Isoscelese stance 

Tower guard was not a good thing, basically a target sitting up there, taking pot shots from the tree line at us with MosinNagants . That area on the left of the bunker is where most of us slept in shifts of 2 or 3 men per bunker. Most of us did not like to be inside the bunker because the rats and snakes loved to hang out in their as well as bats  We only went in to check everything at first of our shift and if we needed to use the M-60 or torch off some claymores. Each bunker was stocked with grenades and an M-79 as well and we all had our own rifles and pistols. Also a photo of some captured NVA and myself the night after an attack, very tired and dirty.  For those of you that were there and experienced it all first hand, no explanation is necessary. These photos and the videos will bring it all back just like it was yesterday, including some of the smells and the incredible humidity. Almost like a different life time ! And we were the lucky ones, so they say. I think we certainly were. And our job is to tell the story as it really was and nothing less, just like Taylor.  

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Weaver stance.

Consider the lyrics of  the "Watch Tower" and how prescient it is in todays world ?  

There must be some kind a way out of here, Said the joker to the thief

There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief 

Businessmen they drink my wine, Plowmen dig my earth, None will level on the line,  nobody of it is worth, Hey  

No reason to get excited, the thief he kindly spoke,  There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke

But you and I we've been through that, and this is not our fate, So let us stop talking falsely now, the hour is getting late, Hey 

All along the watchtower, Princes kept the view, While all the women came and went, barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance a wildcat did growl, Two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl

Seems to me very prophetic for our current times here in USA today. Lying politicos on both sides and many people who are totally out of touch with any reality or even capable of rational thought processes. As well women who claim to be some sort of victims are clearly insane in our government as well as the corporatocracy the control freaks have created. The only people who see it all for what it is are those who lived in another era and perspective based in any reality. The rest have been nearly totally mind fucked by PRAVDA/MSM and their propagandist control freaks  !      

I will never forget the first time I ever heard Hendrix. A black guy had a mini reel to reel tape recorder in the APC next to mine and everybody huddled around thinking what was that ! It was about 6 PM at nite and we knew NVA were out there and likely we may not live another day. So another baptism by fire in RVN with Hendrix blaring and a sort of dystopian peace of mind settled in momentarily, a kind of respite from the immediate realities at hand ! All of the songs of that era remind me of many events. Now it all seems just an incredible experience to have survived. When I see these snowflakes complaining about nothing except their own stupidity and weakness, I cringe for the country ! None of them could have possibly survived nor do they know anything about life as it is on this planet and especially here in USA today ! I shower good on all my brothers in arms, and do yourself a favor and get super healthy and fit and enjoy it all daily. None of us will be here forever, so enjoy it and live it and be proud of your own life experiences ! If you are not proud you did something wrong, so change that part of your on THINKING  !

Below is a truly a great aircraft and still unmatched today in 2021for practicality and function.  Pratt and Whitney radials of WWII design were flawless ! Same as the GM or Detroit diesels were and still are ! I flew into Black Horse base camp on one of these as a newbie and the crew chief said we are NOT going to stop, I will lower the rear door ramp down and as we turn around at the end of the runway you boys jump off or I will throw you off !  Within 5 minutes we were under fire with incoming and that is how I arrived in war zone D, RVN, 68/69 ! Our runway was too short for C-130s except for emergency landings only and we were in NVA and Charlies domain, we called it Indian country near Gia Ray mountain !   I was a lucky one.  By the way I still prefer and use all the web gear and alice clips because it is all very rugged and works like a charm ! I am NOT big at all on all the new techy bells and whistles trinkets  that break and need batteries  !

The fighting stance 

Incredibly I was sent these 8mm films of my time in RVN. I just received the second video rencently and it has all the places I was at as well. It shows our base camp where I was and many other locations around Xuan Loc and war zone D ,  where I was at much of the time. Our commanding officer was the son of George Patton ! Lots of grain and faded but lots of good film as well. Incredible to see it all again, roads and places I was at. Amazing stuff to be sure 50 years later ! I remember it all like yesterday. 

This video above also tells a story of the same events and outcomes.  Very few Roosters survived to this day, in good health and with any real understanding of what happened and why. As well how it has all morphed into the current insanity we all live under here in USA today. I was a lucky one to be sure so it seems , or is it a curse to realize it all ? I think it is a bit of both, good and not so good , but that is the way it all works, it is called reality ! All we can do is find our own balance in all if it and call a spade a spade. Live in truth, not the many illusions created for you to control you !

Our power is our ability to look inside and find the most basic truths about ourselves and this world we live in and the people in it  ! Not all of it is pretty or a good thing to be sure. Humans have a dark side, they also have a good and kind side as well. Our endeavor is to limit the dark side and expose it at every turn and event ! We cannot do that if we do not live in that truth, otherwise we are greatly manipulated and controlled. It also means there are simply seriously whacked people out there and things are coming to a head, an apex here in USA today. So prepare for the worse and pray for the best outcomes. Be a rooster of sorts ! I call it a warrior monk. Ponder that concept. I will be speaking of it more going forward. To be clear I consider all firearms are simply tools for self defense . I do not hunt because I have no need to do so. In fact I pick up worms out of the gutter and throw them back on the lawn so they live ! I am a true humanitarian and simply believe in liberty and justice for all.      

From today's perspective it is hard to grasp what was endured in this nightmare of political garbage we all faced. Looking back at it almost seems like another life ? And it still goes on today, just a different flavor.  Now we have many veterans of Iraq and Afghan realizing just how badly they were betrayed by the very politicos that sent them there in the first place ! Same game, different day.  At least the new guys got welcomed home.  How many fat guys do you see in this video below and how many today ? America has become fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and cowardly. Sorry to say, but quite true ! We were some of the last of the true warriors and we paid a very heavy price. Unimaginable today because of political correctness and betrayal by our own government. I wish all my brothers well and God have mercy on our souls. Not because we were right or wrong , but because we acted as our country asked us to do or forced us to do.  My thanks to Oliver Stone for telling this story in truth and reality for all to see as it actually happened. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all existed in spades. That is exactly how it all happens every time. Oliver Stone has acknowledged my comments on his FB page. He is also a brother of this event, one of many brothers. Many never returned and I salute them all and only hope I am worthy to carry their banner. RIP my brothers, we will join again one day.

​Above are some images of a variation of shooting positions that I find very interesting. I honestly think what works best for you is the right one. I feel strongly that the ability to acquire a target in any physical posture or circumstance from any position is a critical point. So familiarity from various positions and circumstances are all very good to be training with. On the ground, on other side right and left side of body laying , running, laying prone, both hands right and left fired single handed. Every position you can put your body in. And then add some gear and at least 15 to 20 pounds in a pack or a belt and do it all again at speed with follow thru. Realize the follow thru is likely more important than the speed, but both certainly matter and will improve with practice and physical capability via PT.  I often mention to supposed prepper types that their most important prep is their health, fitness and brain/mindset !

Physical fitness is an integral and very important part of any firearms training as well as your mindset. This fellow also promotes meditation as a means to improve all of your skills. I strongly urge everyone to check out his videos online and try out some of his techniques. I have been using them all for many years as I found them just as he did from first hand experience. I am impressed ! He covers many excellent points and shows you how to focus correctly on things that matter and will enhance your skills and your daily life. There is much more to meditation than he talks about, but this is a good start for this page and subject. Your capabilities and confidence will be GREATLY improved and increased across the board in every aspect of your life not just realizing what it takes to be a real warrior and not live in a fantasy. 

I suggest everybody rewatch the film 'Platoon" and you will see that the world needs both the Sgt Aliases and Sgt Barnes to keep some kind of balance.

Taylor kills Barnes  who can judge what is right given the stimulus and events that led to this ? Likely only those that walked the same walk ? What would you do ? Was Taylor justified ? I think he says it all at the very end of the film.    

Barnes "what do you boys know about killin"  the stimulus is being applied, one of many ! This is the kind of thing that happens when you accept your death? You simply don't care anymore about certain boundaries. Then you become very dangerous.

Barnes pissed off         more stimuli being applied to all.

The end and Taylors summation  he is talking to us today,  the future generations !  I came to his exact same conclusions but it took me a much longer time to get there. It is with me until death arrives.

I stumbled onto this today and it brings up many valid points.  We need the Barnes of the world and the Aliases for balance !  

All of these concepts are very important to wrap your head around if possible. Although I am not sure it is completely possible without actually experiencing such ?  I suggest you try, it may save you or your families life one day. Probably worth the effort. War and extreme violence carry a penalty of the human psyche but too can be healed. Today we are all confronted with various threats from various sources. Some of which are our own government and the deep state apparatus we are all aware of now. My best advice is to always take a defensive mental posture and mindset and to be completely trained out and ready for any event. Besides you will enjoy the many physical benefits of good health and well being daily, right now ! See the fitness page 

  Tower guard 1969 on perimeter in this tower and bunker at base camp and more photos below,  the skinny kid is me !  Note the RPG screens and claymores 

Firearms and ammunition



I have fired many tens of thousands of rounds, probably hundreds of thousands ?  Not sure, but it is a lot for certain by most peoples standards. My perspective is always defensive as in self defense and never offensive as a first mindset.  I have figured out both the the AK and AR platforms pluses and minuses in great detail. As well I am  completely familiar with the  9MM and .45 cal pistols and shotguns. There are many other good weapons out there, but I have mentioned the most popular ones and the most comon ammo . I also like SKS , Ruger Mini 14 and in 7.62X39(Mini30) , 10/22 , and the M14 or M1A1. I was trained at Ft. Polk on the M-14. Later at Ft. Huachuca on the M-16 just prior to deployment. After my RVN experience I did not own a firearm for many years. But things have changed seriously here in USA in the last few decades. 

The eastern block version of the 308 round is also very high on my personal like list, the 7.62X54. And there are some good rifles to choose from in that round ? The truth is the 7.62X54 was created long before the 308 round which is in fact a copy or take off of the X54. I actually have a preference for the eastern block stuff for several valid reasons these days. Lets assume there were some calamity befall us tomorrow at 5:30 am. An EMP or CME or a serious cyber attack strikes the US and much of the world. I imagine you will be wanting some protection if you were not some kind of casualty and want to survive such an event that was not fatal to begin with ? AR ammo in 223/556 was already over a dollar a round, or there abouts, and that is too expensive IMO. It was much cheaper a short time ago and now even more costy, but on cost alone I prefer the 7.62X39 @ under .30 a round or less if you watch for pricing. As well I would challenge anybody to defy the knockdown of an AR vs AK round. ? Now is not a good time to resupply in a big way. If you are in the military and you have access to all manner of ammo and parts and pieces to keep your AR running, good for you. But what about the majority who do not have that luxury, in other words you and me ? Well, we have to procure our own stuff and maintain it and that is the dividing line of common sense IMO of the ongoing tug of war of AR vs AK type weapons. Keep in mind we are talking about survival and SHTF type scenarios, not a training camp with unlimited resources ? So here are my first choices of weapons for self defense. Number one is a shotgun, preferably a riot type Mossberg or other brand. Number two is a pistol in either 9MM or .45cal or both. Number three is a rifle for shorter range rapid fire (SAR) and number four is a longer range reach out there rifle, in larger caliber. Any of the above weapons I mentioned are very good but they all serve a different purpose so it really boils down to how much you want to spend and what your own preferences are ? Ideally all of the above would be a very well rounded setup. Everything on this page is directed to defensive thinking not offensive as the main mindset. It is all about self defense. And yes an AR or AK are both very capable platforms just some, different characteristics and a lot of hype involved between the two.                                                     

And I did not elaborate on all the various makes and models as that is preference to the individuals needs and purposes. No matter what your preferences, none of it will do you much good unless you are completely familiar and proficient with the weapons you choose. And that takes range time to become relaxed and at ease in all events to become proficient at acquiring targets in all conditions. As well I am very big on fitness and if you think you can just grab your stuff (what many refer to as bug out bag) and survive without being fit and healthy, you are likely kidding yourself. So there are several components involved, not just having the latest gizmos and trinkets like a new green laser sight or whatever electronic device. I am very big on nothing electronic as much as possible for one reason, Failure ! Batteries and sensitivity to the elements and getting beat around in normal use. It is far superior to have a good familiarization and proficiency and feel for your iron sites and perhaps a scope/optic , than to be dependent on electronics IMO. If it can break it will. Please DO NOT email me and tell me that ARs are the best or some such thing. They are very good for sure , but I have simply outlined my preferences for the proposed situation. They do jam and they won't run in as adverse conditions as an AK or SKS. Yes ,  those deficiencies can be easily resolved by getting out the checkbook and going to exotic metals and other events, like piston driven gas systems. My first choice would be an AR platform piston driven that fires 7.62X39 and functions properly in that round. To my knowledge several have tried this with poor results so far, so I am waiting for such to arrive and be PROVEN over some time and use. When that happens I will likely go there, but not until, just me. But the price in 223/556 will be more than most people want to deal with and then you still have to feed your machine on much higher priced ammo with less knockdown. Some of you out there were smart and loaded up on your ammo prior to the mania ? but many did not and many are just now trying to decide what is best to do. I am giving my best ideas based on many years of experience, some in a war zone with NVA present quite regularly and both weapons in use. So I am simply stating what I know works and is prudent for many. If you want an AR in their present state or any other weapon and have unlimited resources, go for it by all means. Of course they both have pluses and minuses just like everything does. No question the AR is lighter but the NVA and VC and many other rather small people have packed AKs very successfully all over the world to good affect. I also discount the claims of AK inaccuracy a bit. Because most skirmishes are rather close quarters and short distances (under100meters or less) and an AK is easily capable of farther range (200meters) with accuracy to take out a human size target. So to some degree it is a mute point. Besides, much past that (say 200 meters and beyond) and the reach out there calibers are far superior anyway.  Many more people are realizing responsible self defense is important.​

Below are some excellent videos for pistol drills for trigger control and target acquisition ! Range time is very important to become relaxed and familiar with target acquisition and follow thru with your weapon and personal abilities but it is also important to realize range time is NOT the only or always best training technique to improve your overall skill set. This is just one subject and there are many more and many other videos on line as well. I think this fellow has some very good concepts going on and some new ways to think about your skill sets. I also fully realize there is no one perfect position or anything else because conditions change and that is why range time only, can be counter productive ! Most people go to the range and get far too comfortable with perfect conditions , a bench, a rest and all the bells and whistles and snacks. That is not good overall training at all. That is simply static target practice and nothing more ! No question those perfect conditions will never exist in any real collapse mode of any kind where real self defense is a necessity.   It is critical to become proficient in varying conditions and positions and that requires physical ability as well as the correct mindset and understanding of all the components involved. Below are some good videos that show some excellent perspectives to work with. No question the range has a function to get any firearm dialed in and zeroed , but beyond that most people are really just wasting their time money and effort living in a fantasy and most could not run a 75 yard wind sprint without a potential heart attack. So what is reality and productive here and what is just a fantasy being lived out ?