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 Emergency Water Filtration Purification 

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Clean water is a necessity of life                         

Finally a simple and very cost effective way to produce large quantities of emergency filtered water from any source that is also easily purified. This is highly portable and lite weight. For emergencies or for well water sulphur or other foul smelling compounds.  Also daily use for foul smelling, tasting, municipal water. This removes chlorine, fluoride and other agents to give you tens of thousands of gals of crystal clear drinking water. About 40,000 gals per pound, a bit less in dirtier water and more in cleaner water.  Very simple, no bells or whistles, it just works !


Coconut charcoal is probably the finest natural emergency water filtration material on the planet. This kit is incredibly simple and intended for emergency water filtration to produce large quantities of water very easily, with very simple purification explained below. Highly portable and lite weight the kit only weighs 3.4 pounds with 2 pounds of Coconut charcoal included. The larger quantity of material is the simple reason this filters a larger quantity of water. This kit will also remove foul smells like sulphur or other odorous compounds from well water or any source of water. It will also remove chlorine, fluoride and other compounds from your municipal water. You will receive two plastic parts, one that captures the filtered water (a bit under 3 gallons at a time or less if you like) and one that fits on top of that piece and holds the filter which you place the charcoal into and 2 paper filters.

In some ways this outperforms Ceramics and Hollow fiber systems as it will NOT plug up like Ceramic and HF will. Although Ceramic and Hollow fiber do remove some bacteria and pathogens, they both work very slowly compared to this simple system. Purification and disinfection is a simple matter that kills pathogens and bacteria. This kit produces water instantaneously as you pour it, much faster then ceramic or HF. Also ceramic and hollow cell will not remove odors like sulphur and other compound odors anywhere near as effectively. So there are some serious drawbacks to both ceramic and hollow cell and some serious positives to Coconut charcoal that have not been recognized fully or accurately, previously. Although I do think it is wise to have several methods on hand, as they serve somewhat different purposes and can compliment each other.  An example would be our Coconut charcoal kit and perhaps a simple Ceramic or a Hollow fiber system as a combination of sources and still spend far less than many systems out there and have all bases covered. A series of events just like a municipal plant. 

You will end up with purified‚Äč water CLICK HERE with this kit by using any of the purification methods given below (scroll down to middle of EPA page and go to purification methods).  If you have any doubt at all about the water, simply boil it . Boiling is the purification method recommended as first choice and most effective by EPA and CDC, and once filtered you end up with near perfect water that tastes wonderful. You can also add iodine or any form of chlorine to purify. I am not a fan of using chemicals in any form for water purification because it is oxidative and has numerous known negative effects for human consumption. No question if I had to, I would use chemicals and simply filter them out with this kit. Also iodine has some reported negative effects but some positive ones as well (we actually need more iodine). I take iodine every day for my thyroid. Whether you use chlorine or iodine, instead of boiling, just filter out both compounds. I have filtered water directly out of the Columbia River and local ponds and creeks and it was all just fine and I used chlorine and iodine as a test and filtered both out effectively for smell and taste. I also used boil only. So this method really covers all the bases, gives some variables and produces the finest water quality, easily and very cost effectively for far less than a penny a gallon. Here is a link to CDC on municipal water scenario. Notice they use charcoal. There is a reason for that.  Also see definitions of purified water and methods Here                   

                                 1st VIDEO   

                                 2nd VIDEO    3 different types of filtration and various issues of the three and easy resolution

                                3rd VIDEO    1st in series of 3 on charging charcoal and elongating filter life 

                                 4th VIDEO     2nd in series on charging charcoal and parts and pieces

                                  5th VIDEO    3rd in series on charging and potential medicinal purposes                                                       


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John 4:14   But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.