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Life is all about decisions we make and the actions we take. Not so much about what happens to us, but how we respond to such. It is all based on our own personal honesty with our self. That is why our Inner Journey is so very important, that is where all knowledge and strength comes from. There is no other source !

Life was good prior to the wicked witch ! And these songs as well when pop music was actually music, just some old thoughts and prior events  

published and updated ongoing  8/10/12

For whatever reason I have always had somebody looking out for me and my ignorance, especially in my youth. As an example I would point out that I got a wild hair up my ass in the early 90s and an electrician friend convinced me to go skydiving. I had a considerable fear of heights and especially jumping out of an airplane. I figured if I went it would cure my fear of heights. Well we went and I was the first one out of the plane on a static line. I got line twist and the chute did not fully open and I fell to 1000 ft before I got it opened up and flew right into the landing zone for a perfect landing, scared shitless ! Later that day the instructor said come on and go up with me on the last jump for free and it will get you past your fear? I convinced myself and went up again. This time it worked perfectly and I was actually catching thermals and flying around and even rising up which eventually scared me because I was not sure I could find my way back to the LZ ? We got out at 10K feet and I was not really sure of where the LZ was at that altitude ? But I did spot it and it was awesome flying around actually being able to control it to some degree. Again I landed perfectly and it did help me get over the fear of that first jump. I went again a few months later and sure enough got line twist again and fell to below 1000ft  before getting the chute open and landed just barely skimming the treetops. I was afraid of getting out of the main chute and into the emergency I was well past white knuckled on both occasion's. I just got lucky and I got it opened both times just in the nick of time, but I did do exactly what the training had told me to do while falling several thousand feet !  For me 2 out of 3 failures was enough and I never went back. The odds of this happening as it did, are way past not likely, but like I said I have always had somebody looking out for me? I have had many incredible experiences and the skydiving fiasco was just one.

All of my life experiences have given me some common sense and good judgement, not that I had much in my youth, to be sure. For all of it I am incredibly thankful. And when all is said and done I realized that we humans really don't know anywhere near what we think we know ? Another way to say it would be that we never gain much wisdom or real knowledge/understanding, until we realize we don't actually have much to begin with ! And then the real understanding and knowledge begins. I have experimented with and examined all manner of religions and belief systems of the world and came to some conclusions as well. The things that make humans tick, have not changed at all since the time of Jesus and well before? Greed, power, lust have always been part of the mix and still are. So as Solomon said "nothing new under the sun ". The other main conclusion I have come to is that we live in massive Illusions perpetrated by our government and all governments of the world. It is all just a giant control mechanism to tax you and control you in every way they can think of. YES, they literally make it up as they go along ! Because we allow them to. So do we want to play their game under their rules? We already have a set of rules to play by, called the Constitution and Bill of Rights ! So we don't have to play by bogus rules. That is just one of the many things of importance I have learned and will pass along my points of view to help get thru this crazy set of circumstances we all find ourselves in. It is all about how we think and react. And the thinking part is critical, because these days many people don't think. And that is the main problem we all face. So lets do what we can to change that for the better.

I am not a Christian as most think of in today's current terms of churches and the established religions. I pray and meditate a lot and would likely fit in as a Gnostic or Essene or some such thing back when, but a sort of Christian none the less. Perhaps with a different, but clear view of the state of events we have morphed into. I am also an ardent student of Edgar Cayce and others of his thinking. I am convinced all established religions have been polluted and perverted by men, NOT God.  Although I know the Bible is an incredible resource and guide to live by and have great respect for it, as well as other writings from previous times. I have spent a tremendous amount of time understanding King David and Job as well as Solomon and other major figures of the Bible. The Bible is a guideline to live by and IMO Jesus was a living example of the guidelines. As well as Buddha and Krishna and many others along the way. I am also convinced the established religions (especially the Abrahamic) have all morphed from their original intent to a perverted state we see today. And it seems clear that the Bible is full of allegory and  metaphors that really relate to each of us as individuals and our actions and thoughts and perhaps not so much the specific details used to put forth those allegories for our use. It does appear that it has all morphed into a perverted state not any different than our government has, and is simply out of balance/control and not at all as originally intended. I also think all the ancient wisdom's have many different valuable assets and information to live by and learn from. I am currently reading the Gnostic Text (Nag Hammadi) and numerous other works related to those writings that had been hidden for almost 2000 years ! It is abundantly clear to me now that there is far more to the entire story than we have been told or allowed to see for ourselves as it is a fact that much was withheld by men NOT God. As well I will be delving into the Dead Sea Scrolls (Essene inspired) and knowledge from Enoch and many others not included in the current Bible. What about Melchizadek, Noah and the book of Mary and Zostrianos ? Why are these people glossed over and their works and history removed from our current Bible ?  Much has been hidden from us and there is far more to the entire story. It is up to us to gather all the information, incorporate the good and weed out the rest, like mega churches and Easter bunnies , and live accordingly in all facets of our lives. Jesus never said go forth and create massive mega churches, he said "follow me I am the way, the truth , the life" !  I seriously doubt he would approve of the established religions of today that go along with all manner of mens greed and bad acts. Buy our products/ideas and you will be saved and blessed ? And how many have religious products for sale one way or another ? The Bible speaks clearly of false religion and prophets. Just my thoughts and what I have absorbed along the way from much reading, and my own experiences. I think the Bible is really just the beginning and there is far more to the story. I go into more detail on theOur Inner Powerspage and the Religion/meditation/prayer page 

So please remember this. You are as fit and healthy in body , mind , spirit and soul as you WANT to be and CHOOSE to be. It is largely a state of mind and how you think of yourself and the world we live in combined with your own actions and your own knowledge. It is all interconnected and related to our soul. Your chronological age has far less to do with your health and fitness than most of us realize fully. Your body is an incredible piece of work and a gift from God, it seems. It is self healing, so act accordingly and make the journey on this planet one of ever improving your own understanding of all things. Even those that have deliberately harmed you must be considered. Understanding is one thing and forgiveness is an entirely different matter. You cannot forgive anyone of anything unless they ask for that forgiveness. This too is an illusion ! All you can do is forgive if asked to do so. Then the burden is on you. So again, act accordingly and do no harm to others.     

Check this out, one of my favorite set of tunes Michael Mcdonald and the Doobie Bros ! Ms. Julie, these songs are about  you                         

I had a serious accident racing motorcycles in late 2006 and broke off the top of my scapula which holds your shoulder together. My right arm popped out, and all the connective tissue was torn apart and I fractured my skull as well . My brain swelled up and goo was leaking out of my ears with a 105 temperature for a week and I was quite delirious and only semi conscious for days . Some how I survived and began a long healing process. In 2011 I began to feel a bit of healing and strength coming back as I had been basically crippled for 5+ years and my upper body was incapable of very little physical exertion. That of course affects your entire body and the result is a fat/flabby guy that had always been somewhat fit and strong. I sold my equipment from my business starting in 2007 and most was gone by 2009. So , I was forced to let go of my business and  motorcycle racing, which I seriously loved, all at the same time. Those events combined were a very big deal at the time for me. My entire focus was on healing and I had no idea if, or how much I could actually heal ? So I just tried to keep excess weight off with dietary changes and tried my best to keep working and being active as much as possible. Eventually after almost 6 years, I began to see signs of healing and have now regained much of my overall strength and vigor, but will always have many limits of my range of motion on the injured shoulder and right side of my body. The biggest helpful issue of healing for me was hiking and after that my workouts I was developing, over time. After I started selling off equipment  in 2007 I realized the economy was in a major bubble and a major correction was overdue. I had no idea the magnitude of what was coming. I went back to school and took some classes that would allow me to open an account at Interactive Brokers so I could trade 24/7 and manage my own money/assets. That was a very stressful time since I was not sure I could cut the mustard. But I did and I learned a lot about the markets , trading , economics and finance.  I read 108 books on markets and trading in less than 2 years and countless articles from all manner of sources to include Zero Hedge, when it was a blog. I also met a guy named Adam who was a vice president at Morgan Stanley and had an office in the twin towers when they went down. He had a premonition not to go to work that day. How strange is that ? He later quit in disgust with what was happening in this country, to do his own thing and he still does. We are still good friends . So the trading went well for a few years and then it all fell apart as the government destroyed all the markets with stimulus and here we are in a completely fake set of illusions that pass for a free market. And of course this too was a giant learning experience to bring us up to the present events, I call USSA !

My name is Steve and soon will turn 70 in May 2018. Let me give some background of my life experiences. I was born in Weed , California in 1948 and later moved to southern California where I grew up in the Los Angeles area. I went to RVN in the late 60s and returned with all body parts intact. Perhaps not so much my psyche ? Like most idiots in that era I got in trouble with the law, largely for just being stupid. I got lucky and had all charges dropped. I then determined that I needed to leave the area or I would either end up in prison or dead or maybe both ? So I moved to Eugene, Oregon. I went to 2 colleges and never did graduate. Although not for a lack of smarts, but inner conflicts within myself and some within the so-called higher ed  system. Eventually I realized our so-called higher ed in this country is largely a bad joke, and could be much better served. But I did not fully realize that back then (early 70s). None the less I eventually started a small construction company and over a period of 35 years developed that into a viable incorporated enterprise that focused on larger projects and excavation/pipework related jobs. I know first hand what it takes to be self employed and make something from nothing. Along the way I had two divorces, one that basically cost me nearly everything I had worked my entire life for. I was literally raped by the so-called legal system in 1996-98, after being single for quite some time from my first marriage. Such major events in our lives reveal all manner of issues related to friends and others you care about ? You find out exactly "who is who in the zoo" and just how people really tick and why ? That was a giant eye opening event on many levels, as I had no idea such fraud and criminality could take place in what I thought of as, the "United States of America" !  I was incredibly naive and somewhat stupid in some ways actually. Although I knew it was not perfect and had some flaws, I had no idea how corrupted and out of whack our legal system could be ? So I learned some very hard lessons and my eyes were opened to the double standards and incredible unfairness that could occur in the so-called halls of justice. That took place in the late 90s and since then we have only seen a major downfall in all of our governmental and societal events at an even more rapid pace. In what may seem a bit strange, I am now actually glad I went to Vietnam in the late 60s and had those two divorces. Even though they were not fun and the second one was basically getting tied up with a sociopath and was incredibly horrific. All of those events were major learning experiences that I could not have possibly found out any other way. All were information about people and the world we live in. That old saying about  " if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger " , is largely very true.  But only if you are seriously paying attention and being brutally honest with yourself, about yourself !  Here is a  link  to where I was born, an energy vortex that I have always felt.

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