This site is dedicated to my Ancestor's who

brought me into this world. In the memory of their esteemed deeds and efforts that formed and created this great country.Their sacrifices and trials will always be held in high regard and never forgotten !

To my 5th generation Great Grandfather. Abednego Baze, born in Koblinta, Germany in 1754. Came to the new country, America in his youth and served with General Washington at Valley Forge and several other battles after they wintered that year and before. He was enlisted in Captain William Cunninghams First Virgina Regiment for a period and then was transferred to Lt. Burges Balls Company. Both of which were commanded by Col. Richard Parker. He was given a patent for 374 acres in the county of Sevier, district of south French Broad and Holson in Crawson's Covey by the governor of Tennessee, on June 21, 1810. He died 13 February 1827 in Blount, Tennessee leaving a son named Abednego. I have no record of a wife. He survived many battles 

To my 3rd generation Great Grandfather. Abednego B. Baze killed in action July 28th 1861 of Captain Charles Galloways Company D Stone County Missouri, Home guard. He was killed in the battle of Flat Creek fighting the rebels of Capt Peevey and Capt. Price of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He left his wife Sarah and 2 sons Charles P. and Tennessee F. and 2 daughters Hannah C. and Sarah E.

This photograph is of a man named Conrad Grassmeck. He also enlisted in Company D Missouri Home Guard in 1861 and he fought in nine major battles and survived the war ! Sounds like quite a lucky guy. I put up this photo so people can see what they wore and how they appeared in that period. Looks like a rather healthy guy. Missouri was a state split by the war. The map below shows battles that occurred in Missouri.

                                                                                                                                       the map shows Battles in Missouri  summer/fall 1861

To my father Melvin H. Baze who served in WWII in the Americal Div. in the Phillipines. He survived as well.

Being an RVN veteran myself, I salute you all and can only wish that I could have met all of you. And to my father I sincerely wish we had talked more of things that really matter. I love you all and thanks for a great gene pool ! It is greatly appreciated. Perhaps we shall all meet one day and rejoice.

We are going through trying times in this country that you could not have imagined and I will draw strength from your efforts and experiences going forward to try my best to make a difference, just as you did and passed on to me ! I leave you all in God's hands. Respectfully your descendant, Stephen R. Baze

I urge everyone to do some genealogical research of your roots. You might be surprised ! I am also very thankful to the folks who brought me this information some years ago. Roddy and Rindi Baze, thank you so much !

                                                                          What we think we become !     Buddha