The War against Donald Trump and any form of truth by democrats and their minions to undermine the new administration. They are desperate to keep the false paradigms intact and the many lies and illusions they have created.  

Wellness Coaching and Assistance

Take the leap to health and overall wellness and fitness. Fear is what holds us back and a bit of misunderstanding, bad information and bad habits. This page is in conjunction with the Health page and the Fitness page as well as "Our Inner Powers" page. I also recommend the "About this guy" page for some additional background info. My fees are very cost effective for the results and you will learn more than you can likely imagine possible about how to heal yourself and gain excellent health and overall well being and fitness ! You will also learn how to boost your testosterone output naturally and or balance your adrenals and hormones. You will receive personal guidance and evaluation from your own base line thru changing your metabolism and balancing your endocrine system. Also many herbal recommendations and natural remedies for each individual as needed. 

What is normal and what is an illusion ? 

Do we fool ourselves willingly because of our own weakness and ignorance ? Do we accept false paradigms and lies without questioning the false authority that promotes such as control mechanisms ?

Do we fool ourselves deliberately because if our own weakness and ignorance ?

Our Government created Google , Facebook and other control mechanisms in the last two decades,  evidence and expose' in great detail.  You are being controlled and likely unaware of the matrix you are living in !

The Matrix is very real and alive and well here in USA today. And many are like a herd of Wildebeast following and allowing it blindly! 

Religions, Prayer and Meditation

This page is about religions and some history of such events and matters as well as prayer and meditation. Also some music to help you eliminate the background noise of life on this planet and let go of that noise ! And some thoughts from some very wise men ! Excellent stuff to be sure .

Health a simple approach   This page breaks it all down to the simplest terms and also gives some excellent methods on how to cure high blood pressure and lose body fat easily and naturally with no drugs at all and how to resolve many other maladies we call diseases naturally  !

Dedication page  to my forefathers who helped create this great country 

Without them I would not be here. I greatly appreciate them and honor them ! 

Citizens take back America !  this page gives a list of items we can all do to take back America. Boycott info and exposing the many scams like the fake "children at the border" and the fake "Hands up don't Shoot" scheme which was completely created by this regime and PRAVDA/MSM !

ABOUT this Guy page is some information about " Down to Earth thinking".  I have experienced many life or death events and give some but not all of those events. It would be too many to list and a book would be necessary. But some interesting, informative and useful experiences and perspectives to draw on for preparedness. "Our Inner Powers" page below relates to this as well.
Firearms and Ammo  page is information and discussion to help people make good decisions in procuring their weapons. It also offers all manner of  good Down to Earth ideas and information on the use and familiarization of firearms. Consulting and one on one training are available.
Fitness over 60 a Mindset of Health page is all about our own ability to achieve the most important life prep of all. Specific workouts and routines are discussed with nutrition and eating habit suggestions that WORK and are flexible for your own personal needs! Also some food tips and nutrition ideas. Lots of good information from a 71 year old guy that healed himself from a serious disabling accident and overcame the obstacles.   Anybody can do this !  The " Our Inner Powers" and "About this Guy" page and "Good Health" page all come into play as well and are useful to this page. I have in fact found some secrets to longevity and the aging process !

The State of Preparedness and other Internet Shams ! 

My research and current perspective on the current state of  websites in general as well as so-called prepper, survival/gun related sites.

Free Assange ! I urge you all to contact D Trump and ask him NOT to allow any prosecution of Julian Assange and simply to free him. Links at this page and much more explanation. Assange and Snowden are both heros, not criminals. If not for them we would not know what we know today ! Trump will lose many supporters if he allows this travesty to go forward and he does have a say in it. 

Cognitive Dissonance and Normalcy Bias  page explains how and why we see so many events and policies that defy our logic and rational thinking. Yet are forced on us as though they are truth and fact when they are actually simply illusions created to control and manipulate you.

The War for our Minds. While you sleep your reality is created for you by various entities and control freaks !

USA a Corrupted Government entity. An ongoing explanation of the Mueller sham and all its tentacles and crimes committed by DOJ, FBI and many others !

Is Facebook really our friend or just another control mechanismcreated by the many control freaks we call government ?

The "go along to get along" false paradigm. Are we really just being weak minded and afraid to face ourselves and call a spade a spade ? Has the go along thing been beneficial or actually very destructive in the last 50 years as it permeated all thinking processes and allowed liberal thinking to dominate ?  Have we accepted too many reassuring lies and distortions and lost track of basic truths ?

Down to Earth  Welcome to All !

A journey to some new insights on life in USA and the planet. I firmly believe that our health/fitness is our most important asset and helps instill clear mindedness and clarity of thought. I am also convinced that being aware of the many illusions we all live under in this society is critical information. The illusions are a great hindrance to our clarity and well being. Understanding the ILLUSIONS is the first step to avoiding them. That is knowledge and that knowledge is our power !    

Enjoy the topics. There are also some interesting ideas about your own personal inner journey. All of these concepts are critical to understanding and well being. No matter what happens you will still enjoy the many benefits of fitness and health everyday, right now ! And having understanding of the many illusions will only make your life much easier and far less stressful.A complete listing of all pages and topics is below to scroll down thru. This site gives some slightly different thinking for life preparedness and does NOT give long list of items to hoard, there is already an abundance of that material available ad-nauseum. But practical Down to Earth concepts to improve your everyday life based on common sense and knowledge. I have experienced all the topics listed first hand and live it all daily. My reference point is not simply premises, but hands on in the field experience of many years, and it is all for free from some what of a rebel of free thinking and intellect !  With no ads or popups, you are NOT click bait on this site like most. We simply ask you to support us by donating   if you find these ideas and experiences useful and helpful.Enjoy the photo images as well, many are original and require permission to reuse. Simply contact and give purpose info.  This site is currently under major reconstruction and updates. Many changes in the works with less pages and more focus on the cabal and the DEM control freaks in Oregon !                                      

        Below is an overview of each page and highlighted links to all pages as well as the navigation bar on the right                     enjoy the rabbit holes !

Gardening  page is about gardening as an ongoing experiment of what to grow and how to grow it.  Also topics like sprouting for food and gardening ideas that make it a bit easier. Also some herbs and wild mushrooms and such things. This page will also be expanded going forward with food ideas and meals. Also some food and nutrition tips that go along well with fitness page !

What if Scenarios  page is a discussion and ideas about potential emergency scenarios. This page will be expanded to include specifics and actions to be taken to survive whatever may come. Although the most likely scenarios are discussed, there are many more potentialities. Take your pick of potential events there are numerous to choose from these days.

Our Inner Powers  page is about how we can be aware of and tap into Our Inner Powers and higher self. Nothing mystical or magical, just common sense and a bit of open minded clarity. The Illusions keep us from reaching this place most of the time, but we can easily change that by our own THINKING. Try it, you will like it and it will greatly enhance your preparedness and your everyday life and overall well being, no matter what may occur.

‚ÄčDown a Rabbit Hole  page is an elaboration on the insane events that are ever present and ongoing in politics , economics and our social fabric. Lots of examples and discussion with many links and videos and some music that fits the theme. I have sprinkled some music here and there thruout all the topics pages because it seemed to fit  and was very appropriate. This page is an amplified politics and economics overlay with emphasis on the many illusions we are all forced to live in. Interesting stuff to be sure.

Self Defense  page gives some real life experiences on self defense and discusses the proper perspectives of the subject for everyday life and emergency scenarios. It also points out the importance of Fitness and how that affects your confidence and overall abilities to take the necessary actions to defend yourself in any situation. In the end, it is all how you think about it, and your confidence from your Fitness training.