A simple Prayer and Meditation for Donald Trump and all his people     

 our nation and society 

Published 12/2015 

DJT has come and gone since I originally published this page and he accomplished only one thing. He showed us all the depth of the massive corruption of our own government, the NGOs and the corporatocracy they have all created in conjunction with PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/RINO/DSA. In the final analysis he was not worthy and did NOT follow thru as he could have and should have. It will always be an anomaly as to why he went along with Faucis garbage and he never fired Wray as he said he would or released the many DOCs he said he would and never did ? Personally I do not think he is part of the DSA , but simply another ignoramus who got sucked in with many phony PHDs and MBAs , thinking they were the smart guys ! Clearly he fell for all of it hook line and sinker and let Fauci destroy his presidency like a total fool. He seemed to have good intentions and no where near enough follow thru to get the job done in the final analysis  !   The idea he can come back in 24 is absurd as the vote STEAL was approved and blessed by SCOTUS, the congress and our military. Obviously I have not taken down this prayer but I am contemplating it as he showed us all he is NOT worthy of such by his own words and deeds or lack of ! Yes the swamp is very deep indeed.   

Lord Jesus/Yeshuwa, my heavenly father, hear my prayers my lord. 

I pray for Donald Trump, I pray you will guide him and direct him in all the matters that are before him 

I pray you will touch his heart and soul and spirit as necessary to give him strength and courage and wisdom 

I pray you will protect him and his family and all of his people from the onslaught of criminals and the misguided who assail him daily, wrongly for their own agendas   

I also ask that my lord Melchezidek and the righteous Arch Angels, and other higher powers help him and watch over him as well with their own powers and devices. 

I pray these things because we are in a war here and the only solution is to win that war and defeat the many control freaks within our own government who have taken power to use against us. This is a war of powers of darkness and the powers of the light. So it is all about our choices and free will.  

I fully realize Donald Trump is not a perfect man, nor am I.  I also realize even you cannot show me that perfect man, because he does not exist on this planet, 

I also fully realize Donald Trump is the only president in my life time of 70 years, that has stood up to the forces working against him and what I call PRAVDA/MSM and what we now see as the deep state apparatus.  

I pray you will help him expose the deep state criminals we are all aware of now and PRAVDA/MSM their cohorts in many crimes and forms of corruption present. In many ways that has already happened and so far Doanld Trumps biggest accomplishment. exposing the depth of it all.  

I pray you will simply give them all a dose of their own medicine, as that would be justice in its purest form and we certainly need to see such justice here in our country and society today. 

I pray all of these things as well for Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Rudy Guiliani, Patrick Byrne , Mike Lindell and many others at various stations in and out of governance.  I pray you will touch them all as needed to give them direction, strength, courage and wisdom as well protect them all as needed. Myself as well because I consider myself one of his people ! 

I pray all these things in your name Lord Jesus/Yeshuwa, my heavenly father.  


I am a Gnostic and or Essene of sorts and not what might be considered a standard Christian today. I urge everyone reading this to meditate on the depth and simplicity of the words of this prayer and what is being asked and requested as help. And ask yourself what would king David do ? Realize faith alone without works and deeds is more or less useless ! That is the main flaw in suppsed religions today although only one of the many flaws.   

Realize we are in a war for our nation and society. We cannot afford to be apathetic and lazy minded any longer and we must demand accountability and do whatever we can to help our current President regain our system of laws via that accountability ! All the while realizing our system is seriously broken and needs many serious changes today. 

We cannot allow the many double standards that we all see in many matters before us. We must become more proactive in our efforts or we will lose all liberties and freedoms our fore fathers died for, to give us. My heritage goes back to the very founding of this nation and ever since in every generation. And I have no intention whatsoever to abandon their efforts or my own for any reason, ever !  I see illegal aliens receiving more representation than myself and many other veterans, some who need our help and they cannot get it because the resources go to the wrong people ! This must all stop as well as many other bad acts and forms of malfeasance, crimes and various forms of insanity present that are forced on us and that we are also forced to pay for ? How is that acceptable by any standard ? 

Simply put it is not acceptable and never will be. As well there are many other serious matters that are well past out of control here in USA today and this President needs our help to resolve many of them ! 

I want to be perfectly clear that I totally reject any and all of the many false claims and hyperbole from PRAVDA/MSM and the deep state apparatus working against Mr. Trump 24/7/365. I live by results and proof and simple truth, these forces working against all of us do not  ! That is what will finally defeat them, their extreme dishonesty and distortions as well as their own hubris and arrogance to the extreme. 

Here are the only credentials I need or want to live by other than my own education, common sense, common decency and many profound life experiences that are 100% valid as a resources of knowledge and understanding.   



Based on this sincere and obvious evidence of my own truth. I demand accountability from all of my government officials from this day forward. I expect you to represent me and any and all other legal citizens first ! And I ask every citizen to join me in these efforts and sincere clarity of purpose.  And yes, given my heritage, I do feel a strong sense of responsibility not only for myself, but others as well and we legal citizens have more rights than any illegal alien, let there be no doubt. I refuse to accept anything less and call BS on such a bogus thesis ! Today I sent this email reply to senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon. I post it here as an example of things each of you can do to become more proactive in support of our nation and this president :

FW: No child should die in U.S. custody

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2019 5:26 PM
To: 'Senator Jeff Merkley'
Subject: RE: No child should die in U.S. custody.
NO doubt that is very true. As well no veteran or any other legal citizen should die for a lack of anything or at the hands of an illegal alien when you support and represent illegal aliens more than US legal  citizens !

Trust me your day of being totally exposed is right around the corner. You went too far and will pay a price for your hubris and arrogance. But you are not the only one by far. Many of you DEMs have destroyed the party by your insane acts of representing illegal aliens over US citizens. So now you are directly partly responsible for many deaths, rapes , assaults or any other crimes committed against legal citizens ! You brought this on yourself and will deserve exactly what you get ! 

Beyond emailing these maniacs with legitimate grievances and valid questions there are many other things we can do. So put on your thinking cap from the 6th grade and wake the hell up people. Nobody can save you except YOU !  

My question now to all Democrats who are for open borders and sanctuary cities and states is simply,  are you responsible for the rapes, murders , assaults, drugs and many other horrific events by demanding and creating open borders ? Yes you are , in spades and that day has now arrived ! The number of these crimes is not fully known for certain because all of our agencies were not allowed to keep or disseminate the records by the Obama regime deliberately to keep you from knowing that correct number. But a minimum number since the 1986 Reagan amnesty is estimated conservatively at over 100K. That includes many serious crimes and car accidents where people were killed or seriously injured by illegal aliens with no drivers license and or insurance and of course your insurance has increased massively for the same reasons ever since in recent decades !  


Beyond the obvious current false narratives and false paradigms regarding illegal aliens and the many forms of fraud involved they are only a small part of the many serious issues that exist in our country today. This president has many serious matters to resolve like the massive number of drug deaths as well the human trafficking of children and females for sex crimes and the underlying drug running that is rampant. After all of those serious matters he is met with zero cooperation on nearly  every legislative matter and is undermined almost daily by rogue judges who aggressively legislate from the bench. As well many REPs and RINOs have done the same exact thing, so do NOT think they are going to save you ? Get in their face as well and vote them out when you can by their own voting record !    

            By the way feel free to copy and reuse any of this material for a good purpose, the prayer as well  ! 

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