Coconut Charcoal bulk quantity sales

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We are nearly out of our kits. But we have plenty of Activated Coconut charcoal (GAC) and will be selling it in small or large quantities. $1 lb or less depending on quantity, you pick up and we will load or your shipping for specified contracts of recurring sales. The larger the quantity the better pricing. Please inquire via email or phone for new pricing per quantity on a first come first serve basis. I believe every house hold should have a minimum of 10 to 50 pounds of this material because it has many excellent uses, not just water and air filtration !  Also see this medicinal and other health uses link   

This is GAC (granular activated charcoal.) When you pour water over it, that will charge the charcoal as it absorbs the initial water and actually makes a kind of hissing sound as it is charging. The first water that comes out will be slightly a gray color and will clear up quickly as you pour more water over the charcoal. Once charged and in use water will only come out clear and is fully ready for extended use. I have drank the slightly gray water many times and it tastes fine and does no harm to human, plant or animal. It helps remove toxins and other matter from your body.  More potential medicinal and health uses on separate page/links above.  The charcoal has a very small amount of sulphur in it (less than 29ppm) and is quite good for your joints but leaves no odor or taste at all. Once it has absorbed the initial water you can use it over and over until it simply does not work any longer (many thousands of gallons) then simply add new charcoal (see instructions included for amounts to use each time) and continue on filtering as much as you want.

I use this system everyday because my tap water is definitely funky, has an odor of pond water as well as chlorine. I simply don't want to ingest this stuff regularly, so I don't.  It only takes a minute or less a day to make my water for my own consumption and it comes out crystal clear! Basically the reason this will get such a large quantity is that you are receiving a large quantity of Coconut charcoal to begin with, 2 pounds. Much more than any other kit available. And we sell bulk charcoal as well, without the kit, at discount pricing. It is a very wise thing to have on hand no matter what system you may have. You will get large quantity production for emergency water filtration or whatever purposes you deem necessary. This is the most cost effective method available to filter your water, bar none, and purification is a simple matter explained below! Most filter setups out there will not get this quantity and actually cost considerably more and will NOT remove bad odors or tastes as effectively ! You will also receive detailed instructions of setup and operation even though it is all quite obvious and simple. Remember, you are getting 2 pounds of material to start with.

In some ways this outperforms Ceramics and Hollow fiber systems as it will NOT plug up. Although Ceramic and Hollow fiber do remove some bacteria and pathogens. But purification and disinfection is a simple matter that kills all pathogens and bacteria. I seriously doubt all of us will have clean water to use in any real emergency and starting with turbid or particle ridden water will plug up ceramic and hollow cell filters rather quickly and render them slow or less productive, then cleaning is necessary if possible. This kit produces water instantaneously as you pour it. Also ceramic and hollow cell will not remove odors like sulphur and other compound odors anywhere near as effectively. So there are some serious drawbacks to both ceramic and hollow cell and some serious positives to Coconut charcoal that have not been recognized fully or accurately, previously. Although I do think it is wise to have several methods on hand, as they serve somewhat different purposes and can compliment each other.  An example would be our Coconut charcoal kit and perhaps a simple Ceramic or a Hollow fiber system as a combination of sources and still spend far less than many systems out there and have all bases covered. A series of events just like a municipal plant. 

You will end up with purified​ water CLICK HERE with this kit by using any of the purification methods given below (scroll down to middle of EPA page and go to purification methods).  If you have any doubt at all about the water, simply boil it . Boiling is the purification methodrecommended as first choice and most effective by EPA and CDC, and once filtered you end up with near perfect water that tastes wonderful. You can also add iodine or any form of chlorine to purify. I am not a fan of using chemicals in any form for water purification because it is oxidative and has numerous known negative effects for human consumption see here ​and  here . No question if I had to, I would use chemicals and simply filter them out with this kit. Also iodine has some reported negative effects but some positive ones as well (we actually need more iodine). I take iodine every day for my thyroid. Whether you use chlorine or iodine, instead of boiling, just filter out both compounds. I have filtered water directly out of the Columbia River and local ponds and creeks and it was all just fine and I used chlorine and iodine as a test and filtered both out effectively for smell and taste. I also used boil only. So this method really covers all the bases, gives some variables and produces the finest water quality, easily and very cost effectively for far less than a penny a gallon. Here is a link to CDC on municipal water scenario. Notice they use charcoal. There is a reason for that. It is explained in the first video.

I still use my Aquamira straw for hiking ,  so it is all about the intended purpose and just how much water you may want or need in any given situation. I also carry some coconut charcoal with me on all hikes for snake bite and water if necessary. Pretty easy to imagine needing larger quantities of water in certain scenarios. Shelf life is indefinite. The kit will be a box 12 inches X 12 inches including devices and material. You can also greatly increase the amount of gallons produced by simply prefiltering the water so you are removing particles that would be absorbed by the charcoal. You can prefilter with sand or a  paper filter (which is why I suggest purchasing some extras). We now have a new cloth filter as well that fits our system and will give more longevity($5.00). The type and size that come with the kit and fit it, are quite large and heavy duty(paper). They work perfectly for the prefilter phase and well worth the minimal cost (.50 each and a ten unit minimum of $5). So it all depends on the source of water and how turbid and particle ridden it is. Any source of water is workable, but of course the cleaner to begin with the better. If you are lucky and have a river or creek close by or even a decent lake or pond you are good to go. No matter what occurs, you will have to obtain a source of water one way or another? I have used all above and even taken some gutter water and filtered it, boiled it and drank it. It looked and tasted perfect, exactly like the photo above, with zero negative effect. This simply works ! no bells or whistles. 

Realize that all the methods mentioned are in fact filtration devices.And all quantities mentioned of production are simply well educated guesses. There is no way to absolutely quantify quantities as conditions will always be different and changing from source to source of water. But the fact is that the turbidity and particulate matter present in the  water will determine the actual gallons produced. Our claims are no different and that is why we give a large quantity of material to begin withand offer additional material very cost effectively. Of course coconut charcoal is no different than anything else, it will all only absorb or extract a certain amount of foreign matter and then must be replaced. Our kits and charcoal are simply another tool in your tool box for water preparedness and it does have other excellent uses as well. There is no magic bullet or perfection in any water systems and that is why we recommend some what of a synergistic approach to your water acquisition methods. Although these products can be used as a stand alone system if used properly. And is far more cost effective than anything else on the market !

Here is a link to the medicinal and other health uses