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Why not get fit, healthy and well trained for life !         use this email to contact Steve for technical

questions and inquiries about the TRIBE or appointments for consulting / training                                                                                                                                                        

New Facebook page is up    I intend to use that for contacts, comments, questions, suggestion in an effort to keep the site clean. So join in ! Some slightly different stuff over there to scope out. Also realize FB censors me almost continuously and locks me out often, so no current postings over there any longer. Not even sure any of it still exists and don't care anyway, HA HA HA !  

Office   541 656 1091    

please use only if email cannot answer your inquiry and for TRIBE and consultation inquiries and health coaching, as we have very limited staff and they are trying to serve you with best value possible !

I offer consultations to good health for very reasonable rates based on individual need and ability to pay via donations.  Initial consult and  follow up and specific ongoing guidance on physical training, nutrition, weight loss, addictions and overall well being methods for good sound sleep. The initial consult is largely info gathering and analysis to get your parameters established. I also have access to all the necessary herbs at excellent prices you will greatly appreciate and all are completely organic. Some I grow and some I procure from special sources.  Special pricing on coconut charcoal is available to all who get consults ! and I highly recommend every family have at least 5 or 10 pounds on hand at all times because it has many health and medicinal uses as well as water filtration and is very cost effective.