FACEBOOK, is tech really our friend or just another created control mechanism ? 

Published 10/11/15 and updated

Better said would be deliberately designed thinking by others and forced on you unknowingly or without permission 

Almost three years ago I wrote this article exposing how Facebook and Google are simply CIA creations . They were given all manner of special treatment and seed money from dubious sources to get them started and it is all completely verifiable with specific sources in that article here at this site !  Now many are realizing all of what we have called social media is in fact a creation in conjunction with various mind control mechanisms, related to gathering and dispensing information to greatly affect how people think and act accordingly, per someones else's specific agendas and points of view. In other words you are being controlled by others ! Most people have no idea they are being controlled by various means and therefore go along with the entire mechanism. That article above is very in depth and specific and anyone who wants to know the truth of this matter should read it and understand it fully ! Recently Tucker Carlson has been delving into this subject with numerous expose's and perspectives , but he is still not fully up to speed. I am sure he will get there rather quickly now that this information was on his show recently   I now realize Tucker is a bit naive, but he is also smarter than the average bear and is on the right track for sure and has been for some time now ! Many times we see these so-called smart guys, and Tucker actually is one, get consumed in their own nuances of trying to make sense or reasoning with something or someone that is not rational or reasonable. They many times simply cannot call a spade a spade because they are conditioned via their education to be supposedly reasonable and supposedly rational ? What they are really doing is a form of the obvious "go along to get along" thinking that has helped cause our societies downfall on many matters and events because they are slow to simply call a spade a spade !  This has been shouting at me for several years now. Bill Oreilly was a huge promoter of this kind of reaction and thinking and he did us all a great disservice for decades for this very reason. This idea of "go along to get along" is in epidemic proportions all across our society and has been for a very long time. It is a very destructive force and concept when it becomes the knee jerk reaction because it allows any false narrative or false paradigm to be given credence and escalated , simply because nobody is questioning the false narratives or paradigms and therefore accepting them or furthering their expansion and credibility. We all see this happen but few people recognize it for the destructive force it really is. We see it in or own personal dealings and families everyday in various ways and various levels of events. It is in fact just another way to control us, because nobody wants to say anything for fear of NOT being accepted or ridiculed or some such thing within their own circles and dealings with others and this is part of how we are easily controlled by others ! People are very afraid of saying anything for fear of rejection or acceptance ! Yet we have all done this to some degree and now it is just more clear and critical to be aware of.


                                                                                     this is always a choice we make

Lets define some of the components of this sort of matrix we all live under here in USA today. Have you ever considered that your smart phone is part of that matrix ?   Consider that AAPL, Facebook, Google and many other entities are in fact working in concert for a very specific reason. It is all about controlling information. If you can control or create any false narrative or false paradigm you have nearly 100% complete control of how people think ! The smart phones are simply an extension and tool to gather and disseminate information via apps and your feedback you willingly give to the masters of that information, Google,  Facebook and many others like Instagram , Yahoo, MSN and Linkedin. People have done this all very willingly up to this point and very ignorantly. There are many components in these grand schemes to control us and fortunately for all of us, people are waking up to all of it and seeing what is really taking place. The article linked above on Tuckers show about Google and Facebook being control mechanisms and my article three years ago are being recognized as fact and truth , even if belated a bit. Also realize for most people it is very difficult to break out of the matrix and see how they are controlled rather easily. Mostly because they will have to take some sort of  action to do so. Even if it is only in their own thinking processes. Many people are so incredibly entrenched in these bad thinking processes they have lost the ability to live in any resemblance of any truth at all. It is all about how we have been conditioned deliberately and few are willing to recognize this fact or actually consider changing any of it for fear of NOT being accepted or ridiculed or some how belittled or some such nonsense in their own sphere of friends or family or even the general public. Much of it is peoples own insecurities and fear of not being accepted or being rejected some how. I see this as the ultimate insecurity and weak mindedness on a grand scale and a serious negative process for our society. All of these components are in fact used against us on many levels of social interaction and supposed social science never considers any of it much, because that entity too is also part of the control mechanisms ! Just as all supposed science has become various forms of control mechanisms and have little validity these days. Academia and supposed science have become a political tool, instead of any form of actual learning or understanding. And all is funded by various government entities to keep all on board in line with the same control mechanisms. Tenure guarantees this outcome in academia, which is really just the ultimate group think and echo chamber of supposed knowledge or learning or intelligence.    

In some ways all of this is hard for the average person to realize or digest simply because they have been controlled very effectively for a very long time. They are entrenched in all of it in such a way they cannot see it until it is clearly pointed out and that is the reason and purpose of this writing ! It gets more complicated inside our own family circles and personal connections because nobody really wants to hear they may be controlled or have been accepting false narratives or false paradigms or any kind of bogus or negative or destructive thinking processes. As well many are consumed in all of it and they simply cannot seem to recognize they are part of the problem by their own fear and insecurities of being accepted, so the last thing they ever want to do is to actually recognize or change any of their own bad thinking/acting processes. This is exactly how and why it is all so incredibly insidious and powerful. A consortium of control mechanisms used against us all daily and all based on our fears and ignorance.  Add to the mix the fear of losing money or some perceived form of recognition or power and the power of it all is magnified greatly for most people. All of these forces are in fact interconnected and all very important to recognize and fully understand. I think it is all part of our own intellectual and ethical honesty and not much else. So finding our own grounds of reason are of course a critical point. I have often said many times "we are all on our own merits or demerits as the case may be" and I consider that point the guiding perspective in all things. That concept came to me from J Krishnamurta who said almost 50 years ago, "it is no good measure of a man to be well adjusted to a sick society " Now that was profound indeed ! We all have people in our own sphere of friends and family who need various forms of guidance or direction and help to see any of it for what it really is in our own lives. Good luck in that journey because it is not a simple endeavor when people are entrenched in their perspective they are not even aware of. But it is what it is and the best choice is to follow our own truth always, even if it means some may not wrap their heads around the importance all at once. Remember this has taken a very long time and a lot of effort by many entities to get here and control the masses. But the good news is that it is all being exposed and many are in fact gasping it all for what it is and that is a very good thing indeed  !  Each of us have been affected greatly and each of us have reacted differently inside our own skin and in various ways to protect our self and or to inform others. I urge you all to try and inform others !  And drop all the facades and excuses.

Below are numerous links to what is happening with Facebook and other control entities today and how it is falling apart and collapsing. I have zero respect for Zuck the cuck. He  basically stole what has become Facebook from some of his college buddies and then he was promoted and given seed money by our own CIA and other government entities. He has been at the helm of creating many devious devices of destruction of our society. All of that info is verifiable in the linked article on Google and Facebook above in detail with names, entities and places clearly stated.  All of these control mechanisms are breaking down and it is a very good thing indeed !  Well past time in fact .

All of these links below show me clearly people are finally waking up and realizing we have given far too much power and control to these entities who are in fact part of the DSA !  The "deep state apparatus" along with PRAVDA/MSM ! They all work together in a cabal to control you in a myriad of ways and many actually pay for it willingly. Zuckerberg admitted today tha FB is working with the Mueller sham, what else do you need to know ?









This image clearly shows that many people have been mind fucked to believe many illusions created for them very easily. If anything Assange is a hero and true humanitarian and Zuck is simply a political cuck for the DEM/DSA ! What a miserable and clueless twit.

The negatives are building very fast against FB, Goog and all the rest like Instagram , Linkedin and the entire scheme of events ! A spider web of matrix control freaks who gather and sell the info you give them and most people give far too much info. But the truth is it is very easy to use their own platforms against them and I do that everyday ! Not at all difficult and it works ! That is a big reason I do not have a smarty phone ? They are tracking devices and that is what the apps are all about ! One would think most people would have figured this all out by now ? By not having a smart phone and apps am I losing anything or in any way any negative from that ? Quite the opposite ! It is possible to use a smart phone and simply not give much or any info via the apps and now there are anti tracking apps for this very reason. But many are far to consumed in the matrix to even consider what they are doing. Pathetic !




this link above, is also the kind of garbage that allows these control mechanisms all to happen, to be created , designed thinking !  This is the logo at the top of this page check it out for yourself. It is beyond Orwellian group think and an echo chamber of control freaks ! This is precisely what Facebook , Google and all the rest are all about ! They create what you will think or go along with or how you will react to stimuli,  while you are asleep ! We are living in Orwells 1984 today in spades and have been for a long while. I think it is well past time to simply wake up and seek some truth and be willing to stand up to all of it ! We are at a critical time in our own history. It is all just information, do with it what you will.


Nothing new at all for sure, except to those NOT paying attention for years now ? It has all been out there for all to see and now finally being accepted as a simple fact and truth  ! NO rocket science, MBA or PHD needed. These entities need to be investigated for their own crimes of omission with the the DSA and as part of PRAVDA/MSM. We need more transparency in the tech world ! They are simply manipulators and deceivers of many truths and all about gathering your personal information for sale and political use against you .    






Does anybody believe this bullshit story now that they have all been totally exposed ? 

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