DTET is seeking new Digs 

A change in location to a different state and some new like minded souls to mingle and work with !   

Seeking Patriot types and self sufficient clear thinking types in 2A friendly states. I live in a good county and have an excellent sheriff on the east side of the Cascades but do not trust our governor in Oregon and the establishment on the I-5 corridor as far as I can throw them ! So wanting to relocate.  Idaho, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma  all good or others as well as we are seeing more states pass better 2A protective laws as the insanity only grows daily from DC and many state capitals as well.  Please read the "About this Guy" page for some background on my life experiences and careers but realize I do NOT want to be involved in trading any longer although I have extensive background and understanding in such events, mostly options trading. I also do NOT want to run any large construction projects any longer, mainly because I do not want to baby sit grown men any longer on any larger scale at all as I did that for 40 + years. Small projects are fine and my definition of smaller projects is under $1 million. I can build any structure and still love carpentry work and even concrete related projects and can cut any stair or rafter to code. I have also built every kind of imaginable water systems to include municipal systems and water treatment and sewage treatment plants as the general contractor and as a subcontractor on very large projects and gov work. So a very extensive construction background as well in plumbing and all pipeworks and underground utitities. I Iost count of how many homes I built a long time ago as well 4 subdivisions and many commercial buildings of all sizes and types including hospitals. I built the 120 room VA hospital in Eugene, Oregon some years back. Quite a story on that project for sure.  I would love to build some earth homes like Mike Reynolds has developed and other earthen structures that lend themselves greatly to land with some elevation changes. With machinery these days like excavators that is easily accomplished. 

I am 73 and have the physical capabilites as well mental clarity of many 20 somethings or far better, which is not always saying a lot today and more so than many 35 year olds.  I was crippled for almost 10 years and healed myself and that journey sent me down some incredible rabbit holes of healing and health related knowledge gathering experiences. Like learning how to marry prayer and meditation. And I am one of the most thankful people walking this planet today for all that knowledge and healing, which is why I freely share it all. To be 73 , strong, fit, healthy and good to go in all events is an incredible thing indeed after surviving a year on the Cambodian border in 68/69 in war zone D and many other hair ball events after that back here in USA.  So I am very much health/well being focused and workout regularly but I do not spend a lot of time on any of it as it is not necessary for me. An average of 30 to 45 minutes a day of focused energies is all I need as I Iong ago figured out how to balance your own metabolism and endocrine system for easy overall good health and well being in combination with nutrition. I also have almost 40 years of utilizing and growing herbs and gathering many wild foods like mushrooms here in Oregon and always have a large garden for obvious reasons, as I love to eat well and a good cook. The fresh herbs are a total necessity !  In the last 7 years I worked on a large ranch (1000 head of cows)  building water systems and hauling cows as I still have a CDL and lots of experience in trucking and all heavy equipment related to excavation of any kind.  I can dig to grade forever with one eye closed.  Moved a lot of alfalfa hay and corn as well as that ranch grew their own feed. My friend Dick who owned it died in 2020 and the ranch is now being split up to family members and more or less defunct now as nobody wants to run it. Dick and I mostly traded services and not much money changed hands. I had free reign on almost 100,000 acres all on private property or leased in very remote areas to train on, hike, shoot, whatever I wanted to do, so it was a great arrangement for all. He even offered me a house as there were 10 on the property. But I owned a nice home in town so no need. I am for sure a fixit and McGyver kind of guy as well. I can build or fix just about anything. I do not want to be a full time employee for any reason although on some projects that would be fine for the duration until completed, take a break and then move on to the next event. I require a lot of thinking and meditation/prayer time these days as I am on my own "Inner Journey" and have been for some years now. I have also helped many people learn how to get fit and healthy as well as many other training methodologies and practices and I am an excellent no bullshit trainer who walks the walk.  I am a very friendly and happy guy even in the face of the junk we are faced with today. Mainly because some of my prior life experiences are even more powerful than what we see now before us unfolding daily. So my ideas of a bad day is some what different than many today and I have great appreciation for all living things !  My many years as an adrenaline junky MX racing as well RVN taught me how to lay down your fears and do whatever is necessary at the moment to not only survive but to succeed in any endeavor/encounter. I do not freak, I focus on the task at hand.  As well I have many years firearms training and experience in extreme situations most people never will have. So yes I have built my own firearms in the AR platform and well trained out on all of the uses of those tools for over 50 years now. In fact I was one of the first people on the planet to be given an AR, an M14 and a 1911 for free along with a million others at the time ! So should have learned something by then. Hey ? 

Also see the "Religions, Prayer and Meditation" page for an in depth look at my spiritual beliefs and practices. I have read both the Nag Hammadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls and of course they are both ongoing works as well as many others. That is a part of the life long journey I often speak of. I am all about balance in all things and live as a warrior monk with a lot of smiles and confidence in my place in this universe !  Note I do not tout my formal education as I did attend 2 colleges and one university and give very little credence to any of that at all as I fully realize real knowledge and understanding does not come from any form of what we call formal education. That is now becoming far more obvious to many more people.  

If you have any need for or want to inquire about my skills and purpose intended just ask. I do have a home to sell and looking at spring early summer to do so. Also for any who think it is important I have a very high FICO score (850) and not at all financially weak, but not rich either.  Even when I had too much money I was never driven by materialism, I have always been about doing things not having things. Any inquiries welcome and of course women as well. Any race also is fine with me, as I am all about open minds hearts and souls !  Some sort of cooperative effort on a piece of land or whatever is also in the ball park to develop or rehab or what ever as I have all the necessary skills and savvy  ? Open to many possibilities.   See the contact page.