Lets take a look at what actually exist, not what we have all been spoon fed to accept as a supposed health care system. Here in USA today 75+ % of the populace are either overweight to the point it adversely affects their health or they are simply outright obese with all manner of serious maladies caused by that phenom. That is a huge number and has many far reaching ramifications. This is by far the main reason for diabetes and all the related so called diseases and of course many respiratory and heart related maladies called diseases. The list of all these maladies is a very long list indeed and said to account overall for around 90% of all maladies in USA today that treatment is given. But are these actually diseases or what might be called dis- eases or simply bad habits and poor thinking by the apparent victims of such ? And how much preventive measures are utilized to counter act these poor living habits that are in fact self inflicted ? So one must ask are these self inflicted real diseases or simply self inflicted bad living practices and personal habits or bad decisions and why would someone do this to themselves ?  Also realize many of these overweight and obese people are children and do not make their own decisions on their health. They are 100% dependent on their parents who many times are also in the same unnatural condition and of course a doctor many times in the background. So one major question is who is actually responsible for all of this self destructive behavior ? And the answer lies squarely on the parents and no one else or simply the individual person afflicted. Of course nearly all of this can be easily remedied without any rel actions other than simply thinking and acting differently on ones own life style and daily habits ! So there is an easy resolution, perhaps to easy and too obvious , Hey ? 

It is apparent people have become lazy in regard to their own health and their children's as well. Part of that is caused by what we call our health care system and the erroneous thinking that there is a pill to solve any and all maladies or diseases, even lazy thinking and bad habits. So ones own personal responsibility never comes into the picture for preconditioned reasons like Pavlovs dogs were conditioned. We take this absurd attitude and false mindset in many matters. One example are the horribly failed rehab programs for drugs especially. We tell these people it is a disease and they actually have zero responsibility for pumping toxins into their own bodies as if some phantom made them do it or in fact did inject them. They had zero responsibility in their own self inflicted demise and or death ! These fraudulent entities are of course taxpayer funded, not unlike much of what we call health care today here in USA and therein lies the crux of the matter !  It is called a bureaucracy that feeds on itself and grows ever more ineffective and inefficient and of course larger and more oppressive and permeating in our daily lives. The failure rate for most rehabs is 90% plus, so why would we continue down that road for decades ? Because as I said it is self fulfilling and feeds on the tax payer. Another point about drugs I would make is in regard to the current opiate crisis. Many people are in fact strung out on legal drugs and many times these same exact opiates  that are rampant illegally as well.  In many cases that means a legal doctor had to prescribe it wrongly and many times illegally.

This video below explains precisely my points and what actually exists today in USA and the world.  The established system is seriously broken and dominated by dogma and wrong thinking. The reality is we all live in a toxic world where our food and water is contaminated as well as the air we breathe. And most people live in such a way that they complicate their own health as well as living in a toxic environment and not paying attention to that toxicity that can be avoided to some degree. The best example is the one already mentioned that 75% of Americans are over weight or obese. This causes 90% of all maladies we call diseases. But in fact it is all simply bad choices and decisions. It is all about how we think and then act on it ! Anybody can enjoy very good health if they simply want to do that ! Everything is always about how we think and then act on it. And it is NOT at all necessary to be a Guru or live in any extreme mode most Americans would perceive, it is in fact simply common sense put in practice daily and living correctly, very simple events.  


The videos below are the most accurate and spot on information I could possibly pass on to you regarding your health. It opens many doors of thinking to help you heal yourself rather easily and it is cutting edge information. Not everybody CANNOT take wheat and gluten. I eat both but in limited quantities and usually for specific reasons, so you must experiment for your own results once you have a base line established of your bodies responses. And I highly recommend Toms books .    

Seems well past clear to me what we call our heath care system is nothing of the sort and much more akin to a system run by the insurance companies , the pharmaceutical industry and other special interest who benefit greatly by the  taxpayer largess they feed on ! As well, why do the pharma and devices companies all pay doctors to use their products and promote them as much as possible ? The real problem is a simple one, too many special interest involved at every level including government and a very good case can be made that everything government touches turns to garbage very quickly. This video below makes an attempt to explain it all and does make some good points, but by and  large misses the crux of the real matter, the massive bureaucracy it has all become as well as the fact it simply does not promote health and wellness but the special interest involved at every level     

Do we really have a health care system here in USA today or is it just called that and something very different ? 

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