And the finale' to bring it all up to the curerent insane paradigms are this video below and the article linked. You tell me do they both say exactly the same thing ? Note the article was published in 2015 and is spot on today as many are finally waking the hell up !

Here is the article    and video below, all as current as it gets of what is real and what are the illusions created fpr you !


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Down a Rabbit Hole

Here is a must readarticle for all to clearly understand the workings of the federal reserve and how it has been forced upon us all and is actually a giant ILLUSION and grand scheme of the big Banks and of course government. I imagine most of you fully realize the fed reserve is not at all a federal agency or federal anything ? It is in fact owned and operated by the big Banks and their only motive is profit and consumption and controlling you. Once you fully understand the entire machination you realize that money, as it is created by the fed, is actually debt being created with absolutely nothing to back it up except the good name and reputation of the USD ?  Even if you understand it inside and out, check this out because it is very good to pass along to those that do not ! And for those that don't know, the fed reserve was created late at night when only a few would vote in favor of its inception and they were all owned by the banks. Does any of this late night voting and backroom horseshit sound familiar to todays events on steroids.  It is all about hoodwinking and screwing the masses and simply massive control mechanisms for the elites. So just how long can the USD be held on high by the rest of the world ? Ponder that.  Many nations now are fully aware of the schemes and are taking actions to get away from USD petro dollar. So in fact the end has already begun, but of course in slomo. This is why the control freaks will do ANYTHING to maintain the status quo and keep the giant PONZI schemes alive and well as long as possible. Because they benefit and everybody else loses, big time thru devaluation, inflation and of course taxation !  Again it is all just a giant illusion, one of many we all live in. It cannot end well as it is not sustainable in perpetuity. So there will be a RESET, count on it !

Pretty amazing how so many people still think all is well in USA ? But simply do not consider that the entire thing is held together and propped up with the 20+ trillion and growing. Any system could be artificially held together with that kind of cyber glue ! Basically fake money that isn't even printed any longer, just an electronic entry into a central bank ? And it is all possible for one simple reason. PRAVDA/MSM !  What we have now in USSA is not a left leaning MSM as the common narrative suggests. Is there any difference at all between the current state of journalism by the dominant players and what existed in the Soviet state circa 1960s-70s ? Of course not. It is simply the state politburo propaganda machine determining what you read and hear and all to mind eff you ! Not complicated stuff at all and no exaggerations needed. They also simply ignore what they don't want you to know about or hear in any way. like Benghazi, F&F, IRS harrasements and coercion, NSA and many other bad acts from your own government. They do not work for you now , you work for them ! And you will be threatened and coerced by various means ? Something is very wrong in USA and IMO the only valid question is how long can it all be maintained ? Can we go on with these fantasies in perpetuity ? I am certain none of it will end well and many are simply fooling themselves because they refuse to face the reality of it all !  A kind of communal ignorance that PRAVDA/MSM helps keep alive.

Jean Jacque Rousseau.This guy had some good thoughts. A sort of precursor of a kind of libertarian thinking ? I was very intrigued when he said "a feeble body weakens the mind". So I read up on this fellow a bit and here is a short synopsis of his work. I don't think everything he said was correct , but some no doubt. Keep in mind things do change and we have a lot more people on this planet today than the 1700s. It occurs to me the so-called progressives are actually playing right into the ploys of the control freak elites ?  I think this guy was basically a libertarian with some religion thrown in for moral fiber and a bit of nationalism and patriotic ferver , but not much as he was Swiss. I wonder how much he affected the French revolution and of course our own here in the colonies ? Probably a considerable amount once you understand some of his ideas and writings, and the time frame which they were written. He did have quite a following apparently. I think of his ideas as a precursor that helped all societies at the time, to free themselves of monarchies that had become completely regressive and oppressive and not at all dissimilar from our current set of control freaks we see not only in this country , but the world in general. If you look with open eyes it is beyond obvious all is an illusion to control you and maintain the power of the status quo elites, simple as that. The people that are in these so-called governments are in positions of power and of course they DO NOT want that to change, now do they ? So they construct ever more elaborate control mechanisms of absurd laws (Obamacare) that are actually forms of taxation and forcing you to do as the gov says and demands ! The reason is to confiscate your money via taxation and use it as they please to further their own agendas in all manner of ways ! It is that simple. Ponder that simple fact. It is all encompassing and is exactly what is happening this very minute, hour, day week, month. And of course they will tell you it is the LAW and therefore you must obey ! And nobody even read it. And if you disagree there is some kind of phony law to punish you or to greatly hinder your thoughts ? We now live among the thought and brain police, Orwellian to the max. So we must say STOP, this is not OK and quite out of control ! Government has grown to big and now feeds on itself, a sort of cancer, that consumes personal liberties and individual sovereignty as free men and women. So it has morphed into a monstrosity that is all consuming and only for the benefit of the few, while the serfs pay for it all ? Not only in supposed money, but with their lives in every conceivable way and effort. It is well past time to simply say ENOUGH ! I refuse to play YOUR GAME ! YOUR RULES are grossly unfair and tilted in your favor and I am forced to play by those rules only because YOU SAY SO. Guess what, I count also, I can think just as well or better than you and I don't need your control freak mentality and sociopathic/psychopathic conscripts to live righteously and do good deeds in dealing with my fellow man ! You have deliberately obfuscated all pretext of what is fair and just and replaced all common sense and good judgment with obscene and phony laws that are only intended to be illusions to uphold your own power and hold, over the masses . Out damn spot !  Our thinking, and knowledge is our POWER. And only that can free us from the shackles of government run amok. We must have boundaries and some form of leadership. But can you honestly say we have that now ? Or has it all morphed into a giant control mechanism run by the wizards who hide behind the curtain of ignorance, that they create. Are they representing you or themselves ? So understand the illusions, they are many . And support the few that are righteous in their deeds and thoughts.

And the simple truth about Ferguson and big Mike from a black woman !  We really do live in many illusions , Hey ? Well past time to call bullshit on all of it just like she does, Good on Ya girl. And the "hands up don't shoot thing" never even happened !

Let us stop talking falsely now, the hour is getting late !  The lyrics of that song were quite prophetic. Video on the Econ page .   Jimi Hendrix 1968

"Look Tinman it's all Bullshit , we've been fooled our entire lives by the phony wizards!  Oh dear TOTO ,  what will I tell grandma , how can I explain all of this to her ?  We have all lived our lives in massive illusions and they only get far grander and more out of control!  I sure wish I was back in Kansas ".


                                                                                Here is an excellent article on the Wizard                                                   


                                                                          This guy is a genious , John Papola's Boom or Bust video

Basically the short story of our economic destruction since 2007 is fairly simplistic and straight forward. The so-called smart guys like Larry Summers, Tim Giethner, Hank Paulson, B Frank, Dodd (and numerous others) all were working in conjunction with Wall Street and the biggest banks to ramp up the economy via mortgages and the good old American dream home as a cash cow ! As well with most Democrats. The bundling of iffy mortgages and marketing of these debt instruments turned into a complete fiasco and ended up breaking the bank. Don't forget that Hank and many others were Goldman alumni and they basically ran the fed reserve and all so-called watchdog agencies like the SEC and the current crop of smart guys still run the same agencies. With a sweet revolving door policy of positions in high places both in gov and private entities (Goldman alumni), some nepitism and of course a little cronyism thrown in for good measure. As the markets grew out of proportion to any reality and any and every " nare do well" and some illegal aliens could get a mortgage on a home they could not possibly pay for. The next step was to hedge it all with derivatives, and they did , in spades. Same thing with the MBS (Mortgage backed securities). As well they ran the markets up to the breaking point as Lehman collapsed and then proceeded to make the taxpayer responsible to pay for all their greed and horrific mistakes which caused said collapse. To complicate things even further and to insure complete failure , the very same people that broke the system were put in charge to supposedly fix it ? HA HA HA. Of course it all started long before 2007 and that goes back to the Republican regimes and Clinton and even further. The Republicans actually created the perfect storm for Obama to come along and wreak havoc and as you likely know, he certainly has. Personally I think nearly all in congress are more or less criminals and I don't blame Obama for 100% of what is going on in this country now, perhaps just 70%  and 30% on the Reps for being stupid and cowardly enough to let all this happen and create the perfect storm for the Obamaites to expand their agendas and extreme spending with zero concern for the outcome. Why worry, the taxpayers are on the hook and all those crony's will get fat enough so they won't have to worry about the outcome. Pretty sweet deal, hey ?  Consider this for a while, when H Paulson got up in front of congress and insisted that we must go forward with bailouts or the entire system would collapse and we would all perish, what was his REAL motive ? He was making sure that Goldman Sachs was being made whole by AIG and that the taxpayers would be left holding the bag !  And that my friends started the stimulus and bailout madness that has created a far grander debt than can ever be repaid and greatly enriched the already rich, at your expense. What really happened was, the USA actually defaulted on that day, and Hank even went so far as to ask congress for some sort of an exemption from future prosecution for these acts and congress gave it to him !  WTF are these idiots thinking ? What they did was to give the greatest transfer of wealth to the elites and gov at the taxpayers expense, to future generations in perpetuity ! Everything you have been told and been brainwashed by these morons and criminals is a giant ILLUSION and MASSIVE lie. Unfortunately that is exactly what we all live in. Massive lies and giant illusions and exactly why I have come to the conclusion that nearly all politicos are basically criminals. They are only concerned with getting reelected so they can maintain their cushy positions of the status quo and power where all manner of backroom deals and cronyism flows like cheap perfume in a whore house on Tudo Street in Saigon in 1968.  I suggest strongly you read all of Matt Taibes articles from Rolling Stone on the many economic/political fiascos since 2007. The truth is that our country has been overtaken by elites that do not have your interest or any interest other than their own, in their thinking processes and actions. So why do they now pass legislation and don't even read them ? Why are these monstrosities in excess of tens of thousands of pages with additional regulations and exemptions to match ? As well most have many unrelated issues getting funding or major decisions being made on the back burner and well hidden in the bowels ? Because they don't want you to know the truth of most matters and it has all devolved into massive lies and subterfuge and outright manipulations and deceit ! They all do it ! In other words they are saying you are so effing stupid you won't know the difference or even care  (and many don't) .  So why would we want to let this insanity continue ? I surely don't. The long story is much more complex and goes back to 1913 and it is well explained in the "Money Masters" video documentary on You Tube in great length, I highly recommend it. I have also given a shorter version on the Econ page. There actually is a sort of wizard behind every curtain !  Believe it or not this is exactly how all governments are run. Remember Fred Hayek said The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they IMAGINE they can design that is an incredible statement of great insight and also applies to every aspect of our government and the control freaks that call themselves our elected leaders today. It is all a grand illusion and nothing more and they have screwed it up big time but insist that you pay for their horrid mistakes and greed.  Do you really think these people are actually smarter than everybody else and therefore qualified to supposedly lead you and make decisions for you ? I surely don't.  A video that touches on Hayek's points is below. As well the two party thing is seriously broken and nothing more than another illusion at this point. We get the same screwing from both sides, only in a slightly different flavor!

My goal is to help everybody realize that knowledge and understanding are the keys to any survival situation including simple everyday life, not just emergencies ! Aren't we really just trying to survive in the current circumstances we are all faced with in this country, in many ways. As well I will be discussing such issues as economics and what has REALLY happened in the last 8 years and even longer really. And how we actually do live in many illusions perpetrated by our own government and other control freaks.  Also pointing out how we can avoid such actions and actually free ourselves of the MIND POLICE !  We have all given up some of our powers, to some degree over many years,  to the so called smart guys with initials behind their names and other so-called PROFESSIONALS like politicians, lawyers, doctors, accountants, judges and professors  etc. We have been fooled and lied to as many illusions have been created, so we would not or could not see the truth of many matters forced upon us. I will go into detail of these illusions for all to see and fully grasp. It is a big list and their actions and decisions have proven to be greatly misguided and simply wrong in many ways. Obamacare is only one example of many ! So it is necessary for all of us to demand accountability and take back our own powers, that each of us have as sovereign human beings and as US legal citizens. The politicos and elites have fooled us long enough. Simply look around, do you need any more proof than the sad state of affairs our country is in , on nearly every level and getting worse everyday.  America has been turned into little more than a giant criminal enterprise to be exploited by a few and EXPLOIT they do. And many of the so-called professionals listed above go right along with most of it because they don't really want the status quo to change as they may loose their cushy status quo positions as well. So get ready for some insightful and interesting dialogue to cut thru all the BS. If you are not already aware of ZEROHEDGE.COM I urge you to start reading there immediately. It is one of the few sites that tell the simple truth of many issues and expose the warts of our system of governance and economic matters. If you have any issues with the nomenclature/terms used,  simply go to get the explanations for terms you are not familiar with. As well ZH has a base of links (left hand column) to all manner of economic/financial sites that expose some truth rather than the MSM/PRAVDA bullshit illusions/fantasies. And remember  ECONOMICS and POLITICS are now inseparable, that is part of the problem not the solution. As well , bigger government is part of the problem and NO part of a solution. Become your own personal ACTIVIST for YOURSELF and your loved ones.  Become well informed in all matters, because that is your POWER ! I am not saying tear down what was once a reasonable system. I am saying , by your thoughts and beliefs demand accountability and always question authority ! Remember back in college , that  "question authority" thingy ? Well lets bring it back to the forefront and demand accountability. They work for us not the other way around !  Also  remember that thing called the Declaration of Independence ?  It states clearly our inalienable rights.  There is also the document called the Constitutionand it's amendments. It too has been usurped and violated many times by the elite control freaks over the years and decades, to bend things as they see fit. FDR, Bush and others were bad enough, but the Obama regime surely has taken it all to another level of infringements and tweeks in recent times and put it all on steroids !

So lets go down a rabbit hole and try on some psychological and emotional nudity and see what is actually real. The simple truth is , we live in massive illusions in every part of our lives ! All we can do is to work with what we are given, understand the illusions for what they are, and have a plan to go forward. So let's get started and enjoy the benefits in every part of our lives. To simply understand the illusions is knowledge and knowledge is our power ! 

                                               This video will give you a greater insight of the Rabbit Hole we are going to go down !