have incorporated my fitness into my everyday thinking/living ! I just live it and enjoy it by nutrition and exercise. No stress about it at all, just benefits !  Fitness and Health over 60 should be fun.


This photo is dated wrong, it was taken in late 2006 about 1 month after I had a serious accident racing motorcycles see "About this Guy" page for details. Not a very happy guy in a lot of pain for several years. But I did heal myself and I did learn some major lessons of such events. In one month I gained 30 pounds of pure body fat. As you can see I was rather fluffy ?  Also all of the photos of myself are to show how I have healed, a sort of before and after kind of thing . The photos are on this additional page 

So start getting yourself psyched up for your new body and the lesser pounds you will be carrying around. I now eat about 2/3 of what I used to eat, maybe less. VISUALIZE it and it will happen, if you simply use a bit of self discipline and go slow, so you don't hurt yourself or defeat yourself. Especially if you are not in fair shape or maybe worse? It is OK to go slow at first but.... GO ! and realize the benefits will come as you increase your efforts. I am going to list my workout and you can modify it up or down to suit your needs. As well remember that I hike a lot and encounter some very steep terrain and hiking is a great workout in itself, especially if you do it regularly with weight. I have never belonged to a gym and never will, I do everything at home and with minimal equipment. My workouts are all about making me stronger and gaining stamina and endurance for hiking and basically just getting out there and being highly agile, flexible and capable of carrying at least a 30 pound pack up or down any terrain with some speed. My workouts are very similar to a UFC fighter workout for stamina and body core strength. Also drink lots of water and stay OVERHYDRATED when working out regularly and when detoxing. Here goes my workout, 3 days a week. First I suit up in sweats with hoody and then put on a nylon running suit over the sweats. WHY ? Because this forces a serious sweat earlier and harder with the same energy expended. A two for one deal ! In the summer I alter this of course, but realize that a good heavy sweat is very beneficial for lots of reasons and I will discuss this in greater detail later. SWEATING is a very important part of your workout, embrace sweating ! I have condensed my workout to 30 mins and you could do it twice if you wanted. I used to. I warm up with stretching and then go to the stationary bike for 5 minutes (Schwinn airdyne) at a fairly rapid pace to get some blood flowing. Then I go to the rope and jump 100 reps.  Now I am ready to start some reps and well warmed up and feeling flexible . I usually do some bench presses first  20 reps per set .

Fitness Over 60 a mindset of health

On the days with a bit of snow and overcast it was about 0 degrees up top, as you are climbing up about 1500 ft. But I was sweating and never got cold a bit until I stopped to eat lunch. The trick is keeping your hands warm once you take off the gloves to eat. On one hike we saw a herd of deer of 100 head ! Actually several herds accumulated into one big one as we moved along the terrain we could see them ahead of us in the distance. What a great way to get in some killer workouts and lose weight !  I went hiking almost every weekend all winter long and it made a huge difference in my fitness by springtime. Skiing is another great activity to have great outdoor workouts and fun at the same time. Both downhill and cross country. I got burned out on skiing years ago because I had gotten spoiled to having too much and too perfect of conditions. Sound weird ? you can burn out or overdose on anything if you don't keep it fun or do too much. Even skiing or sex ! HA HA HA all true. So go find an outlet that turns your crank and get in some great workouts and have fun at the same time. That is why I loved motocross so much. It accomplished many things including facing certain fears and it was a very strenuous workout on a regular basis. And that helps us all get thru some of the BS in our world and makes us stronger and more effective in everything. I will likely go back and try some more skiing, both kinds in the near future.

Here is a very good short read  on boosting testosteronenaturally and easily.There are many other Ayurvedic and natural testosterone boosters as well, but realize that fitness and sleep and general overall good health is the basis to gaining natural testosterone balance. I recently went on a higher protein and herbal regimen to facilitate testosterone and HGH production and had to back off a bit because I was producing too much testosterone. All of the items mentioned are variables and all work to maintain balance and testosterone production in high levels for muscle production. Keep in mind that your metabolism is also a huge factor so keep it running at an optimum with consistent workouts and good diet. All the adverts for such events are complete and utter hogwash to simply sell people more pharma or miracle easy fixes with unseen side affects?  But there are some herbs and foods that boost testosterone and HGH. Take control of your own health and body ! Ultimately only YOU are responsible and will receive the benefits of your own good health and fitness.

More on natural ways to boost testosterone HERE  . This guy does have a lot of good info and points out that all us men are being bombarded with estrogenic compounds from all manner of sources!  It is really quite easy to gain your testosterone back to much higher levels but the one thing that you must do is to get regular exercise. Combine that with some good dietary changes and awareness and some natural herbs and you will see what I am talking about. If I can do this, anybody can do this. Why not , you have everything to gain and nothing to lose and most of it is FREE ! It is largely just how you think about your health and overall well being. Never take pharmaceuticals, only as a last resort or extreme emergency after all natural remedies are exhausted.

Here is an excellent article on boosting HGH naturally

And here is another and excellent resource for testosterone as well

This last link here above is also an excellent overall resource for many men's health issues and fitness related matters. I firmly believe it is not possible to attain optimum overall health without fitness and some form of a regular workout regimen. Mainly because when we work out regularly we are flushing more blood thru our organs and every cell of the body benefits. We are also detoxing via the sweat, an excellent combination of events !





                                                                                                                                   me and the coyotes in the middle of no where 104' that day2015         


Here is an article about glycation, starches, carbs in general that gives some good tips on glycemic index and such. It is really a lot of information from a lot of different people and perspectives. IMO If you are working out regularly and rather intensely you need some carbs for good performance and glycation will NOT be an issue. But don't over indulge in carbs/starches. So it is all about how much you are burning ? Glycation alone is just one piece of a puzzle and set of information and it really applies more to people who are a bit on the sedentary side or worse, who really don't hit it hard. With serious intense physical output, not just out raking the leaves or walking on relatively flat ground, Glycation is not even a factor unless you are getting all your carbs from wheat based or white carbs or sugars like corn syrup derivatives. So it is all about balance and output. I have noticed on days when I went on steep hikes with weight, if I did not have some carbs my performance was greatly diminished and I would run out of gas much sooner. Same was true in MX, another intense workout.  A lot of information out there is directed or focused on the average person and the average person is NOT fit or hitting it hard. Realize and accept that you are entering an athletic endeavor and your fuel needs will be different. Marketing is also part of the equation and the academics always get hung up in their status quo thinking (global warming comes to mind) as collective smart guys which is highly questionable IMO. Many of the Paleo promoters in the above article, point out the Inuit people of the north as an example to prove that we do not need carbs from starch. Well that doesn't hold water at all from their so-called scientific analysis ? Because how many people on the planet eat too many carbs and how many Inuit are out there ? So the potato and wheat carb eaters have been very prolific to the tune of 7+ billion and just a handful of Inuit ? They have never been a large or dominant populace. Seems clear to me the truth and any good science is some where in between. I do think it healthy to limit all carbs to necessary and beneficial to daily activities. So gauge it all accordingly and try out your own solutions and reactions. You will make much more progress and enjoy it all much more. Use your own common sense in all things! I am very big on results and not so much on talk, especially from those who are not fit, like so-called scientist and other would be experts who get lots of issues very wrong. Ask the people at Chernobyl and Fukushima about how all that science has worked out ? In every matter you can find science types that can conjure up all manner of reinforcement for their paradigms via studies and so-called science, whether right or wrong ? And  notice that they always morph and change the science into almost the opposite, just give it a little time and the paradigm changes. That has happened a lot in dietary and nutritional information. So for me I think anecdotal first hand experience based information is far superior to a lot of science that largely does not work or is constantly changed to make a buck or control you ? But I do extract some science based information that is tried and true. The mirror does not lie, nor does your performance and results and overall health !So experiment and enjoy as we all are slightly different and you can play with it all to suit you. Can you be reasonably fit with 20% BF, Yes I think so. But you will NOT have the same performance of stamina and endurance as a person with 10-15% or less and workout is equal ? Likely the 20% er could not do an equal workout ? So be honest with yourself  and save yourself any grief.  I think of all carbs as a fuel now and some taste really good as well. So all of it boils down to your goal of whatever level of fitness and health you are aiming for. It should be fun !  And don't forget the BF % for women is a bit higher. 12% BF is perfect for me, less than that and I feel weakened. 

Here is an interesting article about super bugs and how antibiotics are actually failing and likely will continue to fail even more.  Another good reason to be paying attention to our overall health and natural means of real health and a strong immune system.   


I will be putting up some photos and videos of all workout sets individually in the near future, I will add them a bit at a time until complete to give some visual guidance and examples. You can change any of it to fit your own needs /desires especially if you have injuries to work around and you need to work thru certain areas a bit different than others . I still have this going on myself and I will offer a little secret to help you get past any injuries and weak spots. Once you start getting into your own personal workout frame of mind you will find that you can easily focus on very specific muscles or muscle groups. So you will have the ability to apply as much or as little pressure to specific areas as you desire. As an example , when I am doing my bench presses I can feel my stomach and back muscles quite clearly as well as all of the chest and can force more effort into those muscles as I bench press, simply by focusing on it or thinking about it ? Some call this the muscle mind or mind muscle technique ? Sounds a bit strange but it works incredibly well. Not only in bench presses but you will find it works in every exercise for various muscles/muscle groups. Try it , you will like it and it will be a huge benefit, sort of an extra for free !  An excellent way to end your workout is to do isometrics. Stand in front of a mirror and flex your entire body in resistance and you will learn how to focus on specific muscles. This really works well. I notice it most in my ass, belly and face, neck/jaw. You are using every single muscle in your entire body and it will help with the other freebie I explained above about focusing on specific muscles when doing various reps. I do 10 reps of this isometric resistance at rather moderate pace and hold each rep a bit. This really does polish off your body and ends the workout perfectly with a cool down and perhaps some stretching.

I am NOT a total Paleo  guy, although I do limit white carbs and starches. IMO it is just another fad diet and will fade just like every other has. I believe in results and nothing else. If it works for you , go for it. I know there are many pieces to the puzzle. Here is some info on potatoes and rice for Paleo geeks ? Notice they are talking about people working out hard not just walking or half hearted effort ? I have long known that if you are working hard you can eat just about anything and it won't hurt you at all. But there are some limits of common sense, something not always present these days in many  matters, Hey !

Here is my recipe for my favorite bread  2 cups king Arthur nonbleached whole wheat and 1 cup spelt flour. handful of unsalted sunflower seeds, handful of flax seed, 2 tablespoons wheat germ. 2 tablespoon sea salt, 1 tablespoon real sugar (for yeast activation)and 2 tablespoon yeast. note I put extra yeast in dry as well as in warm water !

1 cup warm water 112* with 2 tablespoons yeast mixed in and 1 teaspoon sugar. Mix yeast/sugar and let set till it works. Mix all dry ingredients well and then add water, yeast,  mixture. work dough , let rise once, form loaf let rise again and then bake 25 minutes at 400. Makes a very hardy and nutritious heavy bread that is excellent when toasted. Change it a bit if you want and add an ingredient you prefer !  I brush on a coating of olive oil when it is cooled. It only takes me about 10 minutes to whip up a loaf maybe once a week as I do not eat a lot of bread. But this is excellent and I take some with on hikes. On a hike day I eat breakfast as above early and take bread, cheese, ham and raisins and usually a banana and of course filtered water. I also take a few supplements, like creatine and a few other secret weapons that actually give you a huge boost for the days workout. More food items to come !    

Here is an article on what NOT to eat and what to look for on labels         excellent and useful article     

As a sort of summary to realize the basics, I am speaking of nutrition, exercise, your mindset and knowledge and one thing that is also very important is SLEEP ? Lots of good sleep is very healing and healthy. And if you follow my lead you will sleep very well.  And of course you can take all my ideas and adjust them to your special needs/situation to fit YOU ! I am also a big advocate of prayer and meditation and I teach these practices to my clients as a healing and understanding aid. I teach a balanced overall approach and consider body, mind, spirit, soul as components or parts of the whole person ! That balance is very important.

This linkis an excellent article that explains in great detail about some of the fallacies surrounding food and nutrition today and gives some much needed info on what and how to eat and how to think about it. The link is an advertisement and I am not saying you should or should not buy into this guys program, but I will say many writings from this fellow are largely very good and his training programs are realistic and based on good nutrition. I subscribed and then took a refund , but only because most of what he presented I already was aware of. But there is no doubt in my thinking, he has a lot of beneficial info for many people who are not as up to speed? He is speaking in very realistic terms and does not waste time on nonsense. Personally I think he has some of the best info out there on many subjects related to Fitness/Health/Nutrition.

And another tidbit of wisdom from this guy      sugar is your enemy !  Also see the Health page for more info on our health !

Here is an article that explains Ketosis and how you can go in and out of this state to your benefit. You can use your diet and workout to your maximum benefit in many ways and gain control of your body with all the different variables I mention. You can learn to balance your endocrine system and your metabolism and that is critical stuff for overall health and well being !  

An excellent article on GMO foods here  

I hike in this area regularly, below are a few photos that show terrain and incline of slopes. Once you get up to where some of the photos were taken it starts to flatten out a bit into slightly rolling hills . This is right on the Columbia River. Very close to my house. Hiking on relatively flat ground is not much of a challenge so you would have to increase your distances and weight to accomplish the same thing. Steeper slopes are excellent for stamina and endurance and overall strength. Remember to embrace the sweat !

Then I go to curls .

Then I go to mountain climbers or lunges

Then to reverse extensions behind the back and dead raises from behind the back .

Then I will throw in some rotational squats with hands clasp behind head and full extension with a jump to rotate about 30-45 *

Then go back to various extensions off the floor on my back to work on the abdominal obliques on both sides separately .

Then some military presses. (more reps and less weight but enough that it is not easy)

Then some leg lifts off the floor on my back and some situps (I have my own situps and oblique work, video coming)

Then some pushups (always reps of 20) and 35 # kettle bell in various modes .

Once a set is complete I get on my bicycle and ride 2 blocks to a park where there is a set of monkey bars and I do chinups and curlups 10 each or more (frontal grip and reverse grip). I finish at the park with 2 wind sprints  (50yds).  I do all exercises in a fairly rapid pace, as similar to circuit training. Total time is about 1/2 hour for one set only . I am NOT trying to be a body builder so I use lite weights and more reps. By the time I am done I am soaked and feel very exhilarated from the endorphines (I will show you natural ways to boost your testosterone and HGH later below) and sleep very well at night. I will be posting some photos of hiking and my workouts, so you can easily modify all to suit your ability and desires. I will also be posting a lot of writings about nutrition and eating habits in general. Some do's and don'ts and things to avoid that will greatly help you with your fitness training and overall health/well being. Anybody can get fit that has all the God given capabilities. So remember we are just getting started here, lets have some fun and get fit and healthy without hurting or defeating ourselves. I have many years experience and training in fitness, nutrition and healing . I believe the best credentials or qualifications are results. Seems rather obvious to me so I Iet my own photographs speak for themselves. That applies to all things IMO, results not talk is what matters ! Once you get going it will be no effort at all , that is the biggest SECRET and likely the only secret. You will change your metabolism very quickly and that is when the fun starts ! Body, mind , spirit , soul  are all completely interconnected for a balanced life. In fact fitness is simply an integral  part of overall health. Embrace your sweat every chance you get, you are also detoxing !

Choices we can make. Yes that is me on the motorcycle in 2006 just prior to a major accident, 59 years old or young, depends on your mindset  I gained 30 pounds in a very short time and eventually healed myself and got more fit and healthy than ever in my entire life. Anybody can do the same, just have to want to and wrap your head around it. It really is all about simple choices we make. 

Set your own goals, but they must be based on a realistic and honest assessment of your current condition and fitness level. Otherwise you will either defeat or injure yourself. Be sure you incorporate stretching and flexibility in your warm up phase before doing any lifting or strenuous workout. Here are some basics to determine your level of fitness. I have looked at the current US Army fitness goals and find it pretty weak actually. I would NOT use that as any guide or goal measure. For whatever reason, what is now the Ranger goals, used to be closer to the basic PT for any recruit, and in some areas even more strenuous was SOP. So it has all weakened considerably. And no more low crawl under the barracks at 3 AM in the rain ! But it happened at Ft. Polk, not sure why ?

My Minimums of fitness determination  see where you fall in,  just my opinion so adjust for yourself accordingly.

10 pushups (correct form), 10 pullups or 10 chinups (hands front and reversed) , 50 situps, 20 rotational squats(kinda like lunges), 20 mountain climbers. 1 mile run under 6.5 minutes, 2/50 yd dash sprints under 7 seconds back to back with 20 second rest max in between, 5 mile hike with 20 lb pack on relatively flat terrain  2 hours (adjust for slopes) This would be my minimum PT test when run consecutively in any order you choose, at rapid to moderate pace/time. The hike can be separate after others are completed with 15 min rest and rehydrate.

These are minimums and you can adjust your fitness level and status from this reference point. If you cannot do these without great effort you are likely NOT in a state of much fitness, but you will have a starting point and reference. We could waste a lot of time defining fitness but simply go look in the mirror naked,it does not lie. I think the photo test above is the best to start with for your own gauge of how fit you are, body fat and what you can physically accomplish with your endurance and overall stamina. If you have excess body fat it WILL affect your overall performance in every physical endeavor. Self honesty is the key here ! None of it is an absolute, it is all about finding an honest reference point and go from there !  And remember the average person is not even close to fit, so average really does not count as a measure except as a wrong measure !  I do not give any adjustment at all for age because I know a 72 year old that was crippled and still is a bit amnd can easily pass the Army PT test and probably max it or score very high. That is not saying much for the Army minimum standards these days but it is what it is. We are free to set our own standards and we can keep it fun as well !  Fitness and Health over 60 should be fun !

Hi , I am 73 years old, fit and a preparedness type guy and I teach "Functional Fitness." Please read the"About this Guy" page for some background as well as the Firearms page . I explain that I was crippled for almost 10 years and healed myself. That was a 12 year overall process and 6 years to do just one pushup ! Anybody can achieve health and fitness. It is a decision and commitment we make to ourselves. It is all based on knowledge and understanding of the world we live in and our own capacity to work for a goal and use just a little self discipline to accomplish that goal. It is mostly a mind set. How we think of such things.There are several components involved. Nutrition or what you eat and how much. Physical exercise. And your mindset and knowledge. If you are overweight and out of shape, only you can change that. I was both when I was crippled. The first step is to analyze your real current condition and be honest with yourself and set some simple goals that are completely do-able ! In the beginning don't defeat yourself. Start out slow and increase any workout or change some eating habits and what you eat, in such a manner that you can actually achieve your goals. They can be little goals at first. Remember you don't have to accomplish everything at once or in a hurry necessarily, you just need to make some accomplishments and keep increasing a bit at a time. I want to inspire you with a doable workout program based in common sense so you do not defeat or injure yourself. I also want you to realize that you do NOT need a lot of equipment, a gym membership or a personal trainer to accomplish your goals, whether fitness or weight loss or general health or all three . Anybody can accomplish all with little effort. But there is nothing wrong with asking for help and guidance to get started or at any time ! 


A few things NOT TO EAT would be any oils except olive oil and virgin coconut oil. Also processed foods of any type, only eat REAL foods ! Basically, anything in a box or packaged is suspect and many frozen quick meals and wheat/grain products are on my list now as well. But I still eat some pasta, bread, potatoes and rice, just not as much, so limited and only home made. I am NOT a pure Paleo thinker or any other fad diet, as we need some carbs if we are working our bodies hard. Another example would be consider cutting out some things that you know are NOT good for you, like eating too much refined sugars and corn syrup derivatives. You can easily cut your sugar consumption in half or more by using Stevia in place of refined sugars. As well you can simply quit eating certain sugar filled foods and instead eat some real whole foods like carrots, celery, apples, oranges, grapes, banana, Humus or cheese or many other things besides sugar laced baked goods or soda pop (diet soda and artificial sweeteners are just as bad or worse) and many other sugar filled items. Most of which really are not real food at all ? So how we think about the foods we eat is definitely part of the success we will see. Nutrition, as in nutrients , is the purpose and reason to eat real whole foods and avoid all processed foods as much as possible. Everything I eat tastes great and I do without nothingexcept junk. I eat meats and lots of Mexican foods and chile's and a lot of curried food now as well. Try throwing some curry powder on your cole slaw or potato salad next time? Cuminand Curry powderand Turmericare very good tasting and powerful herbs. I also eat lots of eggs and dairy products with no ill affect at all. Very low Cholesterol and BP last checked a few days ago at 107 over 69 ! So a lot of what you have been told has simply been giant distortions and bad information. Meat is a good source of protein but try to eat meat that is good for you (no hormones or antibiotics) and more chicken and fish and less red meat. You don't have to quit anything really, just the junk that is not good for you. Very slowly I have been eating more veggies and less meat. But I do eat beef , pork, lamb, game, chicken and fish. I am NOT in a fit or stressing about any of it and I am seeing all the results and feeling it as well. It is all about finding balance and eating according to your physical exertion needs. I also eat a lot of raw garlic, ginger, beans and lentils, sprouts, sweet potatoes, beets, nuts, dried fruit, melons, bananas, avocados and numerous greens out of the garden. Arugula and dandelion both grow prolifically and are excellent along with beet tops and swiss chard or kale and of course cabbage. All are very easy to grow and highly nutritious with many vitamins,  mineralsand some protein.

This fellow has a lot of good information and perspectives on many matters. I find it interesting that nearly everything he says in this video I found by myself in my own healing journey in the last 10 years and more he talks about on other subjects. We can all do this , take this "Inner Journey" and heal most anything because body, mind, spirit, soul are all completely connected. Once we understand this and begin to live it, a sort of magic happens in our lives ! Realize this is NOT new age anything, quite the opposite. This is all very old and ancient knowledge just coming back to us today in a very clear message with simple instructions that are easily attainable ! It all just requires slowing down enough to think and then act on it, and letting go of all the illusions and gadgets and trinkets and junk people are consumed with these days. It is all about looking inside yourself, simple as that !

I offer personal consultations to good health and fitness based on donations.  The initial consult is largely info gathering and analysis to get your parameters established. Then your own personal boundaries are defined and you can start your own healing/fitness/health process. Most people only require the initial consult and maybe one more hour to get started on their own journey. So it is very cost effective and focused.  I also have access to all the necessary herbs at excellent prices you will greatly appreciate and all are completely organic. Some I grow and some I procure from special sources. Many people use the herbs to balance their endocrine system and all hormonals, increase HGH, testosterone and or estrogen.

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